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'Jersey Shore' Cast

Gym, Tan ... Brand New Car!

1/7/2011 10:45 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

The only thing remotely new (besides that chick Deena) on last night's third season premiere of the "Jersey Shore" ... every cast member showed up to the beach house in an expensive new ride.

While Jwoww, Snooki and Ronnie (who drove up with a very sour Sammi) fist pumped their fame into new BMWs, Vinny cruised up in a sleek Mercedes, Pauly D gelled well with his Cadillac and The Situation flashed his jacked up Range Rover.

Drunken partying, bar fights and fake tans definitely have their perks.


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Good hope they spend all the money and have nothing when the fame is gone..........losers!

1385 days ago

Throwback kid    

#16 David Jones makes a very good point, I have to give these Jersey Shore losers props for making money without having any talent. These morons get paid to do little more than get drunk, fist pump and argue wirth eachother.

1385 days ago


"Drunken partying, bar fights and fake tans definitely have their perks."

Perks yes, but unfortunately happiness, contentment, sincerity and genuineness don't seem to be among them.

1385 days ago


"Drunken partying, bar fights and fake tans definitely have their perks."

Perks yes, but unfortunately happiness, contentment, sincerity and genuineness don't seem to be anywhere among them.

1385 days ago


Paulie, Mike, and JWoww all have the SAME car that they had in season 1....get your facts straight TMZ!!!!

1385 days ago


WHY, WHY, WHY do you give this ignorant, trashy chick attention? Just like the Hilton's, Kardashian's, and countless others, they are famous for nothing. NOTHING! they have no talent. Would you want to take these jokes and clowns home to meet your family? Not that they give a hoot about their own reputation, but their parents, friends, family members, the Italian community, and all human beings must be (or should be) completely disgusted, embarrassed, and mortified to acknowledge them. They do NOT represent classy, intelligent people. They are disgusting, as are all of the Jersey Shore cast idiots. Please do not glamorize them or given them another minute of media attention. It sickens me that there are so many decent and honest people out there, doing the best they can to make a living and can't get by. And then these idiots make millions of dollars for being the classless, tasteless, whorey, morons they are. America is already a piece of joke to the world since Bush as a president and now the American bringing these jokes as an american pop culture? Really guys???? Think.....!!!!

1384 days ago


Paulie Mike and JWoww all have the same cars from season 1...get your facts straight TMZ

1384 days ago


To hell with Jersey Shore. What a bunch of mindless douche bags. To the people of Jersey Shore: GO DIE PIGS!

1384 days ago


to #18 those dbags don't have to get props,the producers off that show yes

1384 days ago


Yess.. I do like those nice cars.. did you guys ever listen to this guy DJ Vanzetti ? He has this album out called From staten island to the jersy shore.. its pretty good actually.. lol and one of the songs is called Pump ur fists!
haha its hot actually take a look
im sure u can google the guy DJ VANZETTI .. lol I found him on itunes. i also went on youtube and found his songs for free lol they re good!

1384 days ago


jenni, mike, and pauly d had the same cars from season 1!

1384 days ago


Actually pauly d, mike, and j woww had these cars in season one if you did any research at all. and what does it really matter, if people are willing to drop 10k for snooki or mike to show up to a party, would you expect them to drive **** cars, snooki rolled up in a beaten up honda or whatever car it was, name someone who can rake in 10k a night and would still drive beaten up cars, get real, WHO CARES

1384 days ago


THey did NOT get new cars... Mike, Pauly & Jenni are in the SAME cars they drove the 1st season, BEFORE they even started Jersey Shore. Watch the very 1st episode... DOn't just make up random crap.

1383 days ago

Mikey G    

situation always had a range rover and pauly had that cadillac last season everyone else got a new ride but all bmws except vinny? did the dealer give them a deal or something lol hey more power to um making all that money by acting stupid on tv im italian sign me up :)

1383 days ago


TMZ obviously has moron reporters who write lies to try to stir ****. PaulyD, Sitch, and Jwoww all had thier cars before Jersey Shore premiered.

1383 days ago
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