TMZ Live: Murray on Blast, Sheen ... Porn to Be Wild!

1/11/2011 6:00 PM PST
Charlie Sheen actually made it back to the set of "Two and a Half Men" after his ridiculous porn star-filled bender -- and Dr. Conrad Murray got blasted in court today by a doctor from the L.A. County Coroner's Office ... but did he deserve it? Plus ... a new feature debuted on TMZ Live!!

(0:00) Attention UK'ers ... TMZ IS BACK!
(1:30) Charles' new 'do ... and Harvey's afro???
(4:50) Charlie Sheen's bender in Vegas with 3 porn stars. Legally? Not a problem. But he might need rehab.
(6:30) New Britney Spears song -- a rip off? Let's consult our resident Britney expert, Jason.
(16:10) The "Jersey Shore" kids ... why are they famous?
(18:20) Palm Desert PD's legal action against Lindsay Lohan over the Betty Ford incident -- it's a wild goose chase.
(20:00) Mike attended the porn convention in Vegas for "networking" purposes. Right, and Charlie Sheen hung out with Bree Olson for the conversation.
(20:40) NEW TMZ LIVE FEATURE ... the employee cam! Mike and Max test it out
(25:20) Conrad Murray poses a danger and the medical board should pull his license -- at least according to the D.A.
(27:35) The Coroner says Dr. Murray is on the hook even if Michael injected himself
(28:45)Charles knocks Harvey's funky-shaped hoodie.