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Michael Jackson Concert Tours on Trial

1/1/2011 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Michael Jackson's weakened state during various concert tours throughout his life -- as well as preparations for the London concerts that never took place -- could become powerful evidence in the defense of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Sources connected with the criminal case tell TMZ ... there's "compelling evidence" that MJ was in weakened health whenever he went on tour. Specifically, people who went on various tours  -- including the "Bad" and "Dangerous" concerts -- say Jackson was frequently "dehydrated, medicated, and sleep-deprived." 

Just like with Dr. Murray, Jackson had a doctor who accompanied him during rehearsals and tours, attending to his needs.

The point ... the grueling concert schedules reduced MJ to a physical mess, prone to relying on and demanding drugs to sleep.
The "This Is It" London tour was especially grueling, because AEG added dozens of concert dates for Michael, who was already in an extremely weakened state and terrified he would fail.

All of this dovetails into a defense theory ... that Jackson felt enormous pressure to rehearse for the "This Is It" tour, and when he couldn't sleep he relied on Propofol to do the trick. The defense believes when Murray walked out of the room and Jackson woke up, he accidentally infused himself with a fatal dose of the drug out of frustration and fear. 


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Fred Farkel    

So MJ was dehydrated much of the time on previous tours... and still - NO ONE in his entourage and/or NO ONE in his family could make that stupid ghetto J A C K A $ $ pick up a glass of water and drink it during the day??? Or eat some fish - or a bowl of soup???


And he would have slept like a baby every night.

What a ridiculous waste of humanity.

1289 days ago


MJ was so beautiful. Thanks for the gorgeous photos TMZ, even if a bunch of them were labeled wrong. Murray's defense is stupid...nothing changes the fact that he was negligent and shouldn't have administered propofol or left Michael alone, period.

Love and miss you forever MJ.

1289 days ago


Important considerations:

Are we talking about back up singers/dancers saying Michael was tired on tour? Of course he was-who wouldn't be? What kind of credibility do they have with so many decades past? A look he had at practice? Not enough and subject to interpretation. TMZ isn't specific. Only that he traveled with a physician (which is typical) but TMZ doesn't say this physician is willing to say under oath MJ used Propofol in the past to sleep or that he was in a weakened state while touring because it isn't true.

No one - with the exception of another personal physician - can say with any degree of credibility how MJ's health was prior to or during his concerts. Going on tour is a major drain on any performer's energy and sleep patterns. Any sensible person can realize that.

Dr. Conrad Murray administered a drug to Michael that was meant for surgery and in a hospital. The degree of expertise he used doing so was glaringly inadequate. He continued on to inject one drug after the other that morning in a wild and reckless manner trying to aid MJ in sleeping. It's clear Dr. Murray was extremely negligent and that doing what he did resulted in Michael's death.

Too bad Harvey is assisting in Dr. Conrad Murray's defense. This post is excellent proof of just that. To suggest this and that and hurl random ideas that just might work for Dr. Murray to escape conviction is incredibly irresponsible as journalists and attorneys. I remain very surprised TMZ would ever do such a thing.

1289 days ago


this is a shame!!! , a murderer will go scot free


1289 days ago


That is, Murray is not so terrible. And not a murderer, and his general at the time was not. They were filming a movie.

1289 days ago


FACT: Propofol is an aneasthetic that is solely used in medical surgery settings. The doctor was never supposed to infuse anyone with it outside of that setting. FACT; An aneasthesized person is never suppoded to be lefft alone. The doctor left him alone. FACT; Dehydration is cured by infusion not a forced drink of water. Dehydration actually makes you not want to drink. FACT: MJ wouldn't have needed a doctor to infuse him if he could have done it himself. FACT: Many people have sleep problems but the treatment does not include what the doctor gave MJ. FACT: MJ was taking legitamate medications for medical conditions inclusive of but not limited to medications for depression and anxiety. FACT; It's a doctor's responsibility to know what medical condition his patient is in before treating him. FACT: Nothing the doctor did was medical protocol for a sleeping disorder. FACT: A patient is not supposed to take any medications prior to be aneasthesized yet the doctor gave him over and beyond the requlated amount of anti-anxiety drugs prior to the aneasthetic Propolfol.

1289 days ago


If Michael was that fragile when he was on tour and Dr. Murder knew that he was fragile at the time he was rehearsing for the This Is It tour, that is all the more reason he should not have been giving him propofol or any of the other various drugs he gave Michael.

It is also all the more reason the Dr. Murder is guilty because he was not providing medical care in the best interest of his patient (treating the dehydration and finding ways to help him eat appropriately).

What the Dr's. did or did not do previous to Michael's death (I don't condone any of them doing as Dr. Murder did - if they in fact did the same) is not relevant in this case because those Dr's. were not there the night Michael died. Those same Dr's. did not inject propofol into Michael on 06-25-09 without apporpiate monitoring equipment and leave the room while their patient was under the influence of this dangerous drug (among other things Dr. Murder did wrong in this case).

The most sad thing about things about this is, Michael is gone and his kids are without their dad plus Dr. Murder is not being tried for murder. 4 years max is all he faces. That is a travesty!

I don't care who the patient is (could be a homeless guy for that matter), doctors that do as Dr. Murder did to Michael, should be locked up for life!

1289 days ago


"The point ... the grueling concert schedules reduced MJ to a physical mess, prone to relying on and demanding drugs to sleep."

BS, they can cry a river but facts remain!

Dr. Conrad Murray's Incredulous Defense
December 31st, 2010 4:16 pm PT
Hinting at a possible defense in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, Los Angeles County District Attorney believes the defense will blame Michael Jackson’s June 25, 2009 death on a self-administered lethal dose of the anesthetic Propofol. “I do think it’s clear that the defense is operating under the theory that the victim, Michael Jackson, killed himself,” said Deputy DA David Walgren. Ruling his cause of death Aug. 28, 2009 “acute Propofol intoxication,” the Los Angeles County Coroner pinpointed Dr. Murray’s role in Jackson’s death. After a successful rehearsal at Los Angeles’ Staples Center for his upcoming British tour, Jackson was found “not breathing” by Murray at 9:00 a.m. June 25. According to police reports, Murray, Jackson’s $100,000 a month personal physician, tried to administer CPR before calling paramedics at 11:00 a.m.

Murray set up a makeshift intravenous drip, administering Propofol, AKA Diprivan, to treat Jackson’s insomnia. Shorting acting anesthetics, like Propofol, are used for surgery, not treating various causes of insomnia. Murray lacked the training or certification in anesthesia, not to mention appropriate monitoring equipment to engage in such high-risk procedures. By the time paramedics arrived at Jackson’s rented Holmby Hills rented home, he was non-responsive, transferred via ambulance to the ER at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center. Two-and-a-half hours later, Jackson was pronounced dead by emergency medical personnel. No one knew then what the coroner would find Aug. 28 that Jackson died of “acute Propofol intoxication” not a rumored “heart attack.” Following Jackson’s death, Dr. Murray went missing before eventually found by the LAPD.

Murray denied doing anything improper that resulted in Jackson’s death. His Propofol insomnia machine defined gross negligence by a licensed physician, creating his own dangerous procedure for treating Jackson’s insomnia. Since the coroner’s finding with respect to Jackson’s cause of death, the defense has been angling for some plausible deniability. “They don’t want to say it but that’s the direction in which they are going,” said Walgren, referring to the defense’s tactic of blaming the overdose on Jackson. Coroner officials found 150 mg of Propofol in Jackson’s blood, over five-times the dose Murray admitted to administering. Accounting for the difference, prosecutors expect Murray’s defense attorney J. Michael Flannagan to argue that, unbeknownst to Murray, Jackson injected himself with the Propofol causing his own death. Flanagan points to two Propoful-filled syringes found the scene.

Diverting attention away from Murray’s gross negligence, Flannagan hopes to eventually create reasonable doubt in jurors’ minds. Propofol keeps patients unconscious as long as it’s maintained at a certain bloodstream level. Flannagan hopes that jurors believe that Jackson awakened on his own, groped for a syringe and injected himself out of desperation. On Jan. 4, Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor will decide whether there’s sufficient evidence to bind Murray over for trial on charges of “involuntary manslaughter.” Given that a Propofol drip falls out the usual and customary treatment for insomnia and given that Murray lacked the training or certification to administer short-acting anesthesia, his treatment defines gross negligence needed for “voluntary manslaughter.” Pastor should find plenty of cause to try Murray for “involuntary manslaughter.”

When the coroner revealed a 150 mg lethal dose of Propofol, the defense could no longer claim trace amounts of benzodiazapines found in Jackson’s blood contributed to the 50-year-old pop singer’s death. Because the 150 mg of Propofol was all that was needed for death, the defense now had to blame to lethal dose on someone other that Dr. Murray. Flannagan must convince a jury that Jackson administered the lethal dose to himself. While Murray admitted to police he administered only 25 mg, he believes it’s credible to blame Jackson for the additional product. Whatever Propofol-filled syringes were found at the scene, it doesn’t mean that Jackson took his treatment into his own hands. While the defense can’t make any outrageous allegation, it’s incredulous that Jackson would overdose himself. Jurors will have to decide what sounds more plausible: Overdose by the doctor or Jackson himself.

Whatever happened in the early morning of June 25, 2009, it’s a known fact that Dr. Conrad Murray, without proper training or certification, engaged in gross negligence administering a risky form of anesthesia to treat Jackson’s insomnia. Quibbling over who administered the lethal injection, jurors must ferret out first Murray’s credibility after administering a highly suspect insomnia treatment. While experiments do go awry, the California Medical Board hasn’t taken lightly Murray’s dangerous and negligent insomnia treatment. Arguing after the fact that he only injected Jackson with 25 mg can’t hide his gross negligence in devising such a high-risk procedure. Focusing on the milligram dosage that killed Jackson diverts attention away from Murray’s gross negligence. What killed Jackson was an arrogant physician playing with anesthesia without proper training, experience or certification.

1289 days ago


Love him! He was strong and not fragile. Beautiful photos :)

1289 days ago


What killed out beloved Michael Jackson was a mega-rich, super-self-indulgent extreme drug addict who did whatever the hell he wanted to do. MJ outdid himself this time - PERMANMENTLY. MJ took whatever drugs he wanted (listen to his music - especially Morphine from Blood on the Dance floor CD) and he was able to get numerous dumb fools to give him any drug he wanted (Murray and all of the other doctors). MJ was used to giving himself ****tails of dangerous medications (folks had to save MJ several times-interventions) so Murray's defense is highly probable. MJ did whatever the hell he wanted to do and he gave himself that fatal dose. He wanted to die anyway. 50 concerts??!! HELL NO he couldn't do it! Face it - MJ CHECKED OUT!

1289 days ago


murray is not an anesthesiologist,he is not allowed to inject any anesthesia.. and anesthesia is not a proper treatment for insomnia... he must rot in jail!

1289 days ago


couple points.
Propofol doesn't actually give anyone rest, it just puts a person to sleep but not sleep sleep so what's the point?
Michael was terrified of needles and had to have somebody do things for him. If he woke up and injected himself and died, that makes no sense. Plus, wasn't he on a IV drip? How would he wake up while still getting Propofol?

I'm so over this weak defense. At least come up with something plausible.

Posted at 4:04 AM on Jan 1, 2011 by me


Yes, it doesn't make sense.. I guess it's not easy to inject Propofol to yourself and especially after waking up after one dose of Propofol. You are pretty messed up when you wake up.

1289 days ago


what a load of rubbish!!! Those tours didnt kill Michael. Nothing changes the fact that conrad murray operated outside of legal medical code of conduct and killed michael as a result. The Defense can come up with any "excuse" they like to try to make conrad "right" but THE fact is this conrad used propofol outside of a hospital. He misused it, and misapplied it, he abused his position, which resulted in death. he as a doctor was totally irresponsible and needs to be charged for it. end of story!!!!!

1289 days ago

Gloria Unread    

I noticed that the bandages on his fingers started as early as '87. I've always been curious why he wore those all the time, and as he was older they were on almost all his fingers.
I know you can inject underneath toenails, but is it possible to inject under fingernails as well?

Any fans here know the actual reason why he wore those band-aids?

1289 days ago


TMZ: stop saying anything. It's impossible, read the autopsy report.
Stop dirty man, he is not even to defend themselves.
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1289 days ago
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