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Lindsay Lohan: The Cops Are Out to Get Me!

1/5/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources extremely close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ ... Lindsay feels the Palm Desert Police Department is out to get her.

TMZ broke the story ... the Palm Desert PD tried to strong-arm the L.A. County Probation Department into coming to Betty Ford and arresting Lindsay last month after her scuffle with a BF staffer. 

We're told Lindsay feels the PD is trying to torpedo her recovery, telling friends, "They shouldn't be negatively trying to hurt me when I'm doing the right thing."

And, we're told, Lindsay is adamant that she never drank or did drugs at Betty Ford.

Lindsay is saying she's "really confident" her probation will not be violated and she won't be charged with a crime in Palm Desert.


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If Lindsay refused a breathalyzer while at Betty Ford, she's guilty!

1349 days ago


They speak a different language in Delusional Lezbyland. "The cops are trying to enforce the laws equally for everyone" comes out to "They are out to get me". This richbitch spoiled arrogant clamdigger needs the full wrath of the DA and the BH judge, lets hope they have the intestinal fortitude to enforce the laws, nail her for violating probation, and put her skanky tired nasty junkie butt back into jail.

1349 days ago


She's confident everyone has been paid off - is that what I heard her say?

1349 days ago

In the Paris Hilton biopic: Paparazzi Princess, Lohan was portrayed as a back-stabbing evil c*nt. Maybe she deserves it.

1349 days ago


"...negatively trying to hurt me." What? Is there way to "positively hurt her"? She needs an edumacation. Two words Linds, "NO COMMENT." You've put enough feet in your mouth! Do you really want to piss off the police??

1349 days ago


TMZ is such a tool of the Lindsay spin machine. In case you didn't figure out that the "leak" about the Palm Desert PD was planted by the Lohan-istas earlier, this proves it.

Anyone else would have been in jail a looonnnngggg time ago. And when she O.D.'s, TMZ will get even more play, though they'll be at least partly responsible for it.

1349 days ago


Has she EVER taken any accountability for ANYTHING??? She's a blame-stormer if I've ever.... Once she admits fault and doesn't blame everyone and their dog for her problems, people might actually find some compassion for her. Until then, we will continue to poke fun (on tv and internet) of you until you grow the hell up and take responsibility for YOUR actions!

1349 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is the Queen Of Paranoia And Delusion. She believes everybody is after her. Dawn Holland, Danette Myers, Judge Marsha Revel,and don't forget the imaginary stalkers. lol

1349 days ago


It sounds like Lindsay is right ! Be Careful Lindsay !

1349 days ago


Great excuse for not coming in to work on Monday morning: I was out until 1:00 AM getting my hair done.

1349 days ago


LOL, someone should make a game where a pinball knocks Lie-lo over and each time it succeeds, she whines, "Someone's out to get me!"

1349 days ago


Oh, Lindsay this shows you learned nothing during all of this. It's always someone setting you up, someone out to get you, etc., etc., etc. It's getting old and tired. You didn't even stay out of trouble in Rehab. How long will you stay out of trouble now that your out of rehab? I'd bet not too long.

1349 days ago


How many Lindsay Lohan stories will there be today? Are TMZ and Radar online in some type of race or something to see who could post the most Lohan stories in a day?

Anyways whenever Lindsay gets in trouble it is always because someone is out to get her. Judge Revel was out to get her, remember? Now the cops are out to get her whose next the star wackers?

1349 days ago


She has obviously still not recovered.

1349 days ago


Oh poor baby. If you were not such a screw up you would not have to worry about it. Face it you violated your probation.

1349 days ago
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