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Jaime Pressly

Busted for DUI

1/6/2011 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jaime Pressly was arrested late Wednesday night for suspicion of driving under the influence ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Jaime Pressly DUI

The "My Name Is Earl" star was driving in Santa Monica at around 11PM when she was stopped.  We're told cops took notice of her vehicle after she allegedly committed a traffic violation.

A field sobriety test was performed and Jaime was arrested and booked on suspicion of DUI.

She was taken to the Santa Monica jail and held on $15,000 bail.

UPDATE:  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ there were no drugs in Jaime's car.  We're also told no children were in the car.  And, we know, there was no car accident.  The only other circumstance in which bail is set at $15,000 -- the normal amount is $5,000 -- is when the driver's blood-alcohol level is higher than .15.  We have not, however, been able to confirm Jaime's level.



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American Mom    

It's 2011! Noone should be drinking and driving! If you want to screw up your body and get drunk, do it at your own house. You should know before you drink to prepare for the possibilities of getting drunk and plan. Thing that gets me is I bet she recycles!

1198 days ago


You would think that these famous people would have all of the friends around to look out for them or even each other. They make good money but do not know how to spend it wisely. I make good money but do not let that keep me from making stupid decisions that get noticed, especially by law enforcement. Take a cab or have a DD, you will save so much more money and not have the media hounds dragging you through the mud more than TMZ or others will.

1198 days ago

Heywould Jablowme    

It was my fault. i ****ed her drunk ass. then told her to
go home

1198 days ago


Hutch Really admire, Jamie lived in huntington Beach and i knew her before she was famous. She is a simple person who fell in love with a DJ who put on Pimp and Hoe parties. Sad to say Jamie has never gotten over the break up with this chump. Hutch you are judged in this world by the company you keep for a good reason. Sandra Bullock are you listening you have issues girl.

1197 days ago


it was just the smell of mouth wash

1197 days ago


Hard times? Couldn't afford a cab? Glad you didn't KILL an INNOCENT PERSON with your SELFISHNESS, BI-ATCH!!!!!

1197 days ago


i sure hope Crabman can come up with bail...i feel bad for Earl Jr.

1196 days ago


Before she would have realized it during the blowing part, I would have switched out the breathlizer with my baton! Hey Yooo!

1196 days ago


been there done that jamie keep it up what you do im not a star but yeah you are just like your acting ok

1194 days ago


You jerks here hiding behind a computer the girl has gone through two divorces ok obviously her life is not going good for her peeing on a sidewalk is not a dui u dumb ****s. She didn't create an accident if one of you who drive ever get into this situation u would know the drama she is experience we are not perfect as humans its her first offense she need to get a lawyer now she needs consolement because the poor girl must be depressed ok *******s leave her the **** alone.

1159 days ago


As the Old Saying Goes... "IT"S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW IT"S WHO YOU KNOW"!!!

I say LOCK up all DRUNK DRIVERS, no pass goes, no rehab, no bull crap, LOCK EM UP!!!

I, who think drinking can be fun feel this way... If you have to bucks to imbibe then you have the bucks to take a cab, limo or bus.

HOW ARROGANT one must be to have absolutely NO respect for others lives not to mention their own!!! Want to curb drunks from driving then NAB the BASTARDS at the start. Police can easily do more drive by's, see how long one has been in the tavern. Stop them all, bet-ya you'll find more drunks before they leave the parking lot and hit the road. Instead of this frenzied on catching folks not coming to full stop at a traffic light via cameras. How ABOUT A MANDATORY CAMERA outside all taverns. OK to much, OK, then the ones that had more than three DUI'S who left their bar in a six month period.

Yes make the Tavern owner pay for it, after all they are profiting from it and when they serve to much knowingly the customer is going to get into a car, then at least have the violator's picture for evidence... Make the Tavern Owner held accountable especially when they have the same patrons abuse the law on a regular basis. I not saying beat up the Tavern Owners totally, only when it's obvious the same clowns pull the stunt of DRUNK DRIVING.


As far as I'm concerned this it "ATTEMPTED MURDER" if not "MURDER" if gone to far.

Common sense folks, that's all I asking...

965 days ago
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