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Fired Nurse: Tiger Woods Is Key in Hospital Cover-Up

1/24/2011 7:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The nurse fired for allegedly leaking Tiger Woods' medical records last year claims Tiger is partly to blame for his newfound unemployment -- spurring a massive hospital cover-up that cost him his job.

Nurse David Rothenberg -- who claims he's innocent -- filed new docs last Friday in his ongoing legal battle against the hospital that fired him ... insisting pressure from Tiger's side "may in fact be the motivation that led [the hospital] to severely punish" him.

According to the docs, Tiger's fame is "central to Mr. Rothenberg's claims that [the hospital] is engaged in a continuing cover-up" -- because if Tiger weren't a big name ... the hospital wouldn't have made such a stink about the records being leaked in the first place.

David claims the hospital is using him as a scapegoat to cover up the true reason for the leak -- the "lack of basic computer security for [the hospital's] patient health care system and the behavior of numerous doctors ... who inappropriately accessed [Tiger's] health care information."

As we previously reported, David is suing for defamation ... demanding $400,000 in damages.


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um HELLLOOOO dummy have you not heard of a medical assistant and they drilled that in our heads at school and they also tell you to lock your computer when your not using it or sign you brought this on yourselve

1332 days ago


Let me get this straight: It's all Tiger Woods' fault that some nosy parker nurse breached his privacy by reading his personal records, and Tiger's people got pissed that this happened?!??? Hunh???

Well, that's a nervy attempt to purposely breach HIPAA laws and then blame the victim of the breach. Maybe Dawn Holland should try this tack next.

File this under: Idiot seeking money for being a feckwit.

1332 days ago


This guy leaked Tiger Woods' medical records and now he's suing? Did I miss something here? What a maroon.

1332 days ago


Oh get over. I work in health care. If you leave your access logged in (minimized or not) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. I've seen people fired over the same thing for NON FAMOUS people. He has no case.

1332 days ago

Y do he got    

You should see the place TW&his wife were building on jup/island here in palm beach..they have it uder full wraps now anmd I think they are tearing it down and shipping it off to the wife..were I don`t know but she designed it all.

1332 days ago


How would this guy like his private information leaked? He is wrong and he apparently wants everybody to side with him because he didn't do his job. Whether it was Tiger or anyone else, this is a privacy issue and the law is clear. He has to take his lumps like everybody else;

1332 days ago


#22, what have you been smoking or inhaling today?

#10 & 13 - this has nothing to do with Tiger - sorry. This man broke the law - HIPAA is in every hospital, Dr's. office, Care Center, etc. Attorney must not be very bright to even accept this case, of is he hoping to get a settlement out of Tiger? Must be as delusional as his client.

1332 days ago


This guy is a total and complete moron. Accept the consequences of your stupidity and move on.

1332 days ago


This guy should not blame Tiger. It is his fault. Either he looked at the medical records or he left his computer unsecured. Everyone in the health care profession, particularly nurses, know about the HIPAA laws as it pertains to medical record privacy.

1332 days ago


"Its okay to leak people information on people who are not famous, because who cares about them?" your a *** its great you got fired

1332 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

What an unethical loser.

1332 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I've been a legal secretary going on 30 years. We are PROHIBITED from talking about cases outside of the office and would be immediately terminated.

Can you say HYPOCRITE, counsellor?

1332 days ago


it looks like a picture of Jessie James. Staff who snoop on any patient should be sacked immediatley. It's an invasion of privacy. Wether its a dirt bag, hasbeen golfer or a member of the public, its wrong.

1332 days ago


Another one trying to get rich for scr**ing Tiger.

1332 days ago


This guy was wrong, and sorry you lost your job for it. However, the fact is, the famous should not be treated differently then any other patient. If this had been the average, unfamous patient, he would not have been fired and no one at that hospital would have cared. All patients should be treat with the same rights to privacy period. Tiger is no better then any other patient. His privacy is not more important than other patients.

1332 days ago
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