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Charlie Sheen

Rushed To Hospital

1/27/2011 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital this morning, TMZ has learned ... and a source at the hospital tells us, "It's serious."

We're told Charlie was taken out of his home on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance at 7 AM.
Two young women exited the house at the same time Charlie was taken out with a towel partially over his face.

Charlie was transported to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A.  We're told tests were performed and doctors are waiting for results.

The 911 call was placed at 6:35 AM.

Sources say Charlie was having severe abdominal pains which triggered the 911 call. Stan Rosenfield, Charlie's publicist, tells TMZ Charlie was in the emergency room this morning -- sleeping.

We're told Charlie's father, Martin Sheen, and his mom, Janet Templeton, are at the hospital.  Charlie's ex-wife, Denise Richards, is also there.

UPDATE: Neighbors tell TMZ Charlie threw some sort of party last night. They heard women inside Charlie's house singing Red Hot Chili Peppers songs throughout the evening. The party went on -- loudly -- well into the wee hours.

UPDATE:  Charlie's medical emergency will not immediately affect production ... "Two and a Half Men" is on hiatus this week.

Charlie Sheen Hospitalized


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Charlie your a Legend , hope you get well soon to carry on the partying! People who have a go at you are just jealous cos their lives are so boring, and thier american so they can't help bitching like little girls. In the UK we support you dude rock on.
p.s those 10 question to Obama were genius carry on the good work and screw a hotty for me !

1342 days ago

chuck T     

yes charlie needs to take advantagde of what hes got hes making more money now than he eve did which is surprising cuz two and a half men is friggen horrable i get it his brother doesnt get girls n he does it was funny the first few showes but played out aaaalllloooonnnngggg time ago i havnt watched it in a while cant believe its so popular why do they like it so much the brother goes so long without gettin any you think hes gay and sheen only gets it cuz hes rich just like resl life huh..and anyone who gives up Denise Richards belongs to live in a box on the street becausde shes so sosossososooso beautiful

1342 days ago


For Charlie, one girl is too much and 100 aren't enuf...! Same with the sauce.

1342 days ago

John Former    

Charlie is a GREAT GUY - Yeah - he parties too much.

Charlie has more back bone and truth than all you that bash him.

1342 days ago

Jim Ignatowski    


1342 days ago


All of the Ass hats that hate Sheen.. Lick balls. Dude is an Icon.

1342 days ago

Julio Jones    

Sounds like Acute Pancreatitis to me. You better get out the adavin for withdrawels.

1342 days ago


Not an OD! Probably just another allergic reaction to alcohol and cocaine. No big deal folks, nothing to see here.

Why is this a$**** still in entertainment???

1342 days ago


Ok so when the police and paramedics showed up...what happened to the drugs. Bricks of cocaine??? Why werent they found and him charged? Thats the only thing that might save him at this point. Feel horrible for his children and family

1342 days ago


Why is this guy even popular? What is likeable about him? Why is this clown the highest paid actor=(term used loosely) on TV? Acting? You call a stiff, wooden, cardboard, smileless, monotone delivery acting? And comedy? He's as funny as an ambulance ride to the hospital...oh sorry Charlie. Didn't mean to make fun of your recent joyride. Can't feel sorry for a pompous, arrogant, self-absorbed 45 year old punk who should be sweeping the stages that he makes a living on. Please Charlie, take a final curtain call and make room for someone who has some real talent.

1342 days ago

Kate D    

And still people urge us to legalize drugs. When will we learn. THe problem isn't that not everyone can have a suitcase full of cocaine. The problem is that ANYONE at all has a suitcase full of cocaine. Drugs are not necessary, they damage lives far beyond the fool who takes them. We all pay the costs. When will we ever learn?

1342 days ago


Best wishes Charlie. Love yourself as much as us fans love you.

1342 days ago


Why be so hateful to Charlie Sheen. This guy needs rehabiliation for at least three addictions. Cocaine, alcohol and sex (porn)..he's not thinking clearly and I do hope his parents get him into rehab as they had before. I for one don't want another actor to die from entitlement. Same with Jacko. His family should have seen he was in trouble, if they had, MJ might be here today.
Chris Farley, another example. Drugs, alcohol, wild parties and just one snort too many or one inhale too many and BAM, gone in a blink of an eye.
I truly hope someone can get Charlie the help needed or he is doomed to die...I for one would be very sad. I always had a special place in my heart for Charlie..JMHO

1342 days ago

big oz    

the ma-sheen is the man..he is living a life most of us could only dream on....Keep the dream alive charlie ball game...Dont die on us!

1342 days ago



1342 days ago
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