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Lindsay Lohan Case -- Over and Out?

1/14/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the woman who accused Lindsay Lohan of battering her says he's been told ... if his client submits a declaration to the D.A. stating she's not pursuing the case, the investigation will be dropped ... And she just submitted the declaration.

Lindsay Lohan Case
Dawn Holland, who has been fired from Betty Ford, says in the declaration -- obtained by TMZ -- "I do not desire Ms. Lohan prosecuted for the events of December 12, 2010," adding, "I will not answer any questions to any policing or prosecutorial agencies regarding the events of December 12, 2010."

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, the D.A.'s Office informed him today ... if such a declaration were filed, the case against Lindsay would be rejected.

The declaration follows an angry letter Davidson sent to the D.A., scolding prosecutors for trying to interview his client after she repeatedly told them she wanted nothing to do with the case.

The D.A.'s Office had no comment and says the matter is still under review.


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No one ever said daddy Lohan was broke. The man has money... and no doubt the payoff was made.

There is no reason this woman would have suddenly dropped the case had it not been for money ... money ... and more money.

What part of this don't you get?

1344 days ago


How much did it cost Lindsay to pay her to go away ?

1344 days ago


Ernie has very strong opinions.

1344 days ago


Ernie just for the sake of factual accuracy.

1. No rehab suggests you attempt to quit smoking as soon as you enter. In fact quite the contrary. Most are detoxing from their illicit drug use or alcohol. Of course down the line it is addressed but 'the mission' rehab is focused on is substance abuse. Not cigarettes and coffee intake.

2. She isnt 'getting off probation' in Feb. She would be transtitioning to a NON-REPORTING probation in which if she was to get in any trouble she would still face a harsher outcome because she is STILL actively a probationer. This is the only thing I THINK the D.A. is really "REVIEWING." Clearly the assault deal is out the window and I dont know what they else it could be because their only witness to the other allegations is the exact same woman.

3. Probation dont save peoples lives. People save their own life. I know plenty of peoples whos substance abuse became worse while on probation because they don't respond to pressure well or the extensive demands on an addict who is strapped for resources IE car, job, transportation, money ect...

1344 days ago


keep posting ernie. you're posts are hilarious. the only place michael lohan has money is in his own mindy. LOL

you're only making yourself look like a fool.

1344 days ago


keep posting ernie. your posts are hilarious. the only place michael lohan has money is in his own mind. LOL

you're only making yourself look like a fool.

1344 days ago


If a rehab allows its clients to smoke then it is not a rehab.

Nicotine is one of the strongest drugs known to mankind ... and it kills too.

First order of business in a rehab ... DETOX everything.

Secular rehabs want you to fail... WHY? Cause you'll be back with more of your hardearned money to waste again on its non-life-changing programs. Check out the percentages ... nil to 3% success. Wow.... where do I sign up? And those are the ones who let you continue to smoke.

Probation .... saves lives. Jail saves lives. Prison saves lives.

1344 days ago



1. she is still on probation. this doesn't change that. she will be on probation until August.

2. do you think she will be on probation for the rest of her life? your theory is ridiculous.

1344 days ago


I would think just sneaking out of a court ordered rehab would be a violation

1344 days ago


I don't even bother anymore. Ernie is a horrendous Lindsay Lohan troll.

It was TMZ that torpedoed this case. I honestly don't believe Lindsay or Lindsay's people paid Holland off. TMZ paid Holland somewhere between $10,000-15,000 for that interview and leaked docu-ment.

A, what Holland did was illigal, so she wants this whole thing to go away now in order to get the heat/attention off of her back. Leaking that doc-ument was against the law and she could be prosecuted. If the whole thing blows over, however, perhaps legal action against Holland will not be persued.

B, Holland destroyed any chance of credility when she accepted that pay-off. In a court of law, Holland could be easily discredited anyway, because she took that money. And she got fired by Betty Ford, due to her own unethical conduct. Plus, Holland wouldn't want to answer under oath for having taken that money.

C, $15,000 is a nice payoff to compensate Holland for whatever might have happened that night anyway. If Lindsay had offered her $15,000 to make this whole thing go away, Holland might have taken it. Lindsay didn't have to make that offer though, because TMZ already did.

Lindsay should send TMZ a Christmas card. And she should send RadarOnline a Christmas card to. It was RadarOnline, after all, that exposed TMZ and caught them in the act.

1344 days ago


I'm worried about you Ernie. Have you gotten out of the house today? Fresh air can be very helpful.

1344 days ago


Her probation will run informally until August but she won't have any requirements other than "obey all laws"

It is ridiculous that she is still on probation due to the ridiculous sentence in July. She completed everything and got 1 year of FORMAL probation because the Judge was an attention seeking obsessed bitch.

1344 days ago


Thanks Jill. The only one who looks like a fool is you my friend. To think Lohans don't have money is ridiculius.

Oh well ... the last laugh will come when LL is back in the slammer once her family gets sick and tired of saving her butt.

To think... this could have all been over with back in 2007... however ... I wonder just now much the last three plus years has really cost the Lohans.... all of them. Add it up .... besides the loss of Lindsay's work ..

Bail bondsman fees ....
Attorney fees x ???
Rehab fees x 5
Payoff costs x ?
Wrecked autos
Loss of work
Family Transportation for courts hearings
Court costs
Moving costs
DUI classes

1344 days ago


Ernie's a bible thumper. That explains so much.

1344 days ago


The DA has not said the case has been dropped. It's still under review. Only Holland's lawyer is saying it should be....still under review. We'll have to wait till her day in court.

1344 days ago
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