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Katherine Jackson -- MJ Estate Lawyers are 'Greedy'

1/26/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson is unloading on the lawyers overlooking Michael Jackson's Estate -- calling them "greedy" ... and claiming they're filing lawsuits left, right and center just to make a quick buck.


In a recent interview from the Michael Jackson Secret Vault, Katherine says, "All these lawyers that are involved in Michael's business since he passed -- there's a lot of them -- I think they're trying to create different lawsuits and things because they're greedy and they want to get paid."

As we previously reported, the Estate is currently suing Katherine's business partner Howard Mann for allegedly profiting off MJ's name and likeness without their permission -- an accusation Katherine took very personally.


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That's rich. A Jackson calling someone else greedy.

1369 days ago

Natasha Dee    

Wow!!!...the filth that comes out of some of your mouths...What a shame...who calls an elderly woman such things? A woman who has lost her son, while going through the grieving process also going through day to day to raise her grandchildren while attending the trial for her sons death?

Who talks about her so condescending, as if she is unintelligent and has no business concept.??

What on earth would make anyone think she doesn't know what an estate is, or a trust is? She's been in the business with her 9 children for what close to 50 years, you think she doesn't know anything about business??

It doesn't matter if she was or wasn't named in the suit...She is partners with Howard Mann..She says it herself..suing him is the same as suing HER...Common Sense. He so far is the Only One to stand up for her, how is he the bad guy? I don't get it...Do you think if MJ was alive he would be okay with all of this??? His mother, who is raising his kids, nets what like $7k at the end of the day from the money the Estate gives her while they make MILLIONS...are you kidding is that fair? I really really empathize for her!!! Like I said before she reminds me of my grandmother, I could never stand to see my grandmother get treated like this!!!!

Obviously, your information is Biased, falls right into the category that MJ was always against...BIASED MEDIA and FAN gossip...I think everyone should stay neutral and look at the facts...

EXAMPLE: If MJ wanted Branca as one of his Executors than why did he Fire him??? Explain that! Why did he give Branca a letter requesting him to turn over ALLLL do***ents and BRANCA NEVER turned over the Will at that point...MJ suspected even hired other companies to look into all the shadiness behind his "handlers" and "Attorneys" that he should've been able to trust...

And have some decency people, there shouldn't be any foul mouthed name calling.

1369 days ago

Beverly Marshall    

I dont know why Katherin and her husband are blaming anyone for Michaels death, in my opinion the parents killed Michael as a child using him for their gain. Michael hated his father for beatings and he had no childhood at all. That's why he acted like a child. HIS PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE!!!!!

1369 days ago


#5 (disturb), no you shut up. I rest for MJ's mother and family to get his money than some greedy lawyers. She gave birth to him and it is MJ's work that is bring in the money, not the lawyers. I find it funny that when a black family makes money, people want to talk trash YET Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie are making millions off a Elvis and everyone is fine with it even though Priscilla was divorced from Elvis

1369 days ago


All things considered, most Americans are greedy by the definition, lawyers just have the law they help write on thier side. We Americans need to take heed in the drama of Hollywood and look at ourselves as Micheal tried to make the point through out his career and make the change. I just read a message about a young boy who ask God "why all the violence in the schools", and God's answer "son I'm not allowed in your schools". This speaks for itself and those who are to weak to stand up for what made this country strong, education and religion were America's Value's, so before calling on the pot and kettle theroy we all should "take a look in the mirror." Our heavenly Father you blessed us with Micheal and spoke through him with amazing power to reach the multitude, we ask this day you forgive our sins towards others and show us the way, we ask that you help to heal Micheal's family and protect his children, help our society as a whole embrace your everlasting unconditional love....AMEN. Signed....Not embarrassed to speak on national news (retired U.S Navy Veteran)

1369 days ago


That's rich. A Jackson calling someone else greedy.

Posted at 6:37 AM on Jan 26, 2011 by Pyrrho

their jackassons...being greedy, using their children for their own gain and then beating them, watching them be just comes naturally.

1369 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

anything to take the attention off your greed, eh Katherine?

1369 days ago


Oh please, everyone needs to shut up. If this was your family memember and "outsiders" were making money off your child, you all would be doing the same thing. I find alot of these comments to be stupid and of double standards. YOu talk about MJ and his family and father YET it was his father who put him in the business, trained him along with his brothers to make millions and be in the position to show MJ's talent for MJ to go solo, become the biggest star in world and now able to make money even in death. Just shut up. Mrs. Katherine, do what you have to do. This was YOUR FAMILY MEMBER. If you want to place blame, also place it on society for putting pressure on this man, believing in lies told on MJ to sell papers and to get him to where he could not sleep and to ruin his life that the PUBLIC is so stupid to quick to believe and judge him. So there is enuf blame to go around. Remember, Joe, the music biz, the tabloid idoits, and not even Michael could NOT do anything without the PUBLIC input and backing it up. SO SHUT UP.

1369 days ago


is jerkmaine still stuck in africa?

1369 days ago


#54. Well SAID. SOme of these folks are acting like they would do anything different. Mrs. Katherine and the Jacksons are not doing anything that the rest of us and OUR FAMILIES would not be doing. So if the Jacksons are greedy, SO ARE THE REST OF US (that is why it is easy to point fingers).

1369 days ago


OMG!!!!!!Really, really lawyers are greedy???!!! Because that's what I think when my lawyers charge me 500.00 to talk to me on the phone, and charge me 20.00 for a box of paper clips, and 2.00 per photo copy (per sheet of paper) and boy do they like to photocopy... God forbid, anything has to go to court and they have to spend a half hour in front of a judge....**** I just about have to morgage my house. But thank you Mrs. Jackson for informing the whole damn world that Lawyers are Greedy, you should win the Nobel Peace Prize for that one! You're a genious.
For all of you hand holding push overs out there that are feeling sorry for the Jackson clan, don't!!! Most of them are still trying to cash in on the meal ticket and most of them don't deserve sympathy at this point. There comes a point where you just can't feel sorry for them anymore cause, their greedier than the bloody lawyers who are only doing what they have been hired to do. Every other week, one or both of the parents are crying the blues cause their kid died and left his estate in a mess. Well too bad, if you open your eyes to the rest of the world you can still see that in their "poor state" they are still better off then a good majority of the Americans (not even going to compare to the rest of the world at this point)that have to live in the economic slump. NOBODY SHOULD CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE'S MONEY PROBLEMS!!! You know what, who's the greedy one??? The lawyers are doing what their supposed to be doing, here's an idea, if they bother you so much, FIRE THEM and DON'T continue to pursue your claim. If you don't want to get sued, then don't piss off the lawyers and the estate. It's that simple! But please please please, stop telling us how wrong done by you are cause its crap! If it's that bad then sell some of your junk like the rest of the BROKE Americans.

1369 days ago


I don't understand some of you people, do you not understand basic law or basic legally binding do***ents?
Michael picked these lawyers to guard the estate for a reason.
That's really all that needs to be said, he obviously did not trust his own mother, father, or family for that matter.
This was his doing, his choice, and his right.
How would you feel if you set specific guidelines before your death, for the benefit of your children, only to have your own family attempt to twist and bend the law so that it benefits them.
I hate to break it to you Katherine Jackson, but maybe if you stopped doing paid interviews for a day, you might realize that YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

1369 days ago


They need to find common ground!!! What's best for them all!!! Katherine does have the right to use her son image to make money, the estate isn't the only ones who should control MJ image. She deserve a seat at the table!!!!!

1369 days ago


Katherine Jackson the only greedy person in this situation is YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

1369 days ago


#26 well written and so true. Swore I would no longer reply to anything here anymore because of the level the negative post. Some of them are too nasty, hurtful and demeaning. Leave Katherine alone. I too believe the estate is just trying to protect Katherine from those trying to cash in on Michael's name. Regardless if you did not like Michael Jackson his mother does not deserve such negative treatment! And she is human like all of us and is not perfect but she so loved her son.

1369 days ago
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