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Oksana -- Strollin' While Fate Hangs in the Balance

1/20/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva was as cool as a Russian cucumber last night ... pushing baby Lucia through LAX ... while the L.A. County D.A. prepares to decide her fate.


While Oksana swung by the airport to drop off her mother -- the D.A. is waiting to get the extortion case from the Sheriff. If the D.A. decides to prosecute Oksana, the case against Mel will probably fall apart.



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What a funny word combination "cool like a russian cu***ber" Here in Russia we say "cool like a boa" In reality I guess she's looking calm because she gets too many sedative ( tranquilizer) pills. I saw last Mr.Gibson's pictures from Costa Rica. He's attractive in his own style with lively blue eyes I wish him win in Court and make many-many beautiful movies!

1338 days ago


Looks like a bump over right eye and forehead. Wonder how she got that or is it normal for her. Can't blame Mel as he is not in her life anymore. These are not doctored pictures. Hopefully his team will point this out to DA.

1337 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

This lying, dirty, Clum Gunt is trying to be seen as sympathetic (as some of you have said) but now that all the UnFlattering thruths about HER are surfacing rapidly. Just a matter of days before we have FULL confirmation that she's a full fledged prostitute.
The sunglasses at night are just to hide her lop-sided eyes. Now that soo many have drawn attention to her being a cross-eyed, gold-digging, Shuper Hoe she's either Trying to be noticed like a Rockstar, or she's incognito like the criminal she IS! (i'm gonna go with the Rockstar due to her having notions of Grandure, she has it in her head that people actually feel BAD for HER, and that the public LOVES her) She has no idea we are all biding out time, and holding our breath HAPPILY waiting for her to be hand-cuffed and Hauled off to prison. And for precious Lucia to be swept away to the SAFETY of her father Mel (bio-dad or not) thise wicked bitch needs to arrested Yesterday. Why is this taking so long? What's the damn prosecution doing? They NEED to get their thumbs out of their arses and Jail this russian bride gone WRONG!
Fix the mistake Mel made by getting with HEr to begin with. FORCE Tim Dalton to TAKE his kid and raise him instead of just being a daddy-come-lately and playing DADDY @ his convience. And LET Mel have his baby girl that he's been fighting TOOTH AND NAIL for. And after SHE serves HER prison sentence DEPORT HER! She will have NO anchor baby once the fathers have FULL custody of their kids.
She F'd UP BAD. Hey Oksana - your "MARK" (Mel Gibson) was just TOO damn big, and bad-assed for your ameteur money grubbing A$$. Dalton was a powder-puff compared to Mel.. YOU over-shot yourself RIGHT in the FEET!

1337 days ago


maybe you should re-read the arrest report from the DUI again
initially he was not handcuffed -- until he tried to run off

Posted at 9:30 AM on Jan 20, 2011 by TMZgossip

still at it TMZg...and that was told by officer Mee right..hi everyone it hasnt gotten to far since I was last on in november and once in December....I wonder when Ari is going to give up, and tell the DA to go ahead and arrest Oksana ..

1336 days ago
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