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Michael Jackson's Son Gets His Game On

1/26/2011 3:33 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Michael Jackson's eldest kid Prince Michael Jackson got the royal treatment at last night's Lakers game in L.A.


Everyone from George Lopez and Khloe Kardashian to Ron Artest made sure they greeted the 13-year-old and his uncle Jackie Jackson.

Not bad.

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I want to know why tmz hasn't posted this?

New evidence regarding the suspicious cir***stances of Michael Jackson’s June 25, 2009 death indicates that District Attorney filed the wrong charges against Dr. Conrad Murray. New facts indicate that Dr. Murray engaged in “a killing caused by dangerous conduct and offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life,” clearly requires the DA to re-file charges for second-degree murder.


1333 days ago


Klein can NOT have kids,what is so hard to understand about that FACT?! Omer,Prince,Paris,and Blanket are MJs biological children.

1333 days ago


627 If I was an internal I damn sure wouldn't be posting anything about MJs kids at all because if the rude comments! Check your facts,and you will find out that klein had surgery back in the early 90s and was unable to have kids.Add Prince having vitiligo(which is genetic)and looking just like Samuel Jackson. He looks NOTHING like fatass klein.

Here for those that can read....
Michael Jackson had signed a multimillion-dollar deal to purchase outright (if need be) his own offspring. Assured through DNA testing that his wife-of-convenience, Debbie Rowe, is in fact carrying his baby, he has reportedly had his attorneys fashion a contract wherein should the marriage deteriorate and the two of them split up, he would obtain exclusive rights to the child.


1333 days ago


632Apparently you didn't pay attention,because in an interview klein was asked and he did say he was not the father(of course most ppl with common sense knew that)...not "possibly",not "maybe" but "no i'm not" In fact he said it on tmz to harvey will post any lie for money levin

1333 days ago


Klien was saying it in a legal term, not biological term!

Posted at 5:43 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by MiMi with a dirty tampon

Whatever,all you "haters" are the same. dna tests were done,he has vitiligo,looks just like a Jackson,yet still claim he isn't,or that klein meant to say something other than what he said....the only thing klein has told the truth about was NOT being the father.

1333 days ago


I watched Oprah's behind the scenes show on OWN last night of the one she did with Katherine and the kids and it was interesting. Joe introduced her to a producer who is working on his reality show in Japan! Oh my I wonder what it's all about. I know it will come on a few more times next week

1333 days ago


Since when was princess Di gay? MJ wasn't gay,he loved women. It's your lie so tell it how you want.

1333 days ago


Someone, or should I say something, is starting to sounding quite a bit like Tellit....

1333 days ago


Leave these kids alone. I am white my husband was black both our kids are white.Unless your God and can change things work on problems of the world you live in and Dont worry about people and skin color.Damn get over it!

1333 days ago


Someone, or should I say something, is starting to sounding quite a bit like Tellit....

Posted at 6:36 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by MiMi

I only wish I am as half as smart and have a clean tampon.

Lame, next............!!!

Posted at 6:41 PM on Jan 29, 2011 by MiMi with a dirty tampon

not mini MiMiwadt......
but my, to have only half her wit!

and as far as those sorry assed things.....
haven't had the need of one in twenty years now.
TTGL....Thank the Good Lord.


1333 days ago


Has anybody left a lollipop at Michael Jacksons empty crypt?

The lollipop diddy....
a true tale by none other than one of Michael Jacksons trusted bodyguards?

1333 days ago


MJ needed to show his "music", if he came out, he knew he was no Elton John who is really talented and a real muscian. Neither did he have a voice like Mercury.

Is this a joke? Fat Elton Jon can neither dance or sing like Michael Jackson. Elton John is not even a influential artist like Michael Jackson whom has influence nearly everyone from R&B to Pop. Second, thank goodness Michael did not have a voice like Mercury. I could never stand Mercury's voice. Also he always sounds the same. At least Michael Jackson was a very versatile singer. He could sing in so many different ways. His voice was the best. He could go from Pop to Rock, Jazz, R&B and even Country music.

1333 days ago
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