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Conrad Murray to Joe Jackson: You're Outta Here!

1/19/2011 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against him ... TMZ has learned.


Murray's lawyer, Charles Peckham, claims Joe's attorney missed the statute of limitations and therefore the case -- centering on the death of Michael Jackson -- should be thrown out.

Peckham claims Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, filed the lawsuit 158 days after the 1-year deadline.


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JJ. The one that brags he got his son MJ ($$$) ball rolling ... brags that if it wasn't for him MJ wouldn't have become the mega star he had = brags that he's PROUD he beat the hell out of him... BEAT the money into the Clan ...

BRAGS that if it weren't for him, his son wouldn't be DEAD right now. "Worth more dead than alive." --- hawks his new label day 3 after MJ'd death.

AEG went to JOE to talk MJ into the tour. Joe gleefully contacted DiLeo. DiLeo can't get his stories straight. DiLeo AND Tohme at UCLA together... Jermaine WITH Tohme announcing his brothers death. JOE hawking his new label day 3 after MJ passes. The SKANK pack - Joe, Jermaine, Tohme, DiLeo.

Essentially, proudly bragging that if it weren't for him, MJ would still be alive today. Joe never saw himself as a father. "YOU CALL ME JOE NOT DADDY". Joe deemed himself his OWNER.

MJ OWES him. That's the mind of Joe Jackson.

Proud to be the FIRST Sociopath in MJ's life. Had his hands on pushing the plunger on that lethal syringe every bit as the LAST Sociopath in MJ's life, had - Murray.

Tohme, and Jermaine = the bridges.

Look at LaToya's tweets. Hawks her new contracts same week of the Prelim.

Like father, like daughter... like (Jermaine) son.

"Wrongful death". That part's right, and that's about it.

ANYbody else should have brought this suit against Murray.

Does ANY body in the Jackson Clan have a genuine heart FOR MJ that could have brought this suit, and handled it correctly and fought as they SHOULD have???

Obviously not. Otherwise we would have heard/seen/read about it long ago.

"Outta here". Got that right. CYA.

1341 days ago


Can't every body leave the child molester alone
and special thanks to the doctor for getting rid of this child molester the court system could not
so hats off to you

1341 days ago


Oxman is an experienced attorney, you don't think he was aware of the limitation laws, really! This suit along with so much other hoop la relating to this case is just another cover up to convince us they are attempting to bring "justice" to MJ's death. If there really was a death at all.

1341 days ago


So,, whats the question??? There was Propofol at MJ's house supplied by Murray who is making a laughing stock of surgeons & all of the medical profession! Propofol is for hospital use only! Its not a sleeping aid. He ordered cases of it making the Pharmacy profession a laughing stock....pretty much, its ALL about the money. The "ol mighty dollar." This is really wasting our time & money. We've loved & lost Michael, bottom line.

1341 days ago


gosh i hate murray!
he should be outta space!

1341 days ago

Vanilla Chinchilla    


Experienced attorney? lmao ! Look him up on the Ca State Bar moron. He's gonna get disbarred again along with his wife. Moral turpitude. Look it up. Limitation of laws must apply to him....

what a joke

1341 days ago


Brian Oxman has the legal merit & mentality of a turkey (they stand in the rain beaks open and literally drown themselves).

JoeJ, why not just let your Las Vegas skanky "showgirls" who opportunisticly hang on your arm and no doubt lay out in your stinking bed start paying you for your pimping mentality, and leave the legal gambits to people who have legitimate legal claims. Ex: All of Michael Jackson and Joe Jackson creditors.

You're notoriously a worthless profiteer, whore and fame monger.

Still have that gold Africa map hanging from your ugly mummified neck? lol
Since Africa (not the USA) has paid most of your bills (booze, callgirls, gambling debts, babymamas and illegit babes, etc.) for the past 40 years) why not go back to the African jungle (Joe claimed that Americans are all Slavemasters) that you escaped from, you nasty looking ape.
And I really hate debasing/offending apes in general...
since they are warm blooded, of high intellect, and great affectionate parents.

STFU JoeJ. and Brian Oxman, go away, you're no more viable or of value or of consequence than a pack of lowlife hoodrats.

Nasty looking creatures.

1341 days ago


What difference does this all make anyway?

Michael Jackson is not "dead".

It's all a ruse to keep the interest in Michael Jackson "alive" and $$$$$$ rolling into the MJFT.
Neither of which definitely were not occurring prior to June 25, 2009.

Research/read all it ...ALL...
throw out and discard what could even border on lies or tabloid fiction and you will come to the rational logical deductive reasoning that:

Michael Jackson is ALIVE.
He may be a full blown white woman by now,
BUT he/shesit is ALIVE.

1341 days ago


IMO: The reason the sick Jackson clan and MJFT only accepted a payout for life insurance payments paid in on Michael Jacksons life insurance policy was not because the policy premiums hadn't been paid but because they would not be called up on insurance fraud.


Michael Jackson is not "dead".

Why would such a mega star as the defunct gone revived/renewed Michael Jackson not have mega bucks from numerous lucrative life insurance policies in place to be paid out upon his death?

Because prosecution on insurance fraud charges was not only a potential probability it was a definite consequence.

1341 days ago


I'm so sick and tired of this twisted and money hungry scams Michael can't even have peace and quite. In some way I'm glad that Michael is not here to deal with this BS but I feel sorry for his kids because one day they will read about it how their Father was torture by every one.


1341 days ago

linda Bacon    

I feel people are very cold hearted about the fact that a very special kind of person like michael is gone, nobody cares, it all about bickering like little children, trying to make money off michael any way they can. I'm sorry but, I would'nt want to waste my time ever knowing either crazy conrad or joker joe. I would much rather remember sweet michael. Love you michael rest in peace.

1341 days ago


Joe jackson is a perverted old dried up slime bag who shouldn't be allowed to breathe the same air as the rest of the human race

1341 days ago


Conrad Murray is not a real doctor,but he plays one on TMZ! Sorry Murray, this story is not a defense for you either.

1341 days ago


All the name calling on earth will not provide a defense for Murray. Nothing has been posted to justify the actions of Murray. Not a damn thing!

1341 days ago
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