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Andy and Pee-wee:

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

1/16/2011 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Andy Samberg and Pee-wee Herman (aka Paul Reubens) were spotted leaving the NBC studios last night after their digital short aired on "Saturday Night Live."

No sign of Anderson Cooper.


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that was awful

1340 days ago


Love Pee-Wee like he was...not drinking and hitting police officers. What was great about him was that he didn't cave into the usual garbage that's dished out in the media today. Especially the not funny people on SNL in recent years. They need new writers and some fresh faces. Pee-Wee is the only good thing in the skit.

1340 days ago


Samberg BLOWS bigtime. The fact that anyone finds him funny is why NO-talent hags like Fallon and Fey are getting rich on shows that Lorne sets up for them. Did LORNE really find this funny??? Did Lorne really think Tina Fey or J. Fallon was funny? I think Lorne has a bit too much power and clearly no longer has an eye for comedy. GOOD NEWS FOR *** SAMBERG- Lorne loves you and you will get your own show/movie and get rich! But you can guarantee I won't watch any of your garbage. I feel sorry for people that find you funny. I think Lorne is the only one who actually enjoys non-comedy. Maybe Lorne needs his head examined- maybe he's losing it.

1340 days ago


I thought it was very funny and one-of-a-kind. I mean who gets Peewee to curse on SNL? If you are someone who was not raised up watching PeeWee's Big Adventure, you would not appreciate the funny with the short. When I was a kid, the LAST thing you would imagine is a dirty joke or a curse word out of Peewee. SNL crossed the line of kiddie humor into adult humor and I thought it was great!

1340 days ago


Dear Lorne Michels,
Thanks alot for RUINING SNL the last ten years. It has sucked, and therefore, you suck.
Go F yourself.


1340 days ago


WTF happened to SNL? I rarely watch now but I just confirmed the reason again last night. It's so puerile and amateurish it's painful to watch. I thought I MIGHT be able to sit through it all till Pee Wee came on. Is he a regular cast member now and is he still a sex offender?

1340 days ago


I didnt watch last night because I cant stand Paltrow but I thought that skit was funny.

1340 days ago


Samberg, Pee Wee Herman and Anderson Cooper. Yeah, that pretty much is the pinnacle of loserdom wiesels. Samberg finally found losers as big as him.

1340 days ago

luis Diego    

Pee Wee Herman O me $1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.2,000,000,000,000,001 cents

1340 days ago


I thought it was funny.

1340 days ago


OK so who decided Anderson Pooper is funny. Is Pee Wee even remotely relevant in 2011? Samberg, you are pathetic.... you can only get losers on your skits b/c everyone knows you are a dud. Oh yeah, I forgot, Samberg is an unfunny dork.

1340 days ago

Oh Puh-leeze!    

My family and I love watching SNL! It seems the show is good part of the time, and the other part....we scratch our heads in wonder....The characters that cause us to laugh aren't on enough. We love "Snooki" and "Stephan" on Weekend Update. We really miss Will Farrell as Alex Trebek and all of the Sean Connery spoofs by Darrell Hammond. We hope the writers will find the "formula" to make it funny for the entire 1 1/2 hours it's on.

1340 days ago



1340 days ago


I thought it was great!!

1340 days ago

Fantastic Four    

I'm a big fan from decades ago and that was painful.

WTF was that?

1340 days ago
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