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NFLer Won't Face Felony Charges

2/1/2011 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Everson Griffen -- the NFL star who was tased by police last night after allegedly assaulting a cop -- won't face felony charges over the incident, but could still face lesser charges down the road.

Griffen was pulled over around 4:00 PM yesterday near the campus of USC and he failed to produce ID. We're told Griffen tried to take off on foot and allegedly assaulted an officer in the process.

The case has now been referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office for misdemeanor consideration.

According to the charge evaluation worksheet -- after cops tasered Griffin twice, he then reached up and grabbed the cop in the "crotch and squeezed." Seeing as Griffin didn't have a criminal history and there was "absence of injury," the case was referred to the City Attorney for misdemeanor consideration.

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Why was he pulled over? Was he driving erractic? Did he run a sign/light? Did he make an illegal u-turn? Why would he try to takeoff b/c he didn't have ID? I also find it hard to believe that he tried to run when, as far as this story goes, he wasn't doing anything wrong/illegal. There's more to this story and I'm calling racial profiling UNLESS there was a valid reason to stop him.

1362 days ago


It's just a sad day when people always want to make excuses for bad behavior. Hit a cop, run and no charges filled.

Lucky his a** didn't get shot

1362 days ago


Maybe this stuff would stop happening if there were consequences to one's actions.

1362 days ago


Aren't all NFL Players tained to go for the sack?

1362 days ago


#3. Ben? Is that you...Big Ben Roethlisberger? You're one to talk. You're lucky you're not getting "shot in the a**" with big meat in the pokey.

1362 days ago


#2. Tammy, I'm sure he asked the the cops the same questions you're asking. He probably was driving a big phat mercedes with his baseball had turn backwards...and of course being black. That's all it takes in LA.

1362 days ago



1362 days ago


What a moron!

1362 days ago


I'm so sick of athletes getting away with things that would have the rest of us thrown in jail. I bet that if *I* ran and then squeezed a cop's privates, I'd be in jail and charged with assaulting a police officer.

1362 days ago

george clooney    

#2 and #7 Both of you are s***.....dripping s***!

1362 days ago


Man, I'd run too if I were pulled over in L.A. by a white cop and I was a black dude with no i.d.! L.A. has an urban history of hiring racist white cops!

1362 days ago


"grabbed the cop in the "crotch and squeezed and there was an "Absence of injury" well Thats only proves the cop had No Balls..

1362 days ago


What a bunch of morons throwing the race card without any facts to back it up AS USUAL. Half of you still use the word ****** and expect everybody else not to. Anybody else would be charged with a felony but exceptions go to the National Felon League and more than half are black and get off 90% of the time for doing these sort of things and still a bunch of morons cry racist. Just goes to show what a bunch of losers YOU ARE for not owning up to the facts. Good for the blacks that don't cry racist every time someone disagrees with them. The rest should be shipped back to africa. Tammy's food stamps and welfare check must have been late this month and Mike probably dropped out in 3rd grade because he can't spell but was probably looking sideways in the direction of his baseball cap instead of the chalk board. Lot's of cops suck but not as much as a bunch of ******s crying the race card.

1362 days ago


Their saying he grabbed the cop after being tasered
have you bee hit with a stun gun? im shocked he could get up a taser continuously shocks you till you tun it off or pull the barbs out. Also what did he do to warrant being shot with a taser

1362 days ago


JW? Back to Africa? You must have been "******ged" a bit too much today? And what does "word ****** and expect everybody else not to" have anything to do with this conversation? I guess you want your "country back" too? So are you an American Indian? If not...you got somewhere to go back too. So why don't you go and let your Uncle get his pliers and pull out the last few teeth you got.

1362 days ago
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