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TMZ Live: Inside 'American Idol' with Ryan Seacrest!!!

1/20/2011 5:32 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Awesome show today ... Ryan Seacrest called in to talk about Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler's big debut on "American Idol"!!! Plus ... Harvey receives a letter from one of his own idols, the crazy Octomom fetish video, Max and Mike can't seem to agree on anything, Dax loves Dentyne ... and all your questions answered!!!


(0:30) Harvey is beside himself! George Schlatter -- the guy behind "Laugh In" -- wrote Harvey a letter about his "My Way" rendition, saying Frank Sinatra would have loved it ... but also would've had him shot.
(5:30) Ryan Seacrest on the phone!!! And he digs the new TMZ Live setup.
(6:00) Ryan talks about the first time Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, and Steven Tyler sat down together.
(8:00) Ryan explains trying to rebuild the "Idol" magic with new judges.
(9:15) Ryan says the talent level of the contestants this year is incredible.
(11:15) Harvey makes Ryan judge his "My Way" rendition. Ryan is kind enough not to go all Simon Cowell on him.
(14:09) Seacrest ... out.
(16:25) Octomom's fetish video ... you may wanna avert your eyes.
(23:00) The guy from "Survivor" was arrested ... and the limo ride that followed his release.
(28:48) Max can't stand Octomom ... and then Mike chimes in. These two do not see eye to eye.
(31:00) Dax loves Dentyne gum!


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Thought Idol sent through an insane amount of less than average singers....over 50 sent to hollywood from jersey alone? they were waaaaay to lenient on people. The new judges were sucked in by tears.

1339 days ago


Re: 7 13 Are you going to be ok, Harv?? Someone is unhappy that they have a ****ty comp. I know it is devastating, try to contain yourself until you are off the air, though.

1339 days ago


the shooting of the school police officer and how the pearents are so mad at the school for not finding the gun before this happend there is 3000+ students, what about the parents for not finding it before it left the house bull crap don't blame the school blame the parents for not paying attention

1339 days ago

da runs    

Octomom can spank me anytime.

1339 days ago


Harvey - you have become a big HAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!

1339 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Ryan should have said, "It was kinda pitchy, dawg."

1339 days ago


Just can't get enough of the My Way stuff. Keep it up for the rest of our lives.

1339 days ago


The RICH get RICHER and the POOR get POORER.

Why is it the people that don't need ANOTHER job, get offered EVERYTHING?

Why is it celebrities get FREE meals/services/etc. and THEY are the very people in these times that CAN afford to pay for those products and services?

Just goes to is fair but it's all we've got.

Yuck just threw up in my mouth with Harvey singing, and Harvey has NO SHAME.

You got a letter from George Slaughter because HARVEY slaughtered that song!

1339 days ago


My Way, again? I wish it was technical difficulties. Once was hilarious, twice has made me shut down my video stream. Sorry Harvey, can't take it

1339 days ago


btw you should clean up your Wiki page, it's full of minor errors.

Beatles song: Norwegian Wood.

1339 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Damn, Harvey. Got a few lazy slackers on your staff, I see...

1339 days ago


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1339 days ago


Charles just adjusted himself lmao

1339 days ago


GEORGE HARRISON SONG, Harvey, i just saw a guy playing a that song on a ukulele. Believe it or not it was awesome. i did not know a ukulele could sound like that!

1339 days ago


Hey Harvey,
you should put the pic of Sandra Bullock with her new bangs next to the one of bombshell McGee and Kat Von D :D they all look pretty similar too me:D

1339 days ago
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