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The Situation Wrangles Himself Another New Ride

1/23/2011 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Another week, another new car for The Situation.

This time it's a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sahara -- two of 'em, actually ... one for himself and one for his brother Marc. The cars were purchased through the boys' company MPS Entertainment and we're told Unique Autosports Miami did the customization -- which included brand new leather interiors, a sound system complete with subwoofers, and 22" rims. Total value ... about $75,000 each.

According to our source, The Sitch was inspired by Diddy who recently got a Jeep just like it.

Apparently they share a love of cars ... and nicknames.


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Hey dude,
YOU are not Diddy. YOU, are not rich, he is. YOU may think you are right now, but if you spend 75K on a Jeep, YOU are a retard and will be living in that Jeep before long.

1332 days ago

t jam     

these look like town / state cars $75,000 each rip off omg is he that stupid ,,i guess he needs tv time or wants to be dumb ass of the year , thats a $5000.00 upgrade on a $23,000 jeep tops

1332 days ago


Hey Sitch - isn't this kind of what happened to you in Miami??

1332 days ago


First off, those saying jeeps are a waste of money are stupid. a jeep wrangler will go anywhere do it in style and keep a smile on your face. a jeep is not a poor man's hummer,hummers are garbage, they are a waste of money, you get nothing for what you pay for.

Second off, he totally wasted 75 grand each. Who in there right mind puts a system and fresh paint on a jeep, and who puts low profile tires. Jeeps are THE MOST CAPABLE off road vehicle on the market.

If you want to see what you do when you have 75 grand to spend on a jeep take a look at this link.!!!&highlight=cop+4x4

NOW that is what he shoulda got, totally worth it!

But for all the jeep haters, go try one, go off roading in one,then try to say something about hating them, it will blow your mind, so settle down, and be happy for mike an jersey shore, that guy is the real situaton.

1331 days ago


Nice ride dude all pimped out for the zombie apocalypse and taking care of the fam too. Nice.

1331 days ago


It's not a Wrangler if it's not a 2 door and a stick shift. What a puss...

1331 days ago


What is "the situation?" I am 48 and have no idea who this person is...which tells me I am older than I feel. Crap too much Forensic Files or Comedy Central. Someone actually paid $75000 for that jeep??? Wait, that's the dude with the bad haircut. I don't get it, is there anything really cool about New Jersey,,,,accent? NO! Use of the English language? NO! Should call the women New Jersey BIG HAIRS. Fat women should not wear g-strings. And the funny thing is, people watch that crap? WHY?

1329 days ago


Daisy Duke would like her jeep back.

1324 days ago

Az Rocks    

possibly if the mariginally intelligent stopped watching this douche bag he resources would dry up even faster... lol

1316 days ago


He's hideous and pigeon toed. Pigeon Toed is NOT a good look. He's gross. The entire crew with all that makeup...what are they, nutz?!

1301 days ago
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