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'Sister Wives' Fam -- Break Down in Las Vegas

1/20/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has officially moved the family to VEGAS, BABY ... baby, wife, wife, wife, wife, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid and kid.


TMZ has learned Kody and crew moved into their new temporary rental home in Sin City late Tuesday ... but it wasn't an easy journey. 

Average travel time from the Brown's home in Lehi, Utah to Vegas is roughly 6 hours ... but Kody's caravan took 30 HOURS to complete the 397 mile voyage.

We're told the gang was slowed down by "multiple car issues" -- including EIGHT blown tires!!!

As we previously reported -- Kody and the rest of his polygamist family moved to Nevada to "explore new job opportunities" ... but it's unclear what kind of career moves they're looking to make.


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I would LOVE to have somebody to share my housework and childcare with. Not to mention another person to be close to and able to talk to. I love my husband and know that he could please more than just me. Sadly, he doesn't think he could deal with more than one woman in the house. Cory is hot and I can totally see how those women love him. Great smile and so loving to each wife and all of the children. I think it's great that the kids have such a loving family. They all have moms and a dad. Not only that, they have moms AND a dad AND are wanted and loved! They are VERY lucky! I know so many kids who barely have one parent around and they suffer for it.
If you don't like polygamy, by all means, don't partake, but they are not harming anyone. If you want to go nuts on somebody, maybe you should go on about the fathers who ditched their kids and the mother who only had them to keep the father around. I know kids like that and feel sorry for them. I do not feel sorry for the Brown kids at all!

1235 days ago

Nancy Jones    

Who gave us the right to judge its not our place. If your not good with it is one thing, but they have to live there lives the way they want, so let them......

1232 days ago


Nevada is very affordable right now. Does anyone one know what they are being paid for this show? I read that the teenagers that filmed Teen Mom's got $60...,000 per episode, they may not even have to work for awhile if each adult is being paid even a third of that.

As far as their lifestyle if nobody cared or found it fascinating all of these people writing wouldn't know so much about them. With so much hate in the world today why should we hate people because of who they love. At least they are loving someone, not hating.

1230 days ago


Wow! I live in Las Vegas and I can't believe how cruel and judgmental some of these comments are. I certainly wouldn't choose this lifestyle, but they appear to be decent, responsible people, so who cares? Obviously nobody is being forced! There are many kids in Vegas who have family situations that are a lot more questionable than what these kids have. If the show is even remotely accurate, the kids seem to be loved and well-cared for so what's the problem? It's an alternative life-style and nobody's being hurt.
My question is, don't they get paid for doing this show? Come on...that part seems a little strange to me...

1230 days ago

Terri Sembach    

Personally who put all these people on this earth to judge. I like the Brown Family. I feel what they believe in is there own rights and religion. I feel bad that they had to uproot their family from utah to nevada. Just hang in their Brown Family things will get better have faith and hope. I watch the show faithfully. I have alot of respect for all of you. Just remember there is good and bad people hopefully more good than bad. You have to do what you have to do for your family. Only you know what that is.

1230 days ago


I'm curious as to how the bills are met for this "family," and what, other than TV, has been their occupations. Does Kody have a trade or any skills other than making babies?

1230 days ago


Good luck in your new adventures in Las Vegas.
We found out that Las Vegas is very welcoming and a very good place to raise our family.
For the most part people are very nice!
Have lots of success and make tons of money.

1224 days ago


Hello People. If we are going to allow marriage between
same sex then we have to be fair and allow people to marry as many as they want.

1216 days ago

kathy laquitara    

that lifestyle is not for me but who are we to judge. the show is entertaining and it shows family all working together. i was just leaving walmart when i saw the newest wife go by me. if i was still in the store i would of told her i watch the show. these wives all agreed to this lifestyle if it works for them so be it. i also heard them say if their children want to do their own thing they would be supportive of them.

1206 days ago


To the Browns just know that I was proud to have you as neighbors and feel bad that people can't mind their own business. You are all great parents and just to pacify some of the minds I'm certain that none of you qualify for public assistance. I wish you luck in Nevada although that would have been the last place I would have recommended you move your family. Personally I don't even see it as a good place to visit. Unfortunately all of my immediate family lives their and I have to visit it frequently. And just for your information, I'm not a polygamist nor am I a Mormon just a person that knows how to mind their own business and will miss the random runnings into you at Smiths market. You are an amazing family don't let the haters get you down. We will miss you!

1204 days ago


These are 4- brainwashed ninnnies that feed into this egomaniac's sexual fantasies. I live in Vegas and if they really want jobs there are brothels just over the hump in Pahrump. If you listen to these women talk you can see they all have problems (Mental) and separation issues. As for me, I would not hire someone who is openly breaking the law, such as they, that would give my other employees the idea that if they too openly break the law (drugs, crime, etc) and there are no consequences I would no longer have a company! Go back to UTAH we do not want you here.

1203 days ago


Your comments are horrible. Wanting to wish they drive off a cliff, or go on welfare... What a disgrace. These people are honest and upscale citizens. I like how people have a problem with this but how about all the families that are swingers or into porn or other things.... Throw stones at other you should first turn it to yourself......And btw, LV isn't the number one state for unemployment it is Michigan......know the facts about your own state maybe you should move to Utah...

1203 days ago


Please you people say such bad things but, this man is a loving husband and father... so many homes have no father at all and on top of that the mother does not care. This man has NEVER been on any welfare. Why dont you talk about the people who are on walfare and keep having more and more kids that you are paying for? Your comments are ignorant just like you. They seem happy so whats the problem? the kids seem happy as well so shut the hell up.

1202 days ago


Seriously people? Why do you care? If you don't like how they live, then don't live that way. I am not religious and certainly not a fan of mormonism, but who am I (or you for that matter) to tell grown adults how to live? If you are morally against it, then trust that your GOD will pass judgement on them as he (or she) sees fit and let it be. As far as the kids are concerned, i've known a lot of kids with much worse family lives than they have. Plus, for mormons they seem pretty open minded to let the kids discover for themselves how they want to live their own lives. I'd much rather have the Browns for neighbors that most of you outright mean and horrible people. Live and let live!

1202 days ago


Interesting hateful comments galore I'm reading here....hmmm...supposedly Americans have freedom of religion. Isn't that why our forefathers fled England? I live in LV and personally I'm glad they moved here...there's a bit more tolerance here than in other parts of the country I've lived in. Get a life guys - these folks are decent people - a heckuva lot kinder than the commenters on this website.

1201 days ago
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