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H&R Block -- We Want No Part of 'Skins'

1/22/2011 7:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

H&R Block is the latest company to pull its ads from the controversial MTV show "Skins" -- but the company tells us their ad wasn't supposed to run during the show in the first place.


The popular tax return company is just the latest to pull its ads from the show -- Wrigley, Taco Bell and GM have already pulled theirs. A rep for the company tells TMZ, "H&R Block is not an advertiser of the show. One ad ran by mistake as part of a rotation. Once we learned this, we immediately took steps to ensure it didn't happen again. This program is not brand right and H&R Block did not select it to be part of our rotation."

The controversial teen drama has drawn the ire of conservative groups because of its racy subject matter. The Parents Television Council has fired off a letter voicing their concerns to the U.S Department of Justice and the U.S. Senate and House Judiciary Committees.


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ok when you have a lot of life problems go to mtv and see how they will help you...come one kids your parents are the ones to be there for you . I see no harm in respecting your parents wishes and not watch it...or parents maybe its time to stop spoiling your kids and start really setting some guide lines for these buy and pay for everything not MTV, get rid of the channel for glad to hear Taco Bell and a few others have pulled out as sponsors...

1333 days ago


It's illegal to film child porn, (these actors are CHILDREN), and it's also illegal to make a movie wherein you make an adult female LOOK like a minor or young girl, and have her engage in sex, making the viewer believe she's younger than 18. (I know this is the case in California, but not sure about other states.)

This is just irresponsible parenting on behalf of the actors' parents.

1333 days ago

stinky mcgee    

I've had MTV blocked for years. And I'm about to toss the TV into the dumpster..........

1333 days ago


IF this show is child porn, why aren't political action committees of all stripes attacking it? Is child porn a conservative/liberal political issue?

1333 days ago


OH PLEASE. It isn't MTV or the government's job to monitor and censor what your kids watch- that's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as the parent. Censorship is for countries like North Korea and China who are under communist rule, not free nations such as America where we are protected by constitutional rights. If you don't want your precious little children to watch garbage, then step up and do your job as a parent.

1333 days ago


I would have assumed that these advertisers would have watched the British version first....the first US episode is pretty much word for word the same except Americanized....and watered in no nudity and no foul language....why complain now, when you were aware of the UK version? I really didn't think it would be the same....but it is in a way, I would rather watch the UK version.....

To the person who said their sister is in 16 and what if it's set was disclosed...because of a custody battle....earlier this year that they, well atleast one of them get over 200k an episode......I think with that being public information now, it would encourage young girls to get pregnant....what a sad world we live in.....

I also agree with the person who said that they need to get rid of is no longer Music Television...they need to rename it TBTV....Teenie Bopper Television....

1333 days ago


People just don't get it.You know who is in charge of your happiness you are I am not saying that someone can’t make you happy or unhappy just when your kids don’t see it at home they look else where. The baby boom generation should know this the best man they went for the gold. It started in the sixties with free love then free thinking and power to the people now we have all kinds of people that are HIV positive I hope MTV will teach the kids what that means. Then we got the dot com boom man did we put some money on that one some of the dot com’s are still here from that time like Amazon and Google and Apple and lets not fore get I am sure they love MTV. If you don’t think that having lots of sex will make you happy just ask any hooker they must be the happiest people in the world. Now we have the free thinkers most of them worked on Wall Street or in the housing industry or goverment and when people wanted to move up to that bigger house or have one at the beach and one in the mountains and one in the city well let them eat cake man did we eat it now we just have to pay for it and pay we will. No I think are children will pay and I think they know it so how do you find happiness when the future looks like crap some will let someone else do the thinking for them but some will think on there own for they will live by the golden rule and have a chance at happiness.

1333 days ago

captn moonlight    

The uproar over Skins makes me sad to be an American!

1333 days ago



This show is filmed (and, I believe, produced) in Toronto, Canada. I'm sure that if the producers thought they might be breaking any laws in the creation of the show, it wouldn't exist in it's current form. Whether it can be shown legally in all 50 states is another issues.

1333 days ago


It's the tv producers responsible for this. STOP IT NOW! Don't watch the channel!!!!!

1333 days ago


MTV has turned in pure trash. One day, the MTV producers will find out that Karma is a bitch.
They are trying to glamorize smut to the youth of the country. Maybe their kids act like that, but many people know how to raise kids the right way.

1333 days ago


JAIL/PRISON. Let Bubba and haakeem have some fun. They can MT"V these Producers. !! Maybe make a series called "MTV,Reach the soap, pull the sausage!

1333 days ago

lisette baybee teeze    

it is a dumb show about dumb teens, just like jersey shore, dumb young idiots, the new "jersey shore" generation has no plans for the future and know nothing about history, for example: the can tell you when snooky was born and how many guys she has XXCKed, but if you ask them about Rosa Parks, Jane Goodall, Marie Curie or Amelia Earhart they have no clue, so sad!

1333 days ago


This show is retarded.... when the previews first aired I thought it was a joke.

1333 days ago


It's on after 10pm .. no worse than alot of other shows out there.

1333 days ago
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