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Nic Cage's

Old Vegas Mansion

Back on the Market

1/12/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nic Cage's former Las Vegas mansion -- which was foreclosed on back in 2009 and then sold by the bank for $4.95 mil -- is now back on the market ... for the pumped up price of nearly $9 million.

Sucks for Cage ... because dude lost a boatload of dough on the 14,000+ sq foot mansion -- which he bought in 2006 for $8.5 -- because he was forced to get rid of it to pay off his mounting debt.

According to, the home is being touted as "Nicolas Cage's Ultimate Vegas Estate." Should probably have the word "former" in there somewhere.


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That is a gorgeous home...too bad it's in Vegas, that town is as dead as Tombstone...all New York transplants and Persians...YUCK.

1389 days ago


WOW! Gorgeous and tasteful. Too bad he lost it. These agents who steal from their clients should have their $$$$$ cut off!

1389 days ago

Booger McGee    

Gorgeous house. I like Nic Cage... I hope he gets back to good soon.

1389 days ago

artie help    

this fruitcake has THE best laundry room evr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1389 days ago


WOW!! I fell in love with that house, it is absolutly beautiful!

1389 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

Sad that so many people have nothing, yet Nic Cage the narcissistic **** needs such a huge home for himself and his child bride. And appreantly has so many more homes. And all these iditos commenting here can only say "WOW!!!" "OMG!!!". Well sorry bimbo Dixie but you aren't going to live there no matter how often you spread your legs.

Disgusting. We need more foreclosures of greedy SOBs homes. Can't stand people who live beyond their means. Vomitous

1389 days ago


Beautiful house! It looks like its worth 9mil. Very extravagant!

1389 days ago


and now he is reduced to making lame movies..oh thats right ..thats all he ever made were lame movies

1389 days ago


Sociopaths is just green with envy!! Nasty people don't go far in life, though.

1389 days ago


Absolutely gorgeous!
I don't understand these celebrities. They have everything and not a care in the world. They spend their money on stupid crap like a ton of homes and don't even get me started on the cars. Why not own two homes and two cars? Put the rest of your fortune away or help save a homeless family!

What in the world! Nic Cage ~ Get a clue sweetheart! Your a has been!

1389 days ago


Beautiful house... but such a ****ty kitchen!

1389 days ago


He has great taste and this house looks like it is worth the mone, not like the wrecks in LA that are grossly over priced and not near as nice. I hope he recovers, I like watching him on the big screen.

1389 days ago


Wow such a great looking house. Total party pad too

1389 days ago


I would really hate to see the electric bill on that place!! There must have been 50 lights in the living room/foyer alone!! And all of them on! I try to save power all the time because when I see a bill for $200 I nearly pass out. I'm sure that bill would put me six feet under.

1388 days ago


The first post took the words out of my mouth. Great house but in Vegas??? If I could have that house in a better city, I will be content. Not dissing Vegas but I just don't find the dessert as an ideal place to live.

1388 days ago
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