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Lindsay Lohan Case -- Over and Out?

1/14/2011 7:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for the woman who accused Lindsay Lohan of battering her says he's been told ... if his client submits a declaration to the D.A. stating she's not pursuing the case, the investigation will be dropped ... And she just submitted the declaration.

Lindsay Lohan Case
Dawn Holland, who has been fired from Betty Ford, says in the declaration -- obtained by TMZ -- "I do not desire Ms. Lohan prosecuted for the events of December 12, 2010," adding, "I will not answer any questions to any policing or prosecutorial agencies regarding the events of December 12, 2010."

Holland's lawyer, Keith Davidson, tells TMZ, the D.A.'s Office informed him today ... if such a declaration were filed, the case against Lindsay would be rejected.

The declaration follows an angry letter Davidson sent to the D.A., scolding prosecutors for trying to interview his client after she repeatedly told them she wanted nothing to do with the case.

The D.A.'s Office had no comment and says the matter is still under review.


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aw, ernie's a little bitter he can't stick lindsay back in jail. lol

1341 days ago


"but I am not too sure God is not done with you yet."

Anyone care to translate?

1341 days ago


I love Jesus. Bible is one of the greatest books ever if not THE best...its full of some of the most sound advice know to man. Its not the book that I have the issue with. Its the ones who profess to live it and speak it and are SELF-PROFESSED Christians when in reality are the furthest thing from it, that I have an issue with.

Well seeming that a pedophile was stabbed in the face about 7 feet from me along with 2 others next to him (and they had no connection to the sex offender.) I would have to respectfully disagree that prison saved my life. I made the choice to quit destroying myself many months before ever going to prison. The 2 men who were innocent bystanders (in context to why the target was being stabbed) were stabbed for walking too close to the target...because people dont take chances in prison and they stab anyone who could possibly was willing to retaliate in defense of the target. If this is the Christian definition of a 'life saving' safe enviroment...I would hate to see what your services look like on Sunday. Does your minister pack an uzi on the alter in case Satan shows up? Cukoo Cukoo!

1341 days ago


Bitter? ... come on Jill. You can do better than that.

The only one who is going to stick LL back in jail is guess who? Certainly not me.

Besides ... what do I know? According to "figure it out" I have never been to prison nor have any credentials other than the "good book."

His educated guess was wrong on both.

1341 days ago



Ernie is hilarious.

1341 days ago


@ figure-it-out .... I never said prison was easy .. and bad things do not happen there. I said prison saves lives. And while you were there your life was saved from self-destruction on the streets with your booze and wild life.

What one does while inside and outside is up to them. Staying out is the hardest thing to do ... but to many it is a wake up call .. and many do not return again. However, upwards of 80% in California do. Which is a shame.

I do believe God placed prisons and jails in our midst for a reason. Most don't get it while inside... but those that do... never return.

1341 days ago


LL wont be going to jail, she will be given the keys to the kingdom so to speak along with whatever else they can reward her bad behavior with.
You know Its hard to believe this girl is a real person, I mean if this was a Twilight Zone episode, this girl would have had to have made a deal with the Devil for everything that goes her way, but you know how those episodes always end.

1341 days ago

john johnson    

so much for the lottery, all you gotta do is be involved with a lohan, a hilton, a spears, or a kardashian, i see crime really pays.

1341 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1341 days ago


LL lost this case long ago. It's just another incident in a consistent pattern of conflicts she has engaged in for YEARS. The criminal proceeding is still pending. The conclusion that where she goes, situations like this follow has already been made and confirmed.

The damage is done whether she is prosecuted or not. She is not an attractive candidate for employment as an actress. She has spent the formative years of her adult acting career under a cloud of bad behavior, public partying, revolving jail and rehab stays. No serious filmmaker wants their project and/or investment overshadowed by her difficulties and tabloid shiz. THAT cannot be fixed so easily.

1341 days ago


Just how many times DO the cops and DA need telling the alleged victim isn't pressing charges?! It was clear from the lawyer's letter on behalf of this woman and even the woman's own comments that she didn't want this pursued further in 2010 should have been enough to stop them pursuing the matter further!! She has even stated there was no crime committed, but hey ho lets spend thousands of dollars trying to prosecute LiLo just for the hell of it!! Anyone can plead the 5th if they choose to and there's nothing the cops or law can do about it, so already knowing she didn't want LiLo charged with anything and would not testify just WHY would the cops pursue the matter hm?! Suspicious is the new in word in Hollywood lol!!!
The one person who needs to accept blame in LiLo's problems is her money seeking, p.r grabbing daddy Michael who really needs to be put in a soundproof room and left to rant about every item of LiLo's dirty laundry rather then getting paid for selling it! HE is one of her major problems and now he's got the balls to reach out to tell Charlie Sheen he needs help?! Lol!! Michael Lohan is pitiful and needs to go away and shut up, he has humiliated, embarrassed and harassed his daughter in the press with open letters - if he was my father I'd probably turn to drugs or alcohol too!!
I'm not a LiLo fan but it seems the cops have been far to eager to keep a case alive in the media they knew had no merit and that they could never prosecute, since the alleged victim didn't want anything to do with it! While it's easy to be cynical, I'm not so sure the victim WAS paid off since LiLo is almost broke lol!!

1341 days ago


Dawn did an about face so fast, my head was swimming. IMO, she was paid off big time or threatened.

1341 days ago


Emerald your comment was funny but the reality is that Holland had more to lose in this than Lilo believe it or not. Shawn Holley would of made mince meat of this idiot. Unfortunaley for Holland she made mince meat of herself. If Lilo was that strapped for cash she would sued the pants off of BF for incompetent staff and violating HIPPA. Which she still holds the ace on that and may in August if she manages to walk down her probation.

Ernie my dealings with prison were long ago and I learned plenty during my stay. Im too old to live life like Im in high school forever. I do my best to live by the code of the Bible but I find that to be common sense. 9 months in comparison to the others there was a drop in the bucket but hell...9 hours in prison is enough of a bad time for me. Everyone changes at their own speed and I dont tend to believe incarceration is neccesarily the answer when you are dealing with substance abuse. No different than I wouldnt jail an epileptic for having a seizure and hitting me in the face. Substance abuse is sketchy deal. As much as quiting and starting is a choice there is a physiological factor to it as well in which people deserve a shot or more than one to 'get it.' In the end I went to rehab countless times. I knew what it was that I was dealing with and and after that rehab only gives you the blueprint of what you are dealing with...after that it is your own self will. Prison did nothing in bringing me to this resolve.

1341 days ago


@ Leevingsucks

i agree. he's like a ranting lunatic. lol

1341 days ago


@ 92 -Shawn Holly has not made mincemeat out of ANYONE in this case. LL has made mincemeat out of HER. She can't even get off LL's case in spite of resigning because no one else will take it.

1341 days ago
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