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Dr. Murray Patient -- Med Board Made 'Poor Choice'

1/12/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of Conrad Murray's longtime patients is "pissed" with Judge Michael Pastor's decision to yank the Doc's medical license ... telling TMZ the Judge is "preventing a phenomenal doctor from working."


Robert Day -- a patient at Murray's Vegas practice -- says the judge made a "100% poor choice" because Murray "just wanted to help MJ."

Day adds, "[Murray] is the most compassionate reserved gentle giant you'll ever meet."

As we previously reported, Judge Pastor ordered the suspension of Murray's license as a condition to the Doc's bail in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.


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your gonna fry!! if some crazy fan killed a man as nice and gentle as john lennon then Murray best watch out..just sayin

1318 days ago


Yeah, there are a few million drug pushers in dark alleys waiting to be helpful too.

1318 days ago



Haven't a clue other than possibly they are inferring that a plea bargain may be struck prior to going to trial.

My personal opinion is that the DA will not accept a plea.

Posted at 2:42 PM on Jan 12, 2011 by MiMi

Mimi and BarbA say this - I may be wrong. I am not an American. But I really didn´t think he could make a plea now - after he has been ordered to stand trial. But I don´t know your system.

Posted at 3:07 PM on Jan 12, 2011 by Siggisis

WTF, Who stole siggisis name? Get a frigging life and grow up.

1318 days ago


A "phenomenal doctor" would know simple 101- how to do CPR.....and not on a soft bed like surface.
Even I knew this after taking a first aid course years ago.

If he was a "phenomenal doctor" MJ would be alive and getting the help he needed for his sleeping issues...because a "phenomenal doctor" would NOT bring in propofol and play Russian roulette with his patient.
Phenomenal doctor my ASS!

More like a, Phenomenal (money- is worth more to me then a life)jack ass!

I wonder how much this person is being paid to say this?

1317 days ago


Phenominally INCOMPETENT, that's more appopriate. A doctor who lacks correct judgement towards their patient don't have the right to practice their profession. I'm surprised that the medical board don't have any actions in this incident. They are the one with 100% poor choice not judge Pastor.

1317 days ago


In California can a involuntary manslaughter charge be upgraded to 2nd degree murder during trial?

"Once the judge has ruled, there is a period of time (15 calendar days) between the preliminary hearing and a second arraignment. The DA then files whatever charges they think were proven at the preliminary hearing in a new charging do***ent called an information. In most cases, they file charges that are the same as the judge's ruling. The prosecution can file additional charges - either extra charges, higher charges or lower charges.

From there, the defense can challenge those new charges in a Penal Code section 995 motion. Let's say, for example, that the judge ruled that there wasn't enough evidence for murder, but there was enough for manslaughter. The prosecution disagrees and decides to file murder charges anyway. The defense would then file a 995 motion to challenge those charges. A different judge would then review the transcript of the preliminary hearing and rule on whether or not there was sufficient evidence to support the charges.

The defense can file a 995 motion in any criminal case to challenge the sufficiency of the evidence, even if the charges don't change from the initial charges. The defense can always challenge whether or not the defendant was held to answer based on enough evidence."

1316 days ago


This PHENOMENAL doctor aka cardiologists, committed a HOMICIDE against a patient who was too weak to defend himself!

This PHENOMENAL doctor aka cardiologists made sure medical equipment was not available to shock his patient out of cardiac arrest!

This PHENOMENAL doctor made sure his patient was good and dead before calling for medical help that was less than 10 minutes away and that could've saved this mans life!

This PHENOMENAL doctor made sure he didn't tell other medical professionals his patient had a heart stopping drug in his body!

In my opinion that is shared by hundreds of millions of other people, this PHENOMENAL doctor aka cardiologists he is callous and dangerous!

Thinking about what this PHENOMENAL doctor aka cardiologists did to Michael Jackson nauseates my stomach!

1316 days ago


murray knew being he is a doctor that a doctor don't give there patients propofol out side of a hospital not at there patients home he knew some doctor he turn out to be i wouldn't go to him even if he was the last doctor around

1314 days ago


SET FREE IN LOVE ( SIEGFRIED AND Roy) judge not or you shall be judge.

1303 days ago
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