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Brett Favre Massage Accuser -- The $18,000 Debt

1/7/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the masseuses suing Brett Favre for sexual harassment is no stranger to a good stiffing -- TMZ has learned she's on the hook for allegedly flaking on an $18,000 credit card bill ... TMZ has learned.


According to documents filed in Nassau County Supreme Court in NY -- Christina Scavo was sued by American Express for not paying her $18,701.93 credit card bill back in 2009. Court records show AMEX got a lien against Scavo to collect the money ... and as of this morning, the lien is still active.

We spoke to Christina's attorney -- who tells us he wasn't aware of the debt but explained, "That's typically what happens when people lose their jobs and can't pay their bills."

As we previously reported -- Scavo and another woman both claimed the NY Jets blacklisted them after Christina's husband confronted Favre over texts in which the QB allegedly tried to initiate a post massage sexual encounter.


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No Avatar


If you've got 18,000 on a credit card just end your life because you're not fit to procreate.. I'm tired of all of these whores coming out of the woodwork, honestly **** these lying skanks..

1387 days ago


Wow...really desperate to dig up dirt on these women huh? I'm starting to think you guys are a bunch of women haters...can we find out how much she paid for her panties too? jeeezzzzz....

1387 days ago


Does this come as any shock? Nothing like putting your name out there to attack somebody and being subjected to the same scrutiny as your accused. Love the lawyers response as he's basically saying after she lost this part time job as a massage therapist she must have been so emotionally wrecked she was unable to find a new part time gig. I'm certain during this time of unemployment she was responsible with her money and didn't continue to spend on needless things. I'm glad TMZ printed this story, it serves her right.

1387 days ago


Lori stfu digging up dirty is part of the "game". If the lawyers can show this woman is in desperate need of money and files a accusation YEARS after the incident then you got crap in a bag.

Note to all female, if you get sexually molested on the job act immediately, not 3-4 years later when you owe a lot of money on your card.

This type of females are just vultures looking for scraps.

1387 days ago


please stop using the term masseuse. that is an old and insulting term often connected to prostitution. Legitimate practitioners use the title "Massage Therapists"

1387 days ago


O.K. Either Farve is infatuated with gold digging bimbos or he just likes to share his "JUNK" with any woman who will look.

Either way. I'll bet his wife is proud of him.

1387 days ago


Nobody ever sent me a text message that I didn't give my number to.....just saying.

1387 days ago


Typical "press" tactic! Try to dig up dirt on the victim. Favre is NOT the victim, these ladies are. Nobody but Favre knows how many women he has tried to hit on. He's a s***bag who has been successful at hiding behind his celebrity status... even his wife knows this.

1387 days ago


Rat said: "Typical "press" tactic! Try to dig up dirt on the victim..."

These women are not "victims", they are "alleged victims" as NO wrongdoing has been proven thus far and YES the character of the accuser DOES INDEED matter.

1387 days ago


In the big people world and in a court of law, her debt will mean zero people.

Her lawyers will have prove she had damages because of losing her job due to Brett and his actions. That is the case right? Sure, his side could attempt to bring it up, but, it won't matter.

So, to me, its a low blow to talk HER debt. I agree with RAT #10, big time.

Had Mr. P-E-N-I-S not sent all those texts and pics-O'-D-I-C-K to all of these random ladies, he wouldn't be in this errr, ummm, pickle.

It is all too clear he is pig. He thinks he is a gift to us gals and who in their right mind would pass up a chance to be with THE BRETT FARVE??!!

Puke, he is a giant child with too many toys of technology to get him into trouble, perhaps had he not been slammed and knocked around so much on the feild, with fewer brain cells than most of us, he may have noticed......you are leaving a trail of evidence stupid!

1387 days ago


And this doesn't scream that she is just trying to get some quick cash????

Thank goodness Brett doesn't settle with these whores who keep popping out of the **** pile!!

1387 days ago


Well said, #13 ihartwell.

Notice it's mostly men calling these women "whores" just because it might be offensive to their little hero. He plays a game for a living, and yes, he's very good at it but ya know what? He eats, ****s, showers and shaves like the rest of us...and should be held to the same standard as we would. The guy started to believe his own press...these celebs/athletes are used to people either figuratively OR literally falling over with their legs in the air for them. Well, he finally crossed the line with the wrong people. Enough proof exists with Sterger that I seriously doubt she is the only person he did this to. Even if he doesn't get in trouble which will likely be the case, I am glad his reputation has at least been sullied by this mess of his own making. He deserves it.

1387 days ago


You Know....you dont have to open the picture message if you dont want too....you really cant put all the blame on him..DUH!, she wanted a peek! lol

1387 days ago


I have no problem with the lawyers for the Jets or Favre digging up dirt on people for the sake of their case, but that is why court do***ents such as liens filed by credit card companies amongst other things should not be public record or public information. She probably owes 18k but do you know how many people in this country have liens and suits that are falsely filed due to things like identity theft or mistakes made by the companies. People's reputations can be smeared over stuff like this and all the companies do in return is say sorry. TMZ and other media outlets need to be prevented from obtaining this type of information, which is usually only available on your credit report. Courts should only make records available if you've been convicted of a crime, and that is it.

1387 days ago

Jack Farve    

Here is the thing - A few women have brought up the point that Brett is a Celeb, but that he eat, drinks, sleeps, etc. like all the rest of us, so he should be treated like the rest of us. Here is the problem. If it's not Brett Favre, we are not even talking about this. If there is no money, we aren't talking about this. If these so called goody, goody women couldn't get anything out of it, do you think they would even be bringing any of this up. Really, three text messages, that are alleged text message - not proven, just alleged and pictures that have now been proven not to even be Brett Favre, but one of the other harrasseres of Jen who apparently doesn't have any money, but because it could be Brett in the pictures and because Jen said it was Brett, it must be. How would she know, unless she had sex with him. Ricky Bobby said it best, "this is just dumb."

1387 days ago
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