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Oprah's Sister -- My Old Wisconsin Home

1/26/2011 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This house in Wisconsin belongs to Oprah Winfrey's half-sister ... TMZ has learned -- but now that O knows she exists, it probably won't be Oprah's sister's house for long!!


O's half-sis Patricia -- who just met Winfrey for the first time back in November -- lives in this 1,070 sq. foot house in Milwaukee ... that includes 4 bedrooms and only 1 bathroom.


According to -- the estimated value of the house is somewhere around $55,500 ... which Oprah could probably find in her couch cushions. 

So we gotta ask ...


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dorothy bailey    

yes its good that this is out in the opening; however oprah don't owe her sister anything. it is not her responsibility to take care of her sister and family; although it would be nice for oprah to help her sister ; however her sister seem to know how to make it on her own and i don't think she is looking for a hand out. i feel the pain that oprah felt, seems like it is always the children that get hurt.....

1367 days ago


Im glad to see that O is taking it to the plate........she needs family... but the mother , i just dont know what to say about her...

1367 days ago


yes it's nice that oprah found her long lost's sad that the mom kept that A secert 4 so long....cant wait 2 find out how everything plays out....

1367 days ago


I want to said that I'm very proud of Patricia for owning this home. There is a lots of loosers there and homeless. and I'm glad she can said she owns a home by her self. I dont think Oprah needs to get her a new place she can giver may be a gift but just because she is wealthy has to be an expensive gift.Maybe a trip together to anice island!!!

1367 days ago


I think Oprah will help her sister and her family. OMG people this is the only sibling she has. She is wealthy beyond imagination and will surely set up a trust fund with guardianship over it to take care of all. If you like her or don't like her she is a smart business woman. I also think she is generous. She will do what is right and no I am not black.

1367 days ago


Oh God no! only one bathroom? God help her she must be suffering so. I only have one bathroom and I thought I was doing pretty well. Guess not!

1367 days ago


I watched this episode. First time I've watched Oprah in almost 10 yrs. patricia seemed like a very classy person. Unfortunately O's Mother didn't seem anything but embarassed she was found out. True this is in itself TV but I hope Patricia finds happiness w/her new family.

1367 days ago


All these years Oprah has helped Gayle and there was a lil sister in need of help. From foster home to foster home. Her sister is quite a angel, and I think Oprah is lucky to have her. Most people think she is lucky to have Oprah, but I think Oprah is lucky to have her and should do right by her and her children. This is really a blessing and one of the best shows Oprah has ever ever had on the air. Hopefully she will run the show again soon. Hopefully, Gayle will step aside and let Oprah get to know her sister.

1367 days ago

Joyce Pettus    

What ever O does for her sister, that's their business. She has done so much for others already it's nothing wrong with doing something good for your own family. May God continue to Bless her and her family.

1367 days ago


Some people would feel very lucky to have a four bedroom house. Get off her back and stop acting like she lived in the slums. The house looks nice.

1367 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Can u say drumming up publicity for new network. Keep on bringing them in the light girl.

1367 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

They gave her a network and not William Cobsy, Jr. Ed. I wonder how he feels about that. TMZ should interview him and get his reaction. I wonder what arrangement she has with Comcast since they will turn the internet into cable which inturn Comcast control the flow of content.

1367 days ago


Oprah just needed to get back on the radar. Good grief. She's known about the woman since Nov and she just now trots her out? If her Oprah channel was doing better, she would have saved her sister for another time when she needed to prove herself relevant again.

1367 days ago


OMG only one bathroom oh the horror! Some familes have to live in a tight 2 bedroom apartment with one bathroom so having a 4 bedroom home isnt that horrific TMZ even if it does have one bath.

Also why should Oprah have to buy her sister who she just met a new house? She should give her sister a job like Gail who has been riding the gravy train for decades. Let her sister earn her keep like everyone else.

1367 days ago


Well.. O.W.N better upgrade her ...if she wants to keep her new sister

1367 days ago
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