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Lindsay Lohan -- Mystery Probation Violations

1/5/2011 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Palm Desert PD has just said they believe Lindsay Lohan committed multiple probation violations  in her scuffle last month with a former Betty Ford staffer -- and the PD is referring the case to prosecutors.


A rep for the Palm Desert PD says, "The investigation and facts in evidence has revealed other possible violations by Ms. Lohan relating to certain conditions of her probation terms."

As TMZ first reported ... after the alleged battery, a lieutenant from the Palm Desert PD notified Lindsay's probation officer in Los Angeles of the incident and tried to strong-arm her into coming to the Palm Springs area and arresting Lindsay -- but the probation officer refused.

Lohan's lawyer believes the Palm Desert PD is out to get her client.

It's unclear if the police believe LL had engaged in substance abuse that night, however, a law enforcement source says she did refuse a breathalyzer.


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joe mac    

@ Janet I said ordered by a Judge and I work in the court house and have seen judges order breathalyzers on a dozen or so people in the last year. She was asked by an employee of Betty Ford to take this test which yes is a sign of guilt when she refuses but she may refuse it since the worker is not an officer of the court. Please don't tell me my job I do it everyday. I wouldn't tell you how to wipe a babies dirty but after you change its diaper please don't tell me what I know is fact. Only court appointed officers can tell you what to do when you are under the control of the court system unless you sign away that right when entering such facilities. I never said I thought she was right or did nothing wrong but she does have rights and clearly you all seem to think she doesn't.

1390 days ago


well is she refused the test she break the rule
and she is not above the law

1390 days ago


lock her up and throw the key away - complete waste of space!!

1390 days ago

Tony H.    

Seriously does this Police dept. have nothing better to do? I would usually never take Lohan's side on... anything but this is just ridiculous.

1390 days ago


she has severe mental problems - not surprising when you look at the parents!!! Totally screwed up family - they are ALL liars.

1390 days ago


Okay, the excuse the staffer was not an officer of the court is bs. She voluntarily went to this facility to avoid jail and was lucky enough the judge bought her "trying to get better act". Once there, she has to abide by the staffers instructions, provided they're within bounds. Coming in late after curfew and without permission IS grounds for a breathalyzer! If she was innocent, she would have owned up and walked in the front door and faced the consequences. I know I would have been taking every damn test in sight and begging for more. She is not in rehab for missing curfews people...drug and alcohol problems. The staffer was called out by security and under the suspicious cir***stances, she was WELL within her right to ask her to test. Lindsay can say she passed, THE NEXT DAY! I would love to test the LA system and commit the same offenses so I would get the same Judge and Probation Officer and if I violated as many times as Lohan and actually GOT jail (not the 24 hour crap in solitary), I would sue for discrimination. Holley can whine all she wants about the PD, her client did it and let's not blame the cop for DOING his job....just like she is.

1390 days ago

joe mac    

Also the court ordered rehab will send do***ents of all incidents she was involved in during her stay at said rehab. Then someone like myself will review it and recommend whether or not the rules were broken. She is only hurting her review by refusing it but can not be violated unless it was clearly stated in her sentencing guidelines. I understand you all are frustrated but the courts can't just take some rehab workers word on such a critical accusation. I have been a probation officer for ten years we do go on the review of the rehab and in some cases will arrest a violator after we get the report but we do not just violate someones rights on the word of these care facility workers. There could have been bad blood between them and this worker had it but for her and were would the courts be then if they violated her and then found out the worker was lying. This worker is not as credible as you think she is an ex user and they will go as far as concealing things from the courts to help these offenders get out of trouble. You can say what you want the law is the law and if it was broken the judge would have definitely have violated her by now. Face it sometimes you guys are just wrong and that is why opinions are opinions.

1390 days ago


The Palm Desert PD can believe anything they want, but what can they PROVE. I believe I'm a millionaire, but my finances will prove I'm not. The actions of the Palm Desert PD is why a certain segment of the population hate cops. If they can convict her of crime, then do it and her probation will be violated. If they can't, then stop the harassment. As to the breathalyzer, Lindsay says she's didn't refuse one, so unless they have PROOF that she did, let it go.

1390 days ago


@laura...Thank you. I didn't agree with joe mac either#49

1390 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan refused a breathalyzer test from a janitor? Non-story!!! My God, you people love to hate Lindsay Lohan, don't you? And as for the Palm Springs PD -- no comment!!! Any judge will throw out Aunt Jemima's complaint of "assault" -- somebody smells money.

Take a look in the mirror the next time you want somebody to hate."

Posted at 9:00 AM on Jan 5, 2011 by Gordon Wagner

Speaking of hate, you ignorant racist pig. Why don't you and your cousin/wife go back out on the porch and play your banjoes, then cook up some roadkill for supper.

1390 days ago

joe mac    

@ Tammy Proof is the key word this worker did try to take back what she said because she didn't want her prosecuted. That alone tells me she is not credible enough to prosecute Lyndsy on her word. The sheriff is just trying to bring this whole little bit of fame to his name since he is an elected official. He would have called me at work like that and demanded me to violate her I would have said bring me proof and we will talk instead he went nuts on the probation officer. He needs to just let it go and if he has evidence she committed Battery then he should file those charges or just shut up.

1390 days ago


give her a break this ladies word against her, so she pushed someone , who knows what happened. People lie, she is trying. I wish her the best. She can't even breath or touch someone? that lady looks like a lier, she should be forgiving

1390 days ago


Everyone wants to crucify or save Lindsay, but the only thing that matters is what Lindsay wants for herself. If she doesn't consider the consequences of her actions as a problem, then it's not and there ain't no fixin'. If she does see her actions and/or consequences as a problem, then there's a chance she'll do a midstream correction. Either way, it's a hard fix.

1390 days ago

joe mac    

@ Janet I didn't want you to agree thats whats good about opinions there allowed. I just state fact since I am a probation officer I think I know more than you on this so please feel free to hate it's your right just as it is her right to refuse a test given by some lady who works for a treatment center not the courts.

1390 days ago


Why does the Lohan team always claim someone is out to get her when she breaks laws????

Lindsay is doing it to herself.
Throw her in jail until she learns she is not above the law.

1390 days ago
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