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Mel Gibson

Oksana's Legal Cash Cow

1/27/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's a good thing Mel Gibson is rich, because he's bleeding green.  Oksana Grigorieva's lawyers are asking him to pay a fortune in attorney's fees.


A gaggle of Oksana's present and past lawyers showed up in court Wednesday, chatting in the hallway about fees and asking Judge Scott Gordon to order Mel to open his wallet wide and fork over several million dollars .... for just a few months' work.

Here's a partial breakdown:

-- Oksana's current lawyers, Daniel Horowitz, Marty Garbus and Ron Litz, are asking for $1.2 million for work performed since September, 2010.

-- Manley Freid's law firm is asking for $250,000.  Mel has already been ordered to pay Freid's firm $500,000.

-- Alan Shifman wants $163,000 for one month's work.

Other lawyers and law firms requested hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees as well.

Judge Gordon has not decided how much Mel should pay in the latest request.



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Milk him Milk him MILK HIM Oksana! Go girl, u can DO IT! Men milk the life out of women on every given opporturnity so SUCK HIM DRY! tHUMBS UP FOR YOU! The ******* can afford it ANYWAY!

1363 days ago


Poor Mel. It was a very bad day when he met Oksana. Their little girl is cute, though, and perhaps makes this mess bearable.

1363 days ago


End of Rant.

The latest bills, are going to get cut too. Big Time. Remember, if and when the sheriff gets finished with their investigation of Oksana and her computer, and other electronice toys, she may be facing indictment for several felonies. If she is arrested, custody won't be much of an issue. If she is convicted, she can kiss goodbye her parental rights and all her child support, and the free ride she's been getting.

Posted at 2:38 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by realist

I have been following this as long as any of you have, almost from the start...he is worse off now than before....she is going to get a slap on the wrist and he will get nothing from this but a big bill.........just remember who is running this show and it isnt the judge or the DA...and if it hadnt of been for all of us, his fans backing him and giving voice, Mel would have had to pay all those lawyer bills. dont you kid yourself. I think as well I was directing my post to Fuddy Duddy. As far as I am concerned he should have not had to pay her bills at all, look after his daughter, yes, but not her , her parents or Dalton's son...and he should not have had to pay for her housing, but he is...can you say Ari and Rahm .

1363 days ago


I also forgot to say , they dont care if anyone gets charged , they are just trying to ruin Mel in a monatary fashion, the longer this goes on the more costly for Mel..which is what they are aiming for...

1363 days ago


Herzog is talking about a tell all book. Mel could get an injunction that would bar Herzog from using Mel's information, life, pictures etc. from his book just like Jlo has one against her ex's. With Mel liking his life and family private, I doubt he is going to let a book be written about it on these matters.

1363 days ago


Asking for a different judge would be a stupid move.

Posted at 12:40 PM on Jan 28, 2011 by fuddyduddy

why, because you said so Fuddy, could he do any worse than he is doing right now...

Posted at 12:04 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by fran

No--not because I say so. It would be a stupid move and I think any lawyer would tell you the same thing. Normally, you ask for a change in judges when there is a conflict of interest of some kind. You don't go asking for a change in judges simple because you don't like them. If you go asking for a change in judge, more than likely you'll piss the current judge off, and you'll be stuck with him anyway. Is that smart? Better to work with the judge you have.

You, and some of the others seem to think that Judge Gordon has it in for Mel. You need to get over that kind of thinking. I think by in large, judges have a hard job. They make decisions that concern peoples lives every single day. Do you think that is an easy task? Every once and awhile judges get it wrong, but I think most of the time they get it right. Their job is to make decisions within the scoope of the law. Judge Gordon is doing just that.

Another thing you don't seem to understand is that if you try and hurry through the legal process and make mistakes then you are certain to be looking at an appeal. You want to talk about money for an appeal. Holy.****! You have no idea how those bills will run up. Appeals are extremely expensive. How foolish would that be to try and hurry Judge Gordon along and then OG jumps up and downs screaming that there were errors galore in the case and then she gets either a new trial or is granted a new trial on an appeal and then Mel and OG get to do all of this all over again? Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!

The wheels of justice turn slowly...

1362 days ago


This case has not even been ajudicated yet, and the complainant before the bar wants the defendant, who thus to, has not been found liable of the complaints the plaintiff has made against him, yet wants him to pay the DAMN lawyer's bill? WTF!!!

I would take those bills and tear them up.

1362 days ago


Praying for you and your family , Mel. May God Bless and protect you at all times. Stay strong, calm, and positive.
To the Russian Golddigger: Some day, hopefully soon you will get what you really deserve..Karma will get you for what you have done and what you still continue to do. Get used to the LA heat, because your maker lives in a very very hot place (Hint: This hot location rhymes with your ex-boyfriend's name...which boyfriend?..the honest, talented, smart, handsome, god-fearing man who fathered your daughter, Lucia.)

1359 days ago


I bet Mel can't believe what a mess he has made of his life. You never heard anything when he was married to the wife, only his bad behaviour. His nights are very long these days....
What a piece of A***** can do!! You men, use the brain in your head!

1357 days ago


Heights of sheer stupidity!!..

1303 days ago
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