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Lindsay Lohan: The Cops Are Out to Get Me!

1/5/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources extremely close to Lindsay Lohan tell TMZ ... Lindsay feels the Palm Desert Police Department is out to get her.

TMZ broke the story ... the Palm Desert PD tried to strong-arm the L.A. County Probation Department into coming to Betty Ford and arresting Lindsay last month after her scuffle with a BF staffer. 

We're told Lindsay feels the PD is trying to torpedo her recovery, telling friends, "They shouldn't be negatively trying to hurt me when I'm doing the right thing."

And, we're told, Lindsay is adamant that she never drank or did drugs at Betty Ford.

Lindsay is saying she's "really confident" her probation will not be violated and she won't be charged with a crime in Palm Desert.


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That's right and the cops were out to get OJ Simpson too, these celebrities are an effing joke. YOU DO THE CRIME, YOU DO THE TIME...YOU'RE NOT ABOVE THE LAW, DUMBASS.

1395 days ago


"Lindsay is saying she's "really confident" her probation will not be violated and she won't be charged with a crime in Palm Desert."

Lindsay was really confident she wouldnt be violated for missing all those pesky alcohol ed classes either and she was, oh thats right Judge Revel was just out to get her lol.

1395 days ago


She is the one who called the cops!

1395 days ago

Lindsay! Why are you acting guilty? Your camp paid off the former employee of Betty Ford so she won't press charges. But as your attorney should know, any law enforcement can pursue charges without consent from the victim and possibly press charges to anyone who tamper any evidence like the security tapes..mmmm! A guilty person can make a statement like yours.
You might find a different career now, because I think no producers, casting directors, and production companies unless "Adult" would hire you.

1395 days ago


Could someone please contact the Hollywood StarWhackers and give them Lezby's new address? Though in her case, it would have to be the Junky HasBeen Whackers, because she is certainly not a star.

1395 days ago

bring back recent posts    

hey..follow the rules, and if you didn't do anything you're not suppose too, don't sweat it, unless you have a guilty conscience and can't squirm your way out, don't know why your even worried about police.

1395 days ago

GeneL the police are "out to get you" Lindsay? Maybe you shouldn't have had that "F-You" stamped on your middle finger at your court session, eh. Don't worry, you'll get just what you

1395 days ago


lindsy will be fine and go on to do great things...
now where are my meds?

1395 days ago


I'm so Sick N Tired of hearing Lyndsey Lohans name , I could just choke. She's nothing but a spoiled ass brat.
She needs to wake the Hell up.
If she violates her probation, She should do about 5 yrs in the clink.
Who the heck does she think she is...
She's a TOTAL has been.

1395 days ago


If she was "adament" about not having done drugs or alcohol while at Bety Ford (uh...she did sneak out so she wasn't, technically, 'AT' BF), why did she refuse a test when she came back and got caught? People like this woman blame all their problems on everyone else (ie. everyone is out to get me - all the time). And we should have sympathy for her why?

1395 days ago

Money in hand    

Say what you will and anyway you slice it. The fact is that every cop in California is a felon. As of right now.

1395 days ago


Ok Lins and family ( yeah, you pycho mom Dina) if I was not drinking I could not get fast enough to take a breathalizer to prove my innocence. What planet are you people from?
And when are you going to take that lethal overdose that you are heading for and put all of us out of our misery.

1395 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Yeah, the cops are out to get you! They are the only ones that don't have HIPAA hanging over their head! Poor Dawn H is probably horrified of legal action against her at this point, BF just wants to be done with the likes of Lindsay Lohan. Sadly, all this happened on BF's late night shift when the place is manned by low ranking staff members. BF is one of the best treatment centers in the country, but even they cannot fix someone that does not want to be fixed. Forced treatment does not work. It only offers opportunities to learn to live your life a different way. The choice was hers' and she has continually chosen drugs and alcohol. One can only play the "go to treatment" game so many times before a judge gives up on you and sends you to jail. God help you Lindsay Lohan, you need it.

1395 days ago


Let's just say for the minute that nothing whatever comes of the allegations against LL while at BF. I think it's almost impossible for her to not end up before the law again within a few months, as she is already heading directly back to her old LA stomping grounds and has set up camp next to SamRo. In other words, she is consciously or unconsciously setting herself up to start abusing again. Honestly, I suspect that she's already done so (a welcome home present,) or at the very latest, I give her 2 weeks to start using again.

1395 days ago


The first thing LL needs to do is get her "friends" to stop talking to the media. they are just making her look bad.

1395 days ago
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