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Dr. Murray Patient -- Med Board Made 'Poor Choice'

1/12/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Conrad Murray's longtime patients is "pissed" with Judge Michael Pastor's decision to yank the Doc's medical license ... telling TMZ the Judge is "preventing a phenomenal doctor from working."


Robert Day -- a patient at Murray's Vegas practice -- says the judge made a "100% poor choice" because Murray "just wanted to help MJ."

Day adds, "[Murray] is the most compassionate reserved gentle giant you'll ever meet."

As we previously reported, Judge Pastor ordered the suspension of Murray's license as a condition to the Doc's bail in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.


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JUDGE Pastor is a WONDERFUL man who made a excellent decision. I'd like to send some FLOWERS his way.

1348 days ago


Does this idiot understand you don't administer PROPOFOL in a home setting? Probably not and therefore, his judgment is considerably OFF here.

This horrible physician certainly attracts the whack job patients. Perhaps that's the point. Bad doctor-bad patient.

1348 days ago


I support this judge's decision and commend the State of California for taking such swift action and never giving up in their effort.

It's very clear they did so to protect all of us Californians. Let's see if Nevada and Texas is as on the ball.

1348 days ago


This thing of human is a grave danger to people.

1348 days ago


Somebody's pissed that they're not getting their supply from doc murray! I'm sure he gives double doses too if the money is right!

1348 days ago


HIS supporters/patients are TRULY crazy. I GUESS they don't care if this man ends up KILLING THEM or more innocent people. The ONLY reason why they like this guy so much is because he gives them what they WANT! They can care LESS about the welfare of others.

1348 days ago


The most sane thing this judge did was suspend Murray's license.

No monitoring..not even in the same room with Michael..

Trying to say that Michael was 'begging' him for propofol....HEARSAY ONLY...I'll bet he felt he had so much control and power over Michael, didn't he?

THE KING OF POP.....I love you in peace.

Justice for Michael

1348 days ago


How can this person vouch for Murray? Murray consciously took a job to enable MJ with his drug addiction all because of the dollar signs. If he was all a good doctor he would have told MJ off and live his life how he did before he met MJ.

1348 days ago



1348 days ago


This patient must get free meds too. Yes sure murray is very kind for giving you idiot propofol and almost everything you want and ask!!! What is wrong with people? Sure Murray has been
very kind to his friends that is why they do not need any enemy.
I feel sorry for these idiots that are defending this A-H.
Poor MJ thought murray was kind too, see what happened to him!!

1348 days ago


Dude's lucky to still be alive.

1348 days ago


I think the was a great choice.. Murray as the saying goes you reap what you sow.. and since you made the choice to call everyone in the world instead of getting Michael some real help, too bad do i feel bad nope this is something that should have been done along time ago. Michael didn't get a second chance why should you? maybe you should have saved some money instead of flying every where having a good time... Business first....
"Day adds, "[Murray] is the most compassionate reserved gentle giant you'll ever meet." well maybe this Day person should Let Mr. gental giant give their mother or father some Propofool and then go talk the world up and then do a half But attempt to save them...then see if they still feel the same..This is one small step for MJ3 but I know that this is war and we haven't seen anything yet...

1348 days ago


The gentle giant that couldn't move MJ on to the floor!

1347 days ago


The new album "Michael" is THE big surprise of the year 2010: read this:

1347 days ago


*** lol... at this point, particularly ***

Mmm...Harvey? ...or, whichever 'TMZ staff' writer that posted this article:

If you would be so kind, could you please post the name of the type - definition of the type, while you're at it would be helpful also - of the LOGIC that you/he/she, used, in deciding the NEED to post this article... ?

I mean... if it doesn't cause you/him/her any type of serious injury to go there. I would hate that. Really.


*** lol ***


1347 days ago
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