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Burglar Bunch's Nick Prugo -- I'm Going to Rehab

1/14/2011 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Burglar Bunch member Nick Prugo has finally agreed to check into a rehab center ... after the 20-year-old acknowledged that his issues with drugs and alcohol may have fueled his celebrity crime spree.


Sources close to Prugo tell us ... the BB member will check into a live-in facility in Glendale, CA on Tuesday to seek treatment for, among other things, alcohol, cocaine and marijuana.

One person close to Nick tells us, "He wanted to take care of long existing problems that made him make a lot of bad decisions."

As TMZ first reported, Prugo is accused of participating in a string of celebrity burglaries between 2008 and 2009 ... taking expensive items from stars like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.


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artie help    

i don't think this guy has a problem at all, he seems like a good guy just not getting his piece of the pie. give him time and he'll proove all you haters wrong.

1341 days ago


Note to future generations:

Def try to be famous when you grow up!

If you are a loser, screw up your life, do drugs, cheat on your wife with a slew of trashy hobags, get a DWI, make an ass of yourself with your drunken public shena****ns or otherwise make horrible stupid choices and run your life into the ground.... all you have to do is go to rehab. Regardless of what the issue is, all will be forgiven if you go to rehab. If you can afford a really nice rehab center, where it's more like a sunny, seaside vacation than actaul rehab, then that's even better.

Instead of having to pay for the crime your commit, you'll be put in the tabliods, praised, and will ultimatly be more famous than you were before your stint in rehab.

Hey, even if you're not famous... commit a crime (against a celeb) and then do all that bad stuff.. THEN go to rehab.

It's a shame that so many people get famous for being stupid, but hey... society just loves an "underdog".

*rolls eyes*

I wonder why people don't get this much press when they do something GOOD?

1341 days ago


who cares TMZ! this article was like 6 posts down now its up on top because no one posted on it??get the hint,do the stories that have lots of posts.those are the stories that apparently interest the readers.

1341 days ago


its burglar not Burgler

1341 days ago


Getting help with his drug and alcohol problems will make prison life easier for him.

I dont think the Hollywood rehab two step is going to sway the judge very much but you never know.

1341 days ago


When I first saw this article I thought to myself why is this guy even out on the streets and not in jail for the crime spree they had. Then I remembered it was in cali.

1341 days ago


Man some people are just worthless pieces of crap. Really? Because you drink you just had no choice but to rob people? B.S. I drink most weekends. Guess what! I've never robbed anyone in my life. Wow, amazing isn't it?! Try taking some responsibility. You robbed those people because you're a lowlife with no morals. I hope you overdose.

1341 days ago



1341 days ago


Drugs and alcohol had nothing to do with his crime spree. This jack-ass thought he could get away with what he did, but his own crew ratted him out. With the way society sees entertainment these days, I'm sure he'll have a reality show soon.

1341 days ago


zzz. it's like the sun coming up know it's gonna happen and you're never shock when it happens. these days, I think you could save more time and space if you only ran posts about the hollywood celebrities who DON'T go to rehab.

1341 days ago


Weird, I smoke pot and drink alcohol, I even dabbled in cocaine when I was in my early 20s. Crazy thing though, I never broke into celebrity homes and ganked their belongings. I'm so tired of people blaming their bad decisions on "addictions" when they are just clearly mentally deranged. It's unfortunate because those that do smoke and drink responsibly get a bad rep due to the lies and deceit of people like this tard.

1341 days ago


Why are we making a common thief famous? Sick.

1341 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

they could do like rehab for cleptos by putting all kinds of expensive things around the clinic that they can then steal whenever they want to!! and at the end of the week a collective show and tell, where they can all show off their 'stolen' ;D goods!!

1341 days ago


"the BB member will check into a live-in facility in Glendale, CA on Tuesday to seek treatment" is this guy is going to have a wild bender this weekend and then enter rehab on Tuesday???? He can't be serious about his sobriety with commitment like that.

1341 days ago


Glad to see other people are disgusted that this lame POS is getting attention simply for being a lame POS. He is not taking his crimes and POS-edness seriously, with all this attention.

1340 days ago
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