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Charlie Sheen: 'I'll Pay the Crew'

2/9/2011 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has notified members of the "Two and a Half Men" crew that he will pay a portion of their salaries for the two weeks the show has been down ... if CBS and Warner Bros. agree to pay the remaining portion.


TMZ has confirmed ... Charlie is saying he is ready to come back to work next week to complete the season.  We're told Charlie is upset that Warner Bros. and show creator Chuck Lorre have not offered to pay the crew for the downtime, so he's made an offer to pay 1/3 of the crew salaries if Warner Bros. and CBS each pay 1/3 as well.

A CBS exec tells TMZ ... no one on the show is ready to go back to work on Monday.  We're told under the best of circumstances the show will come back at the end of the month, assuming Charlie can handle it.

And the CBS exec adds, no one has asked the network to pay 1/3 of the crew salaries for the downtime.

A Warner Bros. exec would not address Charlie's financial offer but  told us ... "We sincerely hope that Charlie's rehab is going well.  We hope that he is healthy in the very near future and we look forward to the return of production of 'Two and a Half Men.'"



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he's stepping up to the plate, good for him and more power if he can keep his self solber

1349 days ago


He may be stepping up to the plate, but he's also trying to drag WB and CBS along for the ride. No way in Hell they're going to pay for the crew, and why should they? Charlie, your goof, your bill.

1349 days ago


Isn't this the guy who makes $2.5 an episode? Isn't he at fault for bringing production to a halt? So IMHO he can rearrange his budget (less for coke and porn stars) and pay all the salaries. Step up to the plate, little man!

1349 days ago


screw the crew..go find another job..they make good money im sure so they can afford a little downtime too..if my boss screws up and the business closes..noone is paying me for anything..

1349 days ago


2 million an episode and he's paying a PORTION? How fvcking generous!!!!!

1349 days ago


What a chiseler!! He screws up and wants others to pay??
Isn't he in a death pool somewhere?

1349 days ago


Why would the studio pay the crew for not working?? We here at Paramount don't get paid for not working and niether does anyone else in the real world.

So why is Charlie offering to pay? Because rumors of the crew telling stories about old Chuckles (books, TV interviews etc.) are flying all around town. Charlie doesn't want some of those stories out. DUH....TMZ you always have 1/3 of the info.

1349 days ago


Thats BS. That money was suppose to go towards the Porn Mansion!

1349 days ago


At least he's taking into consideration the fact that his choices have affected other people too...I hope he is actually serious about getting himself some help this time.

1349 days ago


Nice move but it should not be conditional to CBS and WB paying the other portion. Shoot after all, he will pay a hooker $30,000 and who knows how much a 'briefcase full' of coke costs! just in the week or 2 that he has been clean he would spent enough partying to pay the crews ENTIRE payroll. Charlie earn our respect, PAY UP!!

1349 days ago


#4..u go boy

1349 days ago

Y do he got    

Sounds GReat2 me..let the man work WTF BBs weiner bobos.Work is rehab

1349 days ago


That's incredibly generous of him. He doesn't have to do that.

1349 days ago


Good for him... At least he is TRYING to make a difference... How many other celebrities would offer to pay ANY money for the crew that is out of work... Dont know if the show is funny, or ever has been... But right on to the celebrity holding himself accountable and trying to make it right...

1349 days ago


It's all his fault. That's why he should be "upset"!!! I'm sure he can easily afford to pay for the crew's salaries for the whole month.

1349 days ago
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