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TMZ Live: Mel Turns 55, Sandra & Ryan ... Just Friends!

1/3/2011 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Happy Birthday to Mel, Happy Birthday to Mel, Happy Biiiiiirthday dear blah blah blah blah Mel! Now that that's over ... check out today's TMZ Live -- Lindsay's leaving rehab ... and no, Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock ain't dating.

(02:00) We're back outside for TMZ Live outside today -- even though Gary & Dennis called in because of snow.
(4:00) "Volcano" ... among the worst sci-films ever, according to NASA
(5:00) Dr. Conrad Murray's preliminary hearing is tomorrow!
(6:30) Michael Lohan claims Lindsay met some “amazing people” while in rehab
(7:00) Miley Cyrus' bong ... now for sale!!!
(8:30) Arnold Schwarzenegger leaving his office for the last time ... in the most dramatic way ever.
(10:40) TMZ ... what we did for NYE!
(14:30) Lindsay ... back in court in February.
(14:40) Steve Hirsch buying Octomom’s house
(20:09) Tommy Chong ... jail time for mailing bongs.
(22:20) Oksana Grigorieva could be charged with extortion after the domestic violence case comes to a close
(22:39) Mel Gibson turns 55 today
(23:50) Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock ain't dating ... they're just good friends
(25:28) Josh Duhamel and Fergie spotted on the beach, looking great.
(26:55) Kim Kardashian’s new single ... awful.


No Avatar


maybe some people are interested in what harvey
does for one i am. i am interested in what all the
tmz guys do and what they did for new years i love listening to them talk about old times
and what they do now

1368 days ago


Hey Harvey,

I know you are stuck on your decision on whether or not to eat fish, did you ever think about the penguins that survive on fish? And how when we eat fish, we are taking away from their food supply, therefore they are going extinct.

1368 days ago


What do you think about Arnold commuting the politician's son's sentence? Don't you think the victim's family should have been at least notified about this happening prior? Politically motivated or good judgment?

1368 days ago

Diane Colten    

I just got an IPAD & I'm unable to see TMZ Live on it. Do you know what I can do in order to see you!

1368 days ago


why you gotta put the people who called out on blast? lol

1368 days ago


Dr. Murray defense is a joke. If Michael wanted to shoot up Profol on his own, why would he need Dr. Murray.

1368 days ago

dane corell    

I love the show, now that I've been fired can see it at a more frequent rate. A question for Harvey: who did your neck?, it's a great job. No doubt an LA guy,but the Burg has good schools with expert face and neck grads also. You've got a great crew,the dred-locks gentlman, the young lady with the front teeth space,(might not work without that) the young lad w/the baseball cap and the rest. But Harv's got what they don't have and that's the neck. Reason I'm interested in that surgery,my neck's on the line next month.

1368 days ago


I HAD a crush on Charles after last week but when he picked the Steelers today to win the Super is now true love!!

1368 days ago


For 2011, I hope TMZ goes away :)

1368 days ago


Happy Birthday to J.R.R. Tolkien!

1368 days ago


Harvey, I really got a kick out of you describing yourself in that movie. You spoke of it so spirited ; like an enthusiastic kid telling it for the 1rst time. And I wish more people in this world could laugh at themselves.

Have fun tomorrow; gonna be a long day though.

1368 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

GREAT TMZ Live today!

1368 days ago


What u talkin about Willis? Ryan Reynolds should be dating me.

1367 days ago


Greetings Harvey from illinois 14 degrees here and loving it. I feel sorry for you guys in cali and the warm weather. my questions are related. 1. Does mel have to pay for the ox's criminal atty fees? 2. If the ox has hired 42 lawyers, isn't that unreasonable for mel to pay? Thanks and have a great day

1367 days ago


I feel that the people that stay in all these celeberties life should be stay out. These are real people to that love laugh and live so let them do that.

1366 days ago
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