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'Bachelor' Slap: Womack Says NOT Criminal Battery

1/4/2011 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC is promoting "The Bachelor" with a slap to the face by a contestant, but the victim tells TMZ he  doesn't want her prosecuted.

You probably saw Brad Womack take a slap to the face, when he was greeted by Chantal O'Brien, who glibly told him she was delivering a violent message on behalf of all the scorned women in America.

So if Amber Portwood gets prosecuted for beating on her boyfriend, what's the difference? 

1014_womack_videoBrad tells TMZ, "I think Chantal was just trying to make a statement about my past behavior and make a strong first impression, which she did. " 

Brad adds, "I think what Chantal did was a light-hearted gesture which I took as such.  I do not condone violence in any relationship, nor would I keep someone around who I felt truly wished to do me harm."

As Brad left the premiere party last night -- he told us the slap was, "very real and very hard." Brad also told us he didn't want Chantal prosecuted because he "deserved" it.

So what do you think? 



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Since she's the girl he picked [picks] in the final Rose Ceremony, and they spent Thanksgiving weekend together at her parents hideaway in Palm Springs [a mile from where I used to live] I'm guessing he won't be pressing charges anytime soon...

1390 days ago

Ozzie X    

That looked scripted and the producers already had a public statement prepared in the event of a public backlash. Who in their right mind would walk up to someone they've never met and slap them based on their behavior on a TV show? These shows are really getting desperate for ratings.

1390 days ago


If this is domestic violence then ABC and its producers should be the ones charged. Who couldn't see that this was scripted from the get go. Come on - real- not highly likely.

1390 days ago


That's just distasteful and very rude. And she didn't slap him on my behalf.

Brad made the right decision by not choosing someone and I like him more for it. I don't understand why people were so angry with him as if he owes them anything or that he really mattered that much to them. I'm attracted to a guy who is confident and can take a stand. Anyway, it made for a good season which is why they brought him back.

1390 days ago


What a classless broad. I agree with alisemaria - this is a disgrace.

1390 days ago


Violence is violence. Slapping anyone shouldn't be condoned, whether it's a man slapping a woman or vice versa. And for ABC to promote the show with the clip is distasteful, especially toward anyone who has ever suffered violence.

1390 days ago


That vapid hooker does NOT speak for me. What a narcisstic, classless valley-girl-speaking piece of trash. "Chantal," I hope you are reading this becuase you are truly a worthless idiot who will not get a decent man.

1390 days ago


Wow!!....If it was a man, then would be consider violence. If she slap him on TV, then what will happen in their future.

1390 days ago


Its a reality show which means its all fake. Its a setup. Even this story is a setup to promote the show.

1390 days ago


The slap was completely scripted. Not only that, when you watch the promo, the "sound of the slap" was not in sync with the impact. It's clear that the Bachelor overlaid a "hard slap" sound on what was absolutely 100% a "pulled" slap, like a pulled punch used in professional wrestling. This "slap" is the equivalent of an audio photoshop. FAKE!

1390 days ago


I mean if it was the guy slapped the girl, it would be a big deal. I hate double standards. she should control her ****ing hands.stupid bitch

1390 days ago


These shows are all scripted. hello? I can't believe people actually think they are not.

1390 days ago


What a double standard we have if it was a man slapping a woman he would have been arrested on the spot. Wake up everybody she should be arrested just like a man

1390 days ago


If somebody calls me a "nice piece of meat" in public in retaliation for denying him sex and I slap the jerk can I be criminally prosecuted?

1390 days ago


Anyone who believes that was spontaneous -- stand up. Exactly, another piece of BS from a phoney reality show. And then "his" statement, well - let's just say that's like Britney Spears tweeting about the state of the union. Publicists are overpaid and getting more laughable everyday.

1390 days ago
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