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TMZ Live: Murray on Blast, Sheen ... Porn to Be Wild!

1/11/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen actually made it back to the set of "Two and a Half Men" after his ridiculous porn star-filled bender -- and Dr. Conrad Murray got blasted in court today by a doctor from the L.A. County Coroner's Office ... but did he deserve it? Plus ... a new feature debuted on TMZ Live!!


(0:00) Attention UK'ers ... TMZ IS BACK!
(1:30) Charles' new 'do ... and Harvey's afro???
(4:50) Charlie Sheen's bender in Vegas with 3 porn stars. Legally? Not a problem. But he might need rehab.
(6:30) New Britney Spears song -- a rip off? Let's consult our resident Britney expert, Jason.
(16:10) The "Jersey Shore" kids ... why are they famous?
(18:20) Palm Desert PD's legal action against Lindsay Lohan over the Betty Ford incident -- it's a wild goose chase.
(20:00) Mike attended the porn convention in Vegas for "networking" purposes. Right, and Charlie Sheen hung out with Bree Olson for the conversation.
(20:40) NEW TMZ LIVE FEATURE ... the employee cam! Mike and Max test it out
(25:20) Conrad Murray poses a danger and the medical board should pull his license -- at least according to the D.A.
(27:35) The Coroner says Dr. Murray is on the hook even if Michael injected himself
(28:45)Charles knocks Harvey's funky-shaped hoodie.


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Here's a question for you. Wanna see a Kate Gosselin sex tape? I have it. No bull**** and it's totally uncut and filmed on November 22, 2010 at the Days Inn, Reading PA.

1382 days ago


After hearing about Mike and Max hooking up and banging these porn stars I've lost a lot of respect for the porn stars.

1382 days ago

Gits Ferrari    

Charlie Sheen should learn from Ted Williams....

If he's a functioning addict, then why is he being so nonfunctional? Charlie, go give Ted a call....

1382 days ago



1382 days ago


It is really making me mad that I can't skip ahead on these videos to the question I want to hear about. This is even though TMZ has given us the time points where certain discussion start. Instead it sends me back to the beginning and I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN and go through Harvey getting a jacket. DANG!!!!!

1382 days ago


I think Harvey likes Britney Spears a lot..;)

1381 days ago


I am not likeing some of this new format. When I get home at 6PM I used to be able to go to Videos>TMZ Live and watch the days show, now I have to wait until about 7:30 before it is posted on the main page at some place on the page. Why are you not posting it in the archive section like it used to. Also since there is Lawyer Friday why not have something like Womens Wednesday and have a female member on with Harvey or whoever else might be on .

1381 days ago


one of your crew said that Australia and New Zealand are the same thing. lovely.

1381 days ago


Harvey - will Dr. Murray's malpractice insurance cover any claims presented by Micheal Jackson's estate or family members?

1381 days ago


as much as the world loves and respects Michael Jackson they often forget that he was a human being, capable of suffering stress, insomnia, and frustration especially at his age and what he was attempting to do with this 02 arena concert, not to mention the added concerts. In his humanism is it not possible that he also in his frustration for sleep may have demonstrated a desperation that may have led him to self medicate and unintentionally cause his death?

1381 days ago
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