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Lindsay Lohan

Suspected in Jewelry Theft

2/2/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has just turned a super-expensive piece of jewelry over to cops that landed her in the middle of a police investigation ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... last week the owner of an L.A. store filed a police report, claiming a $2,500 necklace was stolen from her business. We're told the store surveillance video shows Lindsay in the store, wearing the necklace before it disappeared, although it's unclear if the video actually shows Lindsay walking out of the store with the jewelry.

Cops got a warrant to search Lindsay's home, but last night -- before the warrant could be served -- one of Lindsay's associates turned the piece over to the cops.

Mind you, turning in stolen property doesn't make it right, so the owner can continue to press the case... so Lindsay -- who is still on probation -- is not out of the woods.


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I am wondering along with Becky - how did this assistant
know to return the necklace right before a search warrant was
going to be issued? And if video shows LL with it on, and
her assistant removes it from LL house to return it, is that
not proof she stole it? Not only will there be no consequences,
all players have already been in cahoots to squash it.
Sam, i kind of see your point re. the DA, it's just one more
office that was cahooting.

1358 days ago


Time and Time again this person steals from Shoots, parties, and businesses, but instead of throwing the clepto in jail where she can learn a lesson, she is given a slap on the wrist because at one time she was in a few movies. The person and her family need a reality check in the form of Jail for this one and the others need to be completely ignored. The mother now thinks she is a producer so she grabs her son and says your a star now. What a joke. Maybe you should be a mother first instead of allowing your 16 y/o to hag with your older daughter during a school year but not going. I Pray she goes to jail for 10 years.

1357 days ago


This is really sad. She doesn't have much of a chance, her problems run so deep and she's surrounded by people telling her that everything's okay. The girl really does need a full-time keeper to stay with her 24/7, and not just to keep her away from the booze and other drugs.

If she's really so distractable that she can walk out of a store with a necklace on, take it off when she gets home, keep it for a week, claim that she never took it when asked directly, and then it shows up after a search warrant is threatened (miraculously jogging her memory) -- my gosh, she should never drive again. She would be a hazard just putting the key in the ignition. But I suspect she knew exactly what she was doing, it's a pattern. Since she kept it, doesn't seem that she needed it for drug money. Didn't she keep that coat for ages? That's stealing for the thrill of it. I'm surprised anybody lets her into a store nowadays.

Life is so unfair. Lindsay slides on this, I (the one who returned a pricey apple to the grocery store that was accidentally mixed in with the cheapie on-sale ones by the store) get followed around by Village Pantry staff.... :)

1357 days ago


Soes anybody think that maybe she might be mal-adjusted and unable to live a normal life and live in todays society?? Hmmmmmmm - I cannot see where she got that persoality from - can you?? - WOW - society is just against her all together aren't they??? We as society should just wake up and accept her as she is - a self proclaimed "goddess"!!!

1357 days ago


it just never ends with this chick, but it's entertaining to watch.

1357 days ago


Not surprised.

May 2008 ... Lindsay Lohan stands accused of stealing fur coat of Masha Markova, a twenty-two year old Columbia University coed.

May 2008 ... Lauren Hastings claims that Lindsay Lohan stole clothes from her closet during a party thrown by her housesitter.

June 2009 ... Lindsay Lohan's been accused of stealing jewelry that was loaned to her while shooting for Elle magazine in London.

August 2009 ... Lindsay Lohan had jewels on loan from swanky Beverly Hills store, XIV Karats, from over two months ago but when asked to return the pricey baubles the Mean Girls star said she didn’t have them, claiming they were conveniently stolen from her safe.

October 2009 ... Lindsay Lohan has allegedly stolen jewelry yet again. Hint fashion blog is reporting that Lindsay made off with some jewels and accessories from Arielle de Pinto’s showroom in Paris while she was there for Fashion Week.

April 2010 ... Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Named as Suspect in Stolen Rolex Watch Case.

June 2010 ... Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit - Boutique Sues For $16K In Stolen Clothes.

February 2011 ... Lindsay Lohan linked to stolen jewelry probe.

1357 days ago


Actually, it makes me thing that ML's ridiculous hospital pics yesterday were a diversion to protect her.

1357 days ago


@Julie. That is quite a list.

1357 days ago


According to our good friend Nicole Enabler Lohan, it's always a "misunderstanding" when it comes to Lie-ho blatantly breaking the law. Every. Single. Time. She's never at fault and is a complete angel.

That's if angels were kleptomaniacs.

1357 days ago



1357 days ago


She went shopping with Winona?

1357 days ago


America had enough of this little tramp yet?

Frankly we should build a fence around Hollywood which has now become a ghetto with this newest crop of momo's and America haters.

Come to think of it...she and Skeezer Sheen are a match made on Skid Row

1357 days ago


Stop !!! Time to stop blaming this poor soul. She is not capable of taking responsibility for her actions. She has no incentive to do so. So..........Let's place the current blame where it needs to be placed...........on the Courts, and specifically the Judges unwilling to throw Lindsay into the clink for the maximum term available. Theft, cerfew, assault, etc. Add each felony on top of the other and lock her up for the total time in jail/prison/lockup. And no special treatment. Enough is enough. I don't want to see her sorry face in the news for a long time. Sorry TMZ, you should not have this person for your fodder for a long time to come.

1357 days ago


Sam, either you are personally associated with the Lohans or you are not very educated in what you are talking about. Probably both. There are so many flaws in your logic that I wouldn't even know where to start. It seems Lindsay's people are always on TMZ hoping a few stupid people out there might actually believe that, once again, Lindsay is not in the wrong and actually should be the one suing. Nice try, but it's not working!

1357 days ago


Since she's sober, I guess she can blame her (alleged) bad behavior on the drugs.

Time for this little girl to go to detention for a year or so.

1357 days ago
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