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Charlie Sheen's

Porn Pal Kacey Jordan

I Looked After Britney's Kids

1/30/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's latest pornquaintance has a connection to pop princess Britney Spears -- as in she used to date Kevin Federline and even watched Britney's little munchkins ... TMZ has learned.

Kacey Jordan Britney Spears
Turns out after Britney and Kevin split, Kacey Jordan and K-Fed dated briefly. We're told K-Jor spent a lot of time at K-Fed's house and would even babysit the kids from time to time when he would go out and do ... whatever it is he does.

Kacey tells TMZ, "I watched the kids when Kevin was dealing with the divorce. He was busy with going to so many meetings with lawyers. We went swimming ... they were great."

Babysitting a couple of young boys sounds much easier than looking after Charlie Sheen.


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If She is 22 now, what was she then, ditch highschool to take care of britany's kids

1365 days ago


Gold Digger,

She's probabaly creating a website right now.

Lots of clicks(with ads) = money and monthly royalts

1365 days ago


She looks horrible. Porn has aged her 20 years.

1365 days ago


Duncan, you are a moron living in a fantasy world about porn. Do some research - it is a nasty business. She's a drunk and a drug abuser.

1365 days ago


Two and a half men was and still is one of my favorite shows. It's just a shame to see Charlie in the news all of the time for stuff like this. It totally makes me look at him in a different light on that show. On there he seems so harmless and likable.

1365 days ago



1365 days ago


Oh lookie...all the experts on everyone else's lives behind the safety of their computer's. What a bunch of gossipy freaks you people are. If your name and address were given you wouldn't say jack diddley. Get a life. When you all die, some porn star or some movie star or some rock stars' life is gonna pass in front of your eyes instead of your own.

1365 days ago


@ #20...who made you judge and jury you snob!!?? Get a life!! Not answering any of you losers...good grief get a grip! When you die this woman's life is gonna pass in front of your eyes instead of your own...sad for you...

1365 days ago


she is lying. everybody knows k-fed had a black nanny and bodyguard watching those kids. he may have left her at the house but noway was she babysitting. k-fed is not that dumb to have some ho jeopardizing his money

1365 days ago


Does Brit have a son? What images are burned in that little dudes psyche? He'll be mentally "doing the sitter" till he's 100.

1365 days ago


Who cares? I say put this hooker Kacey Jordan and Brittany on a plane and drop them off without parachutes into Egypt.

1365 days ago


another bull**** story trying to get attention britney is a good person only people always complaining about her life those poor people is nothing just need attention from media hahahaha so fake

1365 days ago


This should not be surprising to anyone. Hollywood losers at their best. Sheen is paid way too much for what he does. Money to burn or blow. Feel bad for his kids - what a irresponsible parent. He has no respect for himself, let alone his kids.

1365 days ago


So a court jester we pay to entertain us has issues?
This is news? who cares ??
Berlusconi and his hookers are news..he is a SOMEBODY
Sheen in another age is the jester taking coins to make us laugh
Whats happening in Egypt?
No wonder the West is becoming soft and weak..this is of zero importance

1365 days ago


You know KFed wishes he was half as cool as Charlie Sheen.
He tries so hard to be gangster.

Charlie wears that crown and always will in my eyes.

1365 days ago
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