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Famed MJ Lawyer -- Michael Was NOT Suicidal!

1/3/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The mega-lawyer who successfully defended Michael Jackson in his molestation case is coming out swinging at Dr. Murray's defense team -- blaming MJ's death squarely on Murray because the singer was "not suicidal."

Thomas Mesereau went on MSNBC today -- and stated, "The defense lawyers have to do something and what they're gonna try and do is reflect attention away from their client and onto Michael Jackson."

He adds, "The reality is Michael Jackson was not suicidal, he was not self-destructive in the way they're trying to say, and hopefully their defense will not succeed."

For the record, Mesereau's "suicidal" statement is not accurate -- because according to our sources, the defense will argue that Michael MAY have accidentally killed himself after trying to self-administer Propofol ... but he was not suicidal.

Perhaps Mesereau's strongest comment -- "I'm sorry that the defense is going to have to bash Michael Jackson to try and divert attention from their guilty client."


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mj fan forever    

I totally AGREE with Thomas Mesereau!!!! Michael Jackson was NOT self-destructive AT ALL!!! And NEVER would have committed suicide, neither accidentally!!!! He committed only one mistake: trust Murray as a doctor!!!! But he couldn't know it!!! Now, Murray tries to get away with it, but he MUST be punished!!!! Michael LOVED life and loved this bad world even if too many people hurted him!!!!! THANKS to Thomas Mesereau for defending Michael again!!!! Love and Miss You Michael Very Much!!!!

1359 days ago


This is the most preposterous defense I've ever heard. However, given that it's Michael Jackson, the public will believe anything. Explain to me in rationality how someone on a powerful anesthetic even sits up, nonetheless self-injects (into his leg). While this clearly didn't happen, Dr. Murray can try to defend this any way he wants; The evidence of medical malpractice are clear regardless. Propofol is not to be administered to anyone outside of a hospital, and nonetheless for helping with insomnia. Secondly, it is a dangerous powerful anesthetic that depresses breathing and heart rate. Anyone on an anesthetic needs to be monitored every second, as people can stop breathing and their hearts can stop beating on such a drug. That he left the patient there by himself for who knows how long to talk on the telephone is incriminating in and of itself, not to mention he tried to hide the evidence by fleeing the scene after the ambulance came and then trying to conceal propofol by sending it in a box to his girlfriend... doesn't sound like an innocent person to me. I realize Michael Jackson was disliked by some, but no one deserves to die at the hands of a negligent doctor, nonetheless have the one responsible blame the victim who is no longer here to defend himself due to his actions. Despicable.

1359 days ago


imo...big money paid off that '05 jury.

Posted at 4:06 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Tellit

OH PLEASE, you've gone on this website 1,000's of times knowing and saying full well that MJ was wrongly accused. know damn well that's a bunch of BS and not even possible and that some of those jurors tried to shop around and tried to sell books regarding the trial. you're a moron.

And, for those who could even afford it, you'd be on your knees hoping to have an attorney like MEZZ if you ever were wrongly accused of something. morons!

Posted at 4:13 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by katie10
if murray gets off the MJ fans will be on here saying he still did it..MJ molests kids gets found not guilty and that is the gospal.mj fans are just as crazy as he was.BTW no one is saying he commited suicide you can OD and die by doing to much drugs and its not suicide this lawyer is a moron after all he defended a pedophile.

1359 days ago


You don't have to be suicidal to accidently overdose. And if you don't know what you're doing, like calculating drug doses for a certain body weight, then it's not that hard either. It's clear *somebody* miscalculated to dosage. The drug being used was something MJ had obviously been (mis)using for a long time. It is short acting, only used to put someone out for a short time so that they can intubated (usually). It has NO other use than that. And I doubt Dr. Murray would give MJ enough to kill him, not with all the money he would lose if he did. Some of you don't want to believe that Michael could have done this to himself. Well, I don't hate MJ, I'm sorry he's dead, but some of you are looking for someone to blame. I'm sorry, but it is conceivable that he could have woke up while Dr. Murray was out of the room and injected himself again. He was doing it long before Dr. Murray came along.

1359 days ago


@21 you do know if you use a certain drug long enough your body becomes ammune to it..he had been using profilol for a while to sleep his body needed more than the average person to fall was said that he would take lots of xanax and would be unaffected by them.

1359 days ago


Murray's "defense" is the lowest of the low... even if this pathetic wreck of an MD manages a shorter sentence, he will die in debt as a deadbeat dad. Everyone has exhumed Michael's soul to annihilate his character. Read about Murray's background - enormous debts, deadbeat dad, cheating husband.

Michael gave this world music, charity, kindness and a vision of a greater good.

I hope the DA's office prosecutes Murray as vigorously as they prosecuted Phil Spector. The county spent years and fortunes to convict Spector after his second trial.

ps...for those of you who believe the molestation allegations - please note neither Jordie Chandler and Gavin Arvizo have ever stood up and told their stories. There's a reason - because they are liars. Jordie's a very rich liar and I hate to think what Gavin's life is like.

1359 days ago

Woody McBrreairty    

This doctor dude is one shady, suspicious character. For him to try to shift the blame for his mercenary incompetence onto Michael is sinful and shameful. He is a doctor, he has a hypocratic oath "first to do no harm." He gave Michael a lethal dose of a substance reserved for hospital surgery rooms under strict professional supervision...and left the room! This so called health care provider is as responsible for Michael's death as if he had put a gun to Michael's head. He must not be allowed to smear Michael's name any futher. He put his own interst and his desparation for money ahead of Michael's well being - and for that he should pay dearly.

1359 days ago


And Mesereau did the honorable thing by standing up for MJ. Nobody was paying him to do it. Mesereau has been honorable from the day he began his association with MJ - throughout the trial and the death. Mesereau is one of many who made a debtors claim against the estate - but he is a CLASS act by speaking kindly and truthfully about MJ in all cir***stances.

1359 days ago


i love tom mesereau ..a man of integrity who always did right by michael.

1359 days ago


Just because an addict may have looked to get his fix does not mean that said addict was suicidal. Not necessarily any connection between the two when you're dealing with addicts.

1359 days ago



Posted at 4:29 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by MJ215062009

Well, only time can tell. So far, they haven't exercised their option to purchase the catalogue. This is Jan/2011, hopefully, we will hear further updates on the $300 million bank debt that was due at the end of 2010. BTW Tom M. is one of my heroes, he's truly one of MJ's "real" friends. I trust justice will prevail.

1359 days ago


maybe he is a good lawyer but they still paid 20 milion $
to avoid lifetime jail sentence

1359 days ago


Tremendous love and respect for Thomas Mesereau! You are a great person and lawyer. How wonderful to hear what you've expressed in this video. So sick of the haters and ignorant voices although who listen's to the haters anymore?? Not many thankfully.

1359 days ago


WTG Thomas Mesereau. you didn't have to go on national t.v. and defend mj but you did. shows what a good man you are.

This case just gets crazier and crazier as the days go on. The coroner stated their was no way Michael could have done this to himself. Would have not been able to put so much of this medication in his system without being knocked out before all of it got in there. And in 2 mins at that. wow. So the question again is, just how long was Dr. Quack Quack gone from the room? 2 mins or many 2 mins? Hmmmm. AND MY QUESTION ALL ALONG IS? HOW IN THE HELL CAN YOU WALK OUT OF A ROOM AFTER KNOCKING SOMEONE OUT WITH THIS STUFF? UNLESS YOU HAVE NO REGARDS FOR A HUMAN LIFE? I guess that is the part that really got to me. That a doctor, (I guess you can call him that) walks out of a room after putting someone out with propofol without no monitoring equipment, no one else watching him. That is just pure negligence right there.

rip mj

1359 days ago


No one said Michael did it on purpose. Have you not heard of an accidental overdose?

1359 days ago
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