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Mel Gets $163K Legal Bill From Oksana for ONE Month

1/18/2011 3:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson just got a legal bill from one of Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers, and probably thinks the name of the firm is Bend, Over and Pay.


Sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... Alan Shifman (aka lawyer #41) claims he racked up a $163,000 fee for work performed between October 15 and November 15, 2010.  He left the case after feuding with lawyer #39.

We're told Shifman is asking Mel to pay $600 an hour -- that means he worked about 272 hours during the month ... which translates to 9 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As we previously reported, Oksana's attorneys have asked Mel to pay more than $1 million in legal fees.

For Mel, it's even harder to swallow than a Ricky Gervais monologue.



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the other thread you have to search for now. This thread will show them people are still interested in the subject. my opinion only.

1372 days ago


I mentioned this already in another thread .. (

" ..Attorneys on the Lawyer Referral Service earn an hourly rate of $75 for less serious cases and up to $125 for cases like death penalty trials. They are capped at $3,500 a week and have to pay a 4 percent administrative fee.
Horowitz said that isn't enough for the local attorneys - or himself. He anticipates that Origel's trial will cost $250,000.

___ The judge's order, which doesn't put a cap on Horowitz's fees, allows him to collect $100 an hour himself and pay a paralegal $50 an hour. _____

In court papers, Horowitz said his normal hourly billing rate is $450 to $500. In his absence, Origel's complicated case would take another attorney a year to get up to speed at a cost of $200,000, Horowitz said."

Well, if a Judge could have 'ordered' Horowitz ... I am sure Judge Gordon CAN DO THE SAME with Shifman :-)

1372 days ago


Just as a reminder -

The custody trial hasn't even been set yet. Both sides are still in the process of discovery/depositions, motions and filings and all the other lovely things that the law says must happen.

As frustrating as all this is, it's typical of custody proceedings to take a year, two years or more depending on the complexity and the contention between parents.

All this nonsense of custody and support had been arranged and addressed back in May in a private mediation. There was a generous provision for Lucia as well as housing and cash for Miss Oksana. Had Miss Oksana not been so greedy, the matter would never been assigned to family court.

You can thank Miss Oksana for making it a court circus.

1372 days ago


Very ridiculous

1372 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Midwesterner #31

How do YOU know that Mel is
"heading towards bankruptcy?"
Are you his business manager?
Please, DO TELL!

Harvey/TMZ -
I know we should recycle,
but that does not mean
TMZ should recycle old stories too!

Give us more DIRT
on the lying,
fame whoring bitch!

***Team Mel***

1372 days ago


the other thread you have to search for now. This thread will show them people are still interested in the subject. my opinion only.

Posted at 11:22 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by azlee

Too much work to search out the other one now anyway. Old Harvey is having a bad news day he's having to dig hard and every thing he posts people are largely ignoring.

I'm stuck in the house with my boys again today cause they delayed then canceled school because of icing on the roads. they are being real cautious because we had a carload of younyun's crashed on black ice last week and killed one of the poor boys. So I've been on the computer a lot today ...

it's either computer or watching the boys play Sonsic the Hedgehog or Transformers on the which is hooked to the Main tv in the great room.. Son doesn't let them have it in their rooms cause he feels he is in better control of what they are doing this way. I personally thinks it because he like to play the games as much as they do....LOL

You know Mel's not just gonna hand over the money without a fight. He's going pick that bill apart at the seams...

Had a spot of trouble over one of my books being used without my permission on someones project. So I interviewed a few lawyers to help me out...Every last one of them wanted 1/3 to 1/2 of any money won in the case as their fee.... Represented myself and won keep it to myself.........

1372 days ago


Seeking clarification -

Last article states Attorney Shifman filed paperwork seeking payment. This one says Mr Mel got the bill. Does that mean Judge Gordon okayed it or just that Mr. Mel got the bill and the order to pay is yet undetermined pending any appeal on Mr. Mel's part?

Posted at 11:07 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Curious
Curious--Mel may have gotten the bill (along with do***entation Shifman submitted to the court) because this will be coming up before Judge Gordon soon. There has to be a ruling first before Mel has to pay.

1371 days ago


look at this fruity loops beat i made

1371 days ago


Good morning / afternoon / evening all folks of good will !!!

We knew this one already.

The problem with legal bills is that you still have to hire someone to go through them -- line by line. No doubt because it is costly and time-consuming to do this, lawyers 'padding' bills do not have to face it very often.

Just wondering how many calls per day from/to one of the piano player team -- or, from what we know of the piano player, herself. Since she is a controlling person loose with an Iphone, I would bet she called at least ten times per day. How about her PR person? Does that go on the bill as well? How about gathering files from all the previous lawyers -- that goes on the 'Gibson' tab as well?

I think Sorrell Trope was only there for one month as well -- although he seems to be the only lawyer who has accomplished anything concrete. I'm sure his blll was just as large.

Really think the constant calls from the piano player has doubled every bill. At some point she does have to be stopped because no one who has ever worked for a living would create that kind of deliberate mess.

Tee hee

1371 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

She sucks. And so do her bloodsucking attorneys! I wish she would just GO AWAY!

1371 days ago


Midwesterner #31

How do YOU know that Mel is
"heading towards bankruptcy?"
Are you his business manager?
Please, DO TELL!

Posted at 11:36 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Fidel's niece

I have no insider information, but I do have some basic math skills and I pay attention to the information available to the public.

What is commonly thought of as "Mel's" fortune was never more than half his. His soon-to-be-ex wife is departing with her half of it plus whatever she gets for spousal support. Mel will have to her and his own attorneys and accountants for the divorce expenses, which have been piling up for more than a year and a half.

Mel could not afford to buy out Robyn's share of Icon Productions. A major feature of Mel's anger on the infamous tapes, recorded almost a year ago, was his serious financial situation. As he said, he was having to sell paintings and had just left go of his Lakers box. He spent over $5 million on Ox's failed career, and another major source of his anger was over her reaction when he told her he couldn't spend any more on it.

Most of the Gibson real estate is on the market. There should be taxes galore to be paid on some of it in the US (capital gains taxes and the like).

And then there are the costs associated with Ox.

1371 days ago


Good Morning Everyone.

Old New fer sure. But I have a question about attorney's fees, which I should know but don't.

If an attorney charges $XXX per hour, then any expenses he incurs on a case (costs excepted) are part of the office overhead; right?

So where do these legal beagles get the nerve to charge for their secretaries and para-legals time? Doesn't their salary get paid from his earnings? Are they also charging for paper, printer ink, and file folders?

Just Asking.

1371 days ago


HAHA! - You gonna pay boy you gonna pay!

1371 days ago


So where do these legal beagles get the nerve to charge for their secretaries and para-legals time? Doesn't their salary get paid from his earnings? Are they also charging for paper, printer ink, and file folders?

Just Asking.

Posted at 11:54 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by realist

Heard of a lawyer one time even charged the client for the time he had to spend in the bathroom......said he had to so much coffee to keep himself alert and his mind concentrating on his work that it tore up his stomach and he had to spend extra time in the bathroom.....
Real story ...No shyting ! ...... LOL

1371 days ago


@ realist --

From what I remember and what my friends have told me working in the field, to even run a copy machine you enter a billing code. To order new file folders, you enter a billing code. Paralegals bill separately, just as each attorney bills separately, and they are submitted with the attorney in charge of the case's bill. That attorney in charge is responsible for everything put on the bill -- personnel (attorneys, paralegals, administrative), extra supplies, filing fees, long-distance phone charges, etc. There is also the issue of phone calls and short things -- are they charging 1/4 hour for a 20 second call or 1/10 hour for the same call.

They have to hire someone to go through line by line. Most corporations do this with outside counsel bills, they literally have staff reviewing line items on all bills submitted.

Tee hee

1371 days ago
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