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Plus Bikini

1/5/2011 9:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

A bikini-clad Kate Gosselin took time out from fake baking filming her latest reality show to tan her maternal bones in the natural Australian sun on Wednesday.


Hopefully the mother of 8 used protection.


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Yes, you've had many surgeries to "get back into shape"..Yes, you are a fame-whore..Do you have any talents other than getting sperminated??? Because I haven't noticed any. Of course Jon doesn't have any were a perfect couple. Now you have a group of messed up spawn....good going..idiots!

1356 days ago


Kate to Paparazzi:
Um you know the real reason Steve and I went to the Emmy's, Taylor Smith and Miley concert is? to seek attention/fame! TLC thought since my days of using my kids for a reality TV show are number. Are little free trips weren't working no more then it is for the Duggars. That it would be a good idea to hang out and mango with real working celebrity and hopefully. OOOO' someone like Donald Trump for instant would discovered some kind of hidden talent in me. FAILED!

Paparazzi to Kate:
Do you miss being married to Jon?

Kate to Paparazzi:
Um Jon was and always will be a wimp! Um I controlled him, pop him a few times, yelled at him all the time, degrade and humiliated him on camera and in front of our kids. By the end of season 4 of Jon and Kate plus 8, Jon wanted us all off TV... but um I wasn't having it! Um I will never ever go back to nursing when I can put the kids to work for me. Um That is when our marriage really failed! We were going in difference direction; Um Jon wanted a life for his kids and me off TV. Go back to normal, and I wanted more fame, money and attention. Um Darn right I got the bighead. Um if you're asking me? Um You know who wanted one more kid when we couldn't afford the two we had already, applying for bankruptcy and Salvation Army heating assistance when the rent was due and both Jon and I were unemployed? I did, that's who! Um I talked Jon into doing another um fertility treatments he didn't want me to have and out popped six more kids and boy am I glad I didn't terminated five when I had a chance. Um Look at me now! (grin) yes... because of those six kids I'm living like a celebrity. I got a reality TV show and the big head that was blocking Jon view... Um the house wasn't big enough for me, I needed a mansion and I talked Jon into that too. Um Look I told you he was a wimp, he did and done whatever I told him to do. Um I talked him into a reality TV show to pay our bills and when he finally did find a job, I told him to quit it and stay home with me and the kids doing TLC. Um You know who got rid of all the extra help, the nannies and my brother/SIL? Me that's who! Um Why should they get rich off my kids for helping me take care of them? I told Jon, let's just get rid of everybody and try taking care of them ourselves because I don't think TLC should give them a cent of my money. Um I opened up several bank accounts after that, I bet you paparazzi didn't know that (evil grin)! Yeah! But I only allowed Jon to have access to one. One that we shared together to make him feel like he's involved. But um I had Jon on allowances, I sure did. When he went to buy something, he better take store coupons or that's his arse. Um I was so mad at him one day he didn't use it. I told him he was taking that stuff back and get my money and used the darn coupons and told him he is never going shopping again.

Paparazzi to Kate:
Why did your marriage end?

Kate to Paparazzi:
Um well that is if you're asking me? Um Well the real reason why it ended is because like I said; I felt like Jon was holding me back, tiding me down with those darn 8 kids. So um one day I um just hired myself a ghost writers and I put out two books. Then I said later for you Jon. You stay home with these darn stubborn kids, I hired myself a bodyguard and we traveled and I done interviews, dinning out, hanging out with known celebrity's like that nut job Kathy Griffin who made fun of me. I was on the go, only time I came home was when it was filming time for TLC. Did my thing and split again... imo Jon just got jealous of all the attention and fame I was getting and wanted a piece of it. He um told me to stay home with him and the kids and I told him HELL NO! But um he played me, yup Jon played me. Um I came home from one of my monthly get away and I said to him while the kids were all in bed, and um he was sitting at the table eating. I looked over at him and I said; I don't even know why I'm still married to you. Um Few weeks later Jon tells me he's going out with some friends and I beg him to stay home with the kids, because um secretly Steve and I were going out that night. But um Jon found some balls and left me standing there looking stupid, dumb founded. He walked out that door and he never looked back. Guess I pushed him to hard and he had enough! But um it made him look like the bad guy, because paparazzi caught him having fun, drinking and party having a good time with girls and TLC told me to use that against Jon. Play the violin and tell people it's all Jon fault our marriage is screw and he empty out our bank account when people didn't know I had opened up several other bank accounts that didn't have Jon name on it. I told Jon to leave and get out, that um our marriage was over and he agreed. He said he was taking the kids and I said; the hell you are. These are my little money makers and I can't remain on TV without them. Jon wanted to stay at my mansion in the guest house and I told him the hell you were. After talking to TLC... they hooked me up with their attorney and put the judge on the take. End of story! Do you realize every time we went to court we had the same judge and every time the judge went in my favor? (evil grin) Um think about it, what judge would allow me to pull 8 kids out of school oops 6, forgot two got kicked out! But um what judge would allow me to pull the kids out of school and take the father visitation from him just so I can go on a free trip down under? A trip I couldn't go on unless I take the kids and say its work related. Um Shoot, lying on the beach while some of my kids look bored and miserable, that is if you asking? Is hard work!

Kate to Paparazzi:
Um I think I have it all... Um I have money, fame, attention, reality TV show, luxury cars even those darn kids I wish I could get rid of. But I'm still lonely, my bed is empty supposedly (can't tell you that Steve sleeps in it with me sometime, but we don't do anything). Um somebody forgot to tell me, success is nothing without someone to share it with and not to let fame go to my head. Now my show is slowly dying people know the truth about me. They know that I'm a attention seeking, money grabbing, selfish, bored and sad mother wannabe.

Paparazzi to Kate:
Well what's with all the personal changes?

Kate to Paparazzi:
I figure if I run, change my wardrobes and hairstyle. That perhaps I can find me another man like Jon. Another loser, wimp that I can walk all over and make more money off him too. Failed! Um DWTS and Alaska with SP. FAILED! Um I think I'll change my last name to Fail since it's the story of my life.

1355 days ago


Damn, I almost forgot about this chick. TMZ is getting crowded with fame whores, I guess.

1355 days ago

donnie woodard    


1354 days ago


I have never seen so many people who "don't care " about Kate post such jealousy filled rage statements .
Look I am not a fan after the camping show either ...but she looks great . Who cares if there are scars from the plastic surgery it was free !!! I can almost bet money that a majority of the girls posting here are overweight or beauty challenged and as far as the guys posting .... no your not going to get a girl who looks even remotely like her so your angry .
Get off the computer and put your box of cookies and get out and exercise so you wont be so angry !!

1354 days ago


This woman is NOT fit to be a mother to those childern. From the start, she would hit and degrade Jon in Piblic. You could always tell she was in charge.
I loved the show at the start, but as time went on, I couldn't stand to watch it. Danceing w/the starts was just awful, Who in the world told this woman she could dance. What she was, was a winner. Do me a favor, take her off tv..

1348 days ago


God, get rid of her. Give the money she has to their accounts and put her out of their lives. She is a mean, drunk too. Yeah, I do know her and she is a hateful mother. I mean that

1332 days ago


testing testing

1326 days ago
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