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Kelsey Grammer

New Marriage Next Month

1/14/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He's not even officially divorced from Camille yet, but Kelsey Grammer isn't wasting any time getting new girlfriend Kayte Walsh to the altar -- he says they're getting married next month!

Grammer appeared on "The Late Show with David Letterman" last night, where he told Dave he and Kayte would be "getting married soon, sometime in February."

The news comes just days after Kelsey's soon-to-be-ex-wife Camille Grammer told Howard Stern that Kelsey wasn't gay, but suggested he signed on to the cross-dressing "La Cage aux Folles" because he liked women's clothes.



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What a PIG Kelsey is. Camille may be a bit shallow, but she got him through his alcohol and drug problems, stood by his side when his father died, when he couldn't buy a job.... while in the meantime he was out molesting a child basically, who ignorantly thinks she's different from all the rest of his wives and girlfriends. He'll prenup up, Kayte, and when he dumps you like yesterdays trash, you'll get NOTHING except a bit of child support, IF he decides to pay it at all. Camille handled the news with class and decorum, none of which Kelsey deserved. Not only should she get 50%, but she should get at least 10% more for him knocking up some little girl and cheating on his devoted wife and kids. What a low-class loser!

1342 days ago


Time for one old weirdo to step aside for .....wait for it.............ANOTHER younger weirdo to take his place!

1342 days ago


Who cares!!! I love TLC but enough with Kelsey and Camille!! They are not worth all the coverage!!!!!

1342 days ago


I used to really like Kelsey Grammar, but he must really be a crazy loon! He's flaunting this new girl out in public without any respect to his wife and kids. His older daughter is on Greek and I realize this is probably not new to her. He probably did this with her mother too. Kayte won't be any different. Two kids and 8 years from now, he'll be leaving her for someone else.

1342 days ago


Camille is uber-pissed that she didn't ruin Kelsey with her 'big reveal' that he cross-dresses. Turns out nobody cares, so now she's here posting under different names. Move on Camille. Seriously. Get your settlement and move on.

1342 days ago


I am no Camille fan, but Bev, you are right on. Kelsey is "morally bankrupt" and Kate is nothing more than a home wrecker.

And Harlot, with a screen name like that, I can understand why you condone what K N K are doing.

1342 days ago


nasty pig u r kelsey

1342 days ago


Some of you are acting as if Camille was the virginal first wife whom Kelsey cheated on. First of all, by the time Camille got to Kelsey, he had been married and a father several times. She was no innocent, no naive gal, and no virginal youngster when she married him, knowing full well about his past with several ladies.

Camille got what she deserved, she didn't really seem to love Kelsey, more like loved the fame, money, and attention. Anyone who saw her around Nick ( her friend's hubby) has to wonder if they have been carrying on. Full lingering kisses on the lips, one on one motorcycle rides with highly suggestive body language, there's no doubt about their chemistry, and if it has not been consummated, that would be a surprise.

Who knows, Camille and Kelsey may have had an open marriage. Don't judge them by your standards of morality, it's clear they had a different relationship.

Anyone who doesn't go to another city with their hubby for around a year doesn't exactly miss him. She wouldn't leave CA when Kelsey went to NYC. didn't want to bother, and didn't like the weather. That's not love.

If my hubby's job took him to another city or continent for a year, I'd be with him, and this has happened before.

Camille got played, just like she was playing Kelsey. No great love lost, she's a total narcissistic wierdo.

Don't judge Kelsey by your standards for marriage, bc had you seen Camille, you would know that she was not really a committed wife. Instead of going to see her hubby in NYC she goes to Hawaii to their home where she admits they sleep in separate bedrooms. Don't let her fool you!

1342 days ago




1342 days ago


@lhartwell....totally agree with you. This "man" is slime. What kind of family values is he giving his kids, when he get a girl pregnent that is the same age as his oldest daughter? I dont care for Camille, but I hope she can get as $$$ as she can out of him. I hope Mr Slimey, and The Gold digger are happy right now, cause she she wont be the last Mrs. Grammer

1342 days ago


Dumb, dumb, DUMB!
The last one he married took him for tens of millions of dollars! What does he do? Marries another one before the ink is dry on the first mistake!
Take a page out of the Charlie Sheen playbook. Get a suite at the Palms, surround yourself with porn stars and then fly back home on Monday. That's a whole lot more bang for your buck!~ (Pun intended)

1342 days ago


Dr Hardwicke

You are so full of crap. I doubt you are a "Dr". Just another man who will spend eternity in his own private hell because you have no idea what it takes to be a "real" man a decent person. You and Kelsey should be feeling pretty warm together on the otherside. You probably have no belief in God or lifes "goodness". Like minded men like you will be in for a "hot" surprise....whether you believe it or not. We will see how far your way of thinking fares for you in your eternal life. Decency is not something you should take for granted. Or make light of. Live for today! Young woman - whoopeee THERE WILL ALWAYS BE BOTTOM FEEDERS - AND PEOPLE who "don't think" like you.

1342 days ago


Calling Lorena Bobbitt...

1342 days ago


When your wife demands to be a TV "Housewife," it's time for a new wife.

Of course, Kelsey can only blame himself for marrying these types in the first place.

1342 days ago


Kelsey should be ashamed of himself for what he is doing. He left his wife & kids to play house with some other woman because he was bored, or what?

I feel bad for the children..why does he feel he has to marry this girl, and so soon. The children should come least wait a few years. But oh I forgot its all about what he wants, and who cares about the kids right?

I used to be a fan of Kelsey's, but he is so full of himself, not anymore. i don't know why most of these celebs get married in the first place, and then they bring kids into the mix. they are the ones that suffer...

1342 days ago
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