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Oksana Grigorieva

Gets New Lawyer

... and the Flu

1/3/2011 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva has a new lawyer -- #42 by our count -- but she also has a sick feeling in her stomach.

New York attorney Marty Garbus just got approval by an L.A. County Superior Court judge to appear on Oksana's behalf.  He joins attorney Dan Horowitz.

Now for the sick feeling ... Oksana is on her way to a law office for part 4 of her ongoing deposition in the Mel Gibson custody war.  But we're told she feels like crap and may have to pull the plug on the depo.

If she goes home sick, she can get a few pointers from "The People's Court."


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By then, of course, much had come out that contradicted everything Miss Oksana claimed during the summer of love between her and ROL. Gag order aside, since we don't know exactly what it said, she babbled herself into a tight corner. Perhaps Attorney Garbus is going to try and explain away her inconsistent, self serving speeches as merely self expression of a horrifying event, relevant to the current investigations and what she says NOW under oath is the actual true story.

Posted at 1:28 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Curious

Ya but how is he going to explain away the inconsistencies in the details of the events that occurred. Sam posted some of them on the other thread.

Where was her son during this event ... under the bed, behind the bed or cowering in the corner?

Where was she when she supposedly got 'violently beaten' ... by the bed or standing in the middle of the room.

What exactly happened ... did she punched with a closed fist twice in the head or did she get punched in the mouth, did she or did she not black out cause he either choked her with both hands or that he pushed her mouth down with one hand and tried to choke her with his forearm, was Lucia under her or over her.

Did she have the baby checked out ... no. She went to a scheduled pediatrician's appointment to have Lucia belly button looked at and didn't even mention anything or show signs of any damage to either Lucia or herself. Don't you think the doctor would have noticed a swelled head and injuries as the dentist has now brought forth supposedly graphic pictures of her injuries?

She claims she had a concussion and yet didn't go to the emergency ward to have a kat scan, as she was told to do by the doctor that she had never seen before until the day after or 2 days after. Cause he couldn't determine if she had a concussion, he could only take note of the symptoms she told him about.

Horrifying events are forever etched in your memory. How could she be fearful for her life and then manage to unplug all the phones ... and go to bed. She is using the fearing of her life for her reason for making those tapes and yet all of her actions after having made those tapes point to extortion and not protection.

Garbus on LKL said that if she had called the police that night she would have had to show them something. But ... she didn't call the police that night or any other night until she didn't get the amount of money that she wanted for them after discussing them with Mel and the mediated agreement was on the table but wasn't enough for her. Then and only then did she go to the police to accuse Mel of DV and handed over the tapes. What happens after that ... the tapes are all over the place.

These are only a few of them ... I could go on and on.

This is NOT self-expression ... this IS not being able to stick to one story and extortion.

1333 days ago


I don't listening Joy Behar and honestly I don't care what she says. For sure Judge Gordon he doesn't care either.

1333 days ago


Behar claims to represent views of the public, by screaming long and loud and shoving her own views on the rest of us, end of story!

Her narrow minded opinions of others are based on her own personal predjudices. A total hypocrite who does no good for anyone.

The people who employ her should also take responsibility for her behavior.

Posted at 1:58 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Rosie
Her employer is Time Warner, they've been giving Mel the worst publicity they could since this started.
Every time Joy badmouths Mel her boss probably praises her after the show.
Time Warner is in on this conspiracy.

1333 days ago


Fuddy -
Point well taken about custody, I was going by above article referring to "Mel Gibson custody war".

You and Midwesterner are right to point out there is much more at stake. The May settlement especially.

I just had a dreadful thought about Miss Oksana and Liz Garbus and a snippet from Popeater -

--Mel Gibson knows how to wait out a scandal. Following his 2006 drink-fueled anti-Semitic rant, which first made Mel unpalatable to his audience, he stepped out of the spotlight for nearly three years before making another movie. If his mad, mad baby mama Oksana Grigorieva has anything to do with it, he will have to double that this time around following her charges of domestic violence and the release of a miniseries of nasty voicemail messages. As long as Oksana wants to be famous, Mel's star will wane. We won't see a Mel comeback in 2011, but we may see Oksana get her own reality program.--

Reality program????
A Thiarna, déan trócaire.

1333 days ago


V--I'm sure that what Midwesterner was meaning about Garbus billing as a consultant is because someone said he probably wasn't being paid as OG's attorney since he was not an attorney of record. I made the comment that Horowitz can put Garbus' attorney fees down on his invoice (Horowitz's) as consultant fees/research/investigator/professional--something like that. It's common practice for attorneys to list a number of fees on their invoices and they can easily include Garbus' fees on their invoice befoe he was an attorney of record. Often times attorneys consult with other attorneys about cases, etc. and those fees are always charged to the client.

1333 days ago


Curious--oh, good grief--a reality show for OG!!!! What a joke!!! What would anyone want to see her doing? I'm sure that Mel would have some say about Lucia being exposed on a reality show. Oh brother...

I tell you what, I hope that extortion charges are in the not so distant future. I'm am so sick of OG. Her only goal has been to get back at Mel and destroy him. I cannot believe she is getting the representation she is. There is no way some regular single mom would get this kind of legal representation, but since it's Mel, that seems to make it different. And ACLU stepping in--give me a bucket! I'm just about fed up with all of this, it's maddening!!

1333 days ago


Belinda -
Have to correct myself here -
as merely self expression of a horrifying event, irrelevant* to the current investigations and what she says NOW under oath is the actual true story.

Anyway, I fully agree with everything you say. And the easiest way for him to get around it? She was emotionally distraught and faltered on minor details.

It's all bovine ka-ka, I know. And pure speculation on my part, I'm no lawyer. I'm still trying to figure out why she needs her criminal trial lawyers to rep her in a family court. The last few times, Attorney Horowitz has been by her side, no sign of Attorney Litz.

1333 days ago


oh hahahaha. Ox being a tila tequila. Oh dear, I could write a script from the stuff going on in my head right now!

1333 days ago


Oinky's is losing her grip on custody of little MealTicket Lucia and her case in general because she has falsified facts been caught in lies and -- very key -- she has slandered and defamed Mel both publicly and privately. THIS is why she has been quiet lately, IMO. Too late for Mel but now Judge G means it (whatever took so long I have NO idea).

There is a lot of evidence of this available (People mag ROLx1000, LKS etc etc) and more is welcome. It RUINED her chances. I suspect Garbus is around for damage control on that matter and is working to give her continued license to smear Mel, without consequence. She isn't a useful tool any more for those who hate him unless she can continue to trash talk him to hell with her children's welfare.

They want 100% impunity for her - I believe this case is unprecedented and it all rests on a perverted interpretation of First Amendment rights in America which Garbus has been part of cra.pping on in the past.

1333 days ago

Just Saying    

As such, that's bound to ride very close to the DV criminal case and also gives Miss Oksana a chance to set up for the civil suit that, oddly, wasn't filed as promised.

Attorney Garbus will probably argue it was her Constitutional right to speak out against DV. Bah.

Posted at 1:35 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Curious

First of all, I don't think Garbus is there to make sure she is able to gab. I think Gordon has had enough and any more bleatings from her will definitely go against her custody case. After all Gordon is a Hollywood judge with lots of Hollywood experience (hence 20K a month child support) who understands that dumping on a celebrity affects his image and image is livelihood and livelihood directly impacts Lucia. Garbage and Horrowitz are a team and they work together like the shyster lawyers they are.

As for DV charges...irrespective of whether DV charges are filed against Mel, I'd say Oky's case is close to zero. Much stronger civil cases that involve battery have been thrown out or settled for a much smaller amount than originally expected.
The other complicating factor is that DV is involved. Even if she was beaten, I don't think people are comfortable with "paying" women to be beaten by men. The only remedy would be criminal charges (which are really mild by the way...just look at Charlie Sheen). ANy financial compensation will have to be directly linked to injury..and we know how "injured" she was.

Her only ace was her silence (which Mel was prepared to pay for if it was not illegal to do so) and she has blown it.

1333 days ago


It's all bovine ka-ka, I know. And pure speculation on my part, I'm no lawyer. I'm still trying to figure out why she needs her criminal trial lawyers to rep her in a family court. The last few times, Attorney Horowitz has been by her side, no sign of Attorney Litz.

Posted at 2:27 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Curious

I think you mentionned that on the other thread also and I wanted to say that I agree with you. Seems odd that she would have two high end criminal lawyers.

Seeing that Horowitz has been by her side as of lately and at the moment it's mostly in the family court right now right ... Has Horowitz submitted any bill to the court yet?

PS ... sorry if I rambled on. This whole thing just turns my stomach.

1333 days ago


OR is he there not for OG, but to destroy Mel--which they are doing fairly well at?

Posted at 1:44 PM on Jan 3, 2011 by Sam


1333 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Is Time Warner and Warner Bros one and the same?

Ari has direct connections to Live Nation Music--which is distrbuted by Warner.

1333 days ago


Isn't Garbus the one that was also lying his ass off on LKL? Maybe he knows Oksana from back in the Ukraine? lol

1333 days ago


Just Saying -
Howdy and Happy New Year to you :)

Oh I'm sure that Judge Gordon has had enough of Miss Oksana's mouth. I know i sure have. I'm just speculating various things concerning Attorney Garbus. He's got a long list of partnership with Attorney Horowitz and looking back, it's been a lucrative one.

As usual, I'm trying to follow the money, that being the only motive I can see for such high end lawyers taking on a presumably low grade extortion case (based on facts currently available to us). What do they hope to get out of it? Sure, they could charge their family court fees to Mr. Mel, but it will be up to Judge Gordon to determine whether those fees will be paid. Rather an iffy proposition considering they are devoting all their time and energy to this one case. Book/tv/movie deal? Maybe, but again it's iffy. Destroy Mr. Mel? Well, Mr. Ari's ego might explain that; however, there are many independent production firms out there and Mr. Ari has other concerns right now. Mafia cover up? Always a favorite - but the Icon UK deal seems to have through legitimately and by all reports, is willing to work with Icon AU in distribution deals. (It certainly doesn't carry the same sort of taint that Access and TNK BP did.)

Don't mind me, TFH is on too tight.

1333 days ago
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