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Ricky Gervais -- I Will NOT Host the 'Globes' Again

1/18/2011 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ricky Gervais doesn't care if he's ever asked back to host the Golden Globes"" ... because he's "not gonna do it again anyway."


A smiling Gervais was weathering the storm in New York this morning -- following his super-controversial statements at the awards show -- when Ricky told us, "I think twice is enough."

After the photog mentioned that Ricky's fellow comics seem to be standing by the performance -- Gervais replied, "Well, it's nice to be loved by your peers ... they stick by you."


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artie help    

he rules the world, they're quaking in their boots.

1375 days ago

Home Skillet    

We LOVED you as host, Ricky!! Thank you for making the GGs tolerable!! You're awesome!!

1375 days ago


I can see it now... It'll be like a scene out of A Christmas Carol. Gervais will be visited by the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard...

1375 days ago


Im surprised he did it this year. He's way too funny for that pompous, droll, phony affair.

1375 days ago


Golden Globes are for idiots into idolatry of the insipid. These jerks that pass for entertainers are paid multi millions while you sit their on your couch oohing and ahing about their loaned gowns and jewels while they suck up the bucks while you're lucky enough to still have the cable on before your unemployment checks run out. Screw these losers - get over to the community college and take some re-training classes.

1375 days ago

Mike Hawk    

Ricky was great!! Some of these celebs are acting like big babies. You can't pat yourself on the back all the time. Have some fun douchebags!!

1375 days ago


Ricky was hilarious and if some people such as the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press doesn't think so then why have him as host you moron?

People should already know that Ricky's humor is brutally honest, and in Hollywood that's a good thing.

Sometimes actors/viewers need to be reminded of where they came from and what they did, after all it's all in good times, not mean spirited, even if you gotta knock some teeth back in.

After all Ricky already knew he won't be back for a third time so he just let it all out....and frankly he can careless.

1375 days ago


Whatever, that was one of the most entertaining award show hosting ever. Too bad we'll never have it again. Good luck with everything else, Ricky!

1375 days ago

northern gypsy    

a joke is a only has that extra sting when it's true
judging by lala land reaction...he nailed it !!!

1375 days ago


Love what #4 said. You rock Ricky! Think you might have made history...LOL.

1375 days ago

Home Skillet    

Here's an idea, Ricky - next year, on the night of the GGs, do your own live, broadcast show at the exact same date and time - doing more of the same from this year's GGs. Guaranteed, we'll all watch you instead of the GGs - your show will be a ratings landslide.

1375 days ago


Good because he sucked! Insulting humor is not funny and if he did it to me I'd knock his block off. The worst Golden Globes I've ever seen. Make a show or movie about gays or have gays in it and it's a guaranteed award winner. Tired of it being shoved down my throat. I'm tired every show has to have a gay in it. Why should I have to watch a movie or show about someone's sex preference. I don't care if they have sex ever or if they have sex or with a male or female it's none of my business what they do behind closed doors.

1375 days ago


Ricky, you could be a good comedian but your "jokes" they look like you are bullying another individual and that it's trashy. A good comedian doesn't need the word F**** every two seconds and doesn't need to be rude in order to make people laugh. You can do it just with people they have NO class.

I hope that you can learn the lesson and I try to understand that free speech is just for people who has some kind of dignity.

1375 days ago


#13 Debbie - I totally agree with you... I ended up switching stations because it was just awful. Funny... I didn't think so. Boring... I thought so.

1375 days ago


They do get paid lots of money so they should be able to tolerate a lil humor. He probably did not say anything that others have not said or thought. Maybe

1375 days ago
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