TMZ Live -- FOX NFL Sunday's Jay Glazer Calls In!!

1/26/2011 6:00 PM PST
Guests galore on TMZ Live today -- including Jay Glazer from FOX NFL Sunday -- plus some big news about TMZ's Super Bowl plans ! And ... two viewers ask questions over Skype, Mike hypes up the Bud Light Hotel, Max talks surfing, and we also answered all of your questions!

AND ... if you want to ask a question live during the show via Skype, email us your info (name, phone number, Skype ID) by clicking the pic below!!!

(0:40) The Bug Light Hotel in Dallas ... Mike explains the whole thing.
(2:40) Will there ever be an end to the Mel/Oksana cases?
(5:30) Charles gets fired up ... someone compares his dog to Mark Zuckerberg's future pets ... and then Harvey and Charles have a serious argument.
(7:10) Huge announcement -- TMZ will be included in FOX's Super Bowl pregame!!! You HAVE to check that out.
(9:10) Jay Glazer from FOX NFL Sunday on the phone!
(11:00) Who parties the most in Glazer's FOX football crew? And will TMZ give him a pass if he gets too crazy in Arlington? Ssssuurrreeee we will...
(15:50) Jennifer asks a question over Skype ... and she's in school to be a mortician. Naturally, this precedent over her Jimmy Buffett question.
(19:40) Will "Jersey Shore" ratings go up when they head to Italy? Hell yes.
(26:30) Shawn from Canada also asks a question over Skype ... and it's about the Biebs!!!!
(30:00) Surfing update from Max ... after Shawn mentions a big wave caused havoc at Mavericks.