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Jersey Shore's Ronnie -- My KO Victim Wanted a Fight

1/5/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" is convinced the guy he coldcocked last summer on Season One was just a fame whore who picked a fight to get on TV ... and now, the "Jersey" star says he can prove it.

Ronnie's manager Matt Cohen tells TMZ ... Stephen Izzo had encountered "Jersey" producers three weeks before the fight and signed a release form to appear on the show -- a form obtained by TMZ.

Cohen claims Izzo realized he needed conflict to score screen time -- so he went home and concocted a plan to provoke Ronnie into a fight on camera ... and we all know how that went.

Ronnie's manager believes the release form proves Izzo "obviously wanted to be on the show" -- and was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.

Izzo's currently suing Ronnie and MTV over the punch -- claiming, among other things, invasion of privacy and unauthorized use of his image.

Ronnie was indicted by a grand jury in New Jersey last month over the scuffle -- charged with one count of third-degree assault ... and he could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

We contacted Izzo -- but he refused to comment.


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If everything is true, You still can not cold****ed someone.

1384 days ago



Izzo was not cold ****ed. He got what he was asking for. Ronnie walked out of that club and away from the fight. When izzo chsed him down, Ronnie protected himself and his girl. I know i wouldn't keep my back turned to an aggressor who was following me.

With the new release, MTV is off the hook, and Ronnie will have a much easier time as well.

1384 days ago

Lets Be Honest    

Sorry Ronnie BOY, your steroid fueled rage is going to cost you.

Of course you and MTV will settle because the cross examination would be brutal. Yea I would want to keep that closet door closed also.

Now go fist pump yourself.

1384 days ago


Who cares if the guy wanted on TV, you still don't run around hitting people like a over sized two year old. I really hope this guy sees jail time, but as with all "stars" he will not.

1384 days ago


Flush . Hear that that is America going down the drain. TMZ really love the show but Jersey Shore and That fat **** from teen mon need to be flushed as well

1384 days ago


He won't see any jail time. Especially if the other guy signed a release form. I'm betting he "forgot" to mention that to his lawyer

1384 days ago


I understand why everyone hates the show and the people on the show. but did you guys see what happened? The dude izzo got hit once and went to sleep on the street. What would you have done if a guy ran after you and your girlfriend, saying he was gonna kick your ass? Had it been me, I would have kicked him the ribs 5-6 times after he was on the ground. You can't risk him getting up and continuing. He was begging for a fight, chased a couple down the street harassing and provoking them. Ronnie had every right to protect himself and his girl friend.

MTV has a signed release saying they can use his image, so that charge is out.

Ronnie has the video, just because you swing first does not mean you are at fault. If Izzo wanted to avoid a fight, he should have stayed at the club.

1384 days ago

snooki is a DUDE    

Ronie and Snoki are Racist a-holez! The video of them talking about Mexicans and Jews was leaked on the web...see here>> <<.... and its BAD! Especially snooki. And the gernade whistle was meant to offend black girls. NOT COOL!!!!It just shows how little class and smarts these jersey shore idiots have. You can be an drunk, you can be dumb, you can even be drugged out....but being a racist...BIG NO NO! p.s. truth is a TOOL!

1384 days ago


ronnie is the sexiest of all the men on the show, his gf sammi is such a whinning looser ho who treats him like crap!

1384 days ago


Izzo should wish Ronnie hit him harder so people couldn't recognize him because that guy looked like such a loser then and even more now.

1384 days ago


I see that some of you still think that Ronnie was not the aggressor. Unfortunatly, Izzo has multiple witnesses saying that he was being held back by 4 bodyguards when out of NO WHERE Ronnie knock him out. In the words of the shows creator Anthony Beltempo in a recent interview at Monmouth University.. "Izzo didn't even see him coming, it was basically a SUCKER PUNCH". So Ronnie's defense that he was looking to be on the show and provoked a fight is just that an excuse... Izzo lives in the Seaside area so going to club Karma probably happens quite often. Nice try Ronnie but that interview you gave to EONLINE saying that "you weren't sorry you knocked him out, you were only sorry you got caught" is going to hurt you. How about getting some self control...

1384 days ago


and furthermore... You CANNOT believe that release could ever be VALID because in the state of NJ you CANNOT by law pre-release an intential tort which would be the ASSAULT on Mr. Izzo himself... THEREFORE MOST OF YOU READERS DON'T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!!!

1384 days ago


Hey Pot! I've got a friend I want you to meet! His name's Kettle!

Seriously, EVERYONE on that show is a fame whore so calling others that is rediculous.

I'd rather watch a 24-hour Jerry Springer marathon than this garbage.

1384 days ago


Ronnie should beat his ass again and while he's at it he should beat all of your asses

1384 days ago


One of these days hes gonna start a fight with the wrong person and end up staring down the barrel of a gun. Give and idiot a few drinks and they think there Superman.

The entire Jersey sure cast should be in jail. Im pretty sure the oil from these greaseballshair and skin wjile swimming in the ocean made its way to the gulf and corroded the pipes causing the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis

1383 days ago
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