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Dr. Murray's Medical Shingle Hangin' By a Thread

1/12/2011 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Conrad Murray's medical career may not have flatlined -- TMZ has learned the medical boards in Texas and Nevada will not automatically suspend his license just because a California judge did.


Sources connected with the Texas Medical Board and the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners tell TMZ they are weighing their options regarding the suspension of Murray's medical license.

Murray's California medical license was suspended yesterday as a condition of bail in his ongoing Michael Jackson manslaughter case.

But we're told ... because a judge suspended Murray's license and not the California Medical Board -- TX and NV don't feel compelled to follow suit and issue suspensions in their states.

We're told Murray's attorney, Charles Peckham, has been in talks with the NV med board and is making contact with TX as well -- but no word on when a final decision will be made.


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'OhWell' - unimaginative, unoriginal, unnecessary.
Posted at 7:26 PM on Jan 12, 2011 by Em
Just like Murray's defense. Murray still does not have a credible defense after all this time.

1379 days ago


Many are of the opinion that Murray will walk. For a myriad of reasons. However, MJULS, Esq's opinion that he will be aquitted, due to Jury Nullification is the only instance I've heard of it as a reasoning that he may.

I'm just going to throw this in on this thread since it's the latest article on the MJ section of this site, and was easiest (yes, I'm feeling lazy. lol) quickest thread to get to, to post this.

Now, in MJULS, Esq.'s - legal expertise opinion - that Murray will walk away from this trial, aquitted, due to Jury Nullification. It intrigued me to wonder WHY. I've (a few times) asked for him/her to expound on his/her reasoning for this opinion but haven't seen any response.

SO... let's just cut to the definition of Jury Nullification, to begin with...

"Jury Nullification"

A sanctioned doctrine of trial proceedings wherein members of a jury disregard either the evidence presented or the instructions of the judge in order to reach a verdict based upon their own consciences. It espouses the concept that jurors should be the judges of both law and fact.

The traditional approach in U.S. court systems is for jurors to be the "triers of fact," while the judge is considered the interpreter of law and the one who will instruct the jury on the applicable law.

Jury nullification occurs when a jury substitutes its own interpretation of the law and/or disregards the law entirely in reaching a verdict.

The most widely accepted understanding of jury nullification by the courts is one that acknowledges the power but not the right of a juror or jury to nullify the law. Jury nullification is most often, although rarely, exercised in criminal trials but technically is applicable to civil trials as well, where it is subject to civil procedural remedies such as the Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict.

In criminal cases, however, the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution makes final a jury trial that results in an acquittal, and it guarantees freedom from Double Jeopardy. This gives juries an inherent power to follow their own consciences in reaching a verdict, notwithstanding jury instructions or charges to the contrary.


This is just me, thinking/typing out loud...

Anybody care to take on, along with me, pulling apart this issue/meaning, and speculate the probability of this being the possible aquittal reasoning, and outcome of Murray's trial?

** will post this also on the "Prelim" thread... for what ever THAT might be worth considering it seems apparently a few severely maladjusted 12 yr. olds have hijacked it into orbit of a planet I can't relate too. M'eh... I'll give it a shot anyway, since I've got a minute to spare. (Reality is, I'm stalling on having to de-ice my driveway yet again, so I can at least have a half chance of getting out and about in the morning. End of day 3, and yes, STILL snowing. Whew.) lol **

I'll throw this on to the Prelim board, THEN get moving on the de-icing.

Coffee, plz. HOT.

Check back when I can manage it...


1379 days ago


It's hard to find a good doctor. MJ would not have hired and paid him so much if he wasn't the best. It must have been hard on Dr. Murray to tend to patients in 3 different states. Michael was lucky to have him. ha

1379 days ago


No Justice, No Purchase!!

Night All!!!

1379 days ago


Mmmmmmm... on second thought (just came back from the "Prelim" thread, and although it appears to have slowed down a little bit... I think I'll just go with my single Jury Nullification propositioning post on THIS thread - presently, anyway.


... Coffee's on, and I'm off to have too much fun shoveling and de-icing for half the night, if not longer.

LOVE winter, and snow, but yanno...?? lol.


1379 days ago


To all of you haters, you will never break our spirit. Our love for Michael is strong and I for one will never abandon him. You can say all you want, I can't stop you, but my love for Michael Jackson will always stand. I believe justice will prevail and that man will get what he deserves, if not in this life then in the next one.

1379 days ago


weighing their options? Are the serious? What's to weigh, he murdered Michael,that's it. If anyone out there is crazy enough to be one of his patients, Heaven help them.

1379 days ago


Why Bother With A Trial
You Rabids Don't Want Justice
You Just Want A Scapegoate.

Murray Is Guilty In Your Minds
Why Not Just Lynch Him Like The
"Good Old Days"

Maybe Being Back The
Guillotine,Chop Off Murrays
Head On National TV,Would
That Make You Crazy MJ Fans Happy
To See This Man's Blood Squirt All

ROTFLMAO! For some reason, this made me laugh out loud. Such a DRAMAAAATIC post, and the imagery is amusing. On a serious note, it's silly to put all Michael's fans in one category. There are some of us out here who believe that Murray did wrong, but we can be rational about it.

Speaking only for myself, NO, I don't want to see Murray lynched or executed or jailed for life or guillotined on national tv (lol). I do think he deserves a fair trial, and if I hear testimony that makes me think he didn't do anything wrong, I can admit it. In fact, if I was on the jury and had reasonable doubt as to his guilt, I could find him not guilty despite the fact that I've been a fan of Michael's music since I was a kid.

We've heard a lot of reports through the media over the past year and a half regarding what happened that morning. Some of those reports may be true, some may not be. But with the start of the preliminary hearing, we are now hearing/reading under oath testimony, not just media reports. And from what I've heard so far, Murray's behavior on that morning alone was appalling. A doctor who performs CPR with one hand on a bed? C'mon! How did the man even get a medical license to begin with?

I can acknowledge that Michael had a dependence on prescription medication - at least on propofol - that much seems pretty clear. But I don't see that Michael's actions have anything to do with Murray's. They are both separate individuals with their own responsibilities. They both had free will and they both could have said no when faced with choices.

Michael is dead, so he's not here to answer for his mistakes. It's Murray on trial for HIS actions (or inaction as the case may be) now. Let's hear the whole story under oath from beginning to end and let the jury make a decision. If Murray is found guilty, I have no need to see him suffer for the rest of his life. I'd much rather he admit what he did and use the rest of his life to work towards curbing the uninhibited distribution of prescription medication by greedy doctors who cater to the rich and powerful.

1379 days ago

Margarida Maria    

Dr hindered Murray to practise the Medicine, it will have to arrange a job, one another profession. Perhaps it writes a book
regarding the MICHAEL JACKSON DEATH, or it makes films, because Dr Murray is also an actor.Now Dr Murray cannot more to use the
The pension of the son of the Dr Murray, who goes to pay ?
They are many contradictions, in this hearing of the Dr Murray.
How many accusations Dr Murray goes to answer ?
MICHAEL JACKSON also was heard, it was the judgment, and it was ACQUITTED. It will be Dr Murray also innocent ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

1379 days ago


Well, shame on the Medical boards of Texas and Nevada if they don't follow suit.

1378 days ago


@mymjj5... lol...I think Murray got his medical license online.
Posted at 6 :40 PM on Jan 12 , 2011 by Audie

More like a KMart blue light special. Buy one, get one free! Lol. {o:

1378 days ago


Well the groupie in the Belushi case went to prison, so should he.

1378 days ago


James Browns wife died from an overdose of pain killers while recuperating from plastic surg... She had more pain pills given to her that the attending doc. hadn't prescribed....I should have known Dr. Feelgood had done this before.

1378 days ago


James Browns wife died from an overdose of pain killers while recuperating from plastic surg... She had more pain pills given to her that the attending doc. hadn't prescribed....I should have known Dr. Feelgood had done this before.

Posted at 10:09 PM on Jan 12, 2011 by dd

I think "Dr. Feelgood/aka Conrad Murray should consider taking action against all the libel that's being sprouted against him (such as this wife of James Brown BS) by Michael Jackson fanatic cult rabid fans on the TMZ and other websites.
He can make a mint off that....and his someday published Michael Jackson memoirs....and all the $$$ the MJFT is forking out for his defense, security, and living expenses (including back child support, etc).

It's a crying shame that Conrad Murray fell into Michael Jacksons drug addiction trap.
A doctor who tried to wean Michael Jackson off his MILK.
A doctor who simply thought that he was going to have the "the opportunity of a lifetime" (statement made by Conrad Murray when he notified his patients of his temporary leave of absence from his practices) by being Michael Jacksons rehearsal/tour physician.
God Bless and Protect the poor misguided soul...Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson is not "dead".

1378 days ago
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