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Halle Berry's Baby Daddy Hurled 'N' Word at Her

2/2/2011 11:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry's baby daddy, Gabriel Aubry, called Halle the 'N' word, and routinely demeaned her with other vulgarities ... sources connected with Halle tell TMZ.


We're told ... in addition to calling her the "N" word, he would also call her a "f**king bitch" and other expletives.  And the vulgarities are not limited to face-to-face confrontations.  There are vulgar text messages as well.

As one source told TMZ, "He constantly demeaned her.  It was awful."

Gabriel's reps have not returned our calls.

Halle Berry


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Wow Anita, 468, 469 and whatever else. Evidently you know all about Halle's past relationships. So he wanted to marry her, but she didn't want to do that and so SHE dumped HIM? Is that how it went? News to me. I read that he dumped her. Whatever the case, her hesitation to marry for a third time is understandable and hardly makes her a nut.

The fact that he was with her doesn't mean that he didn't dig into his bag of hateful retorts and pull out the "N" word during some confrontation. And quite naturally, the fact that he went there would make her livid because he was insulting not just her but HER CHILD TOO.

Anyone who can't understand that simply doesn't want to. So the courts will decide what is in the best interest of this poor little rich interracial child.

1360 days ago

George Pounds    

You people need to get real. You all know damn well this guy called her the N-word. Because it is in 99 percent you white americans nature. I think he got angry at her and then started trashing her. He felt like that is the only thing he could say to get back at her. It happens all the time, when a white person gets mad at someone of color it comes out. So, I think she is telling the truth. Until America changes that is the realization. But you people won't admitt to it. Will you?

1360 days ago


True Words George Pounds!

Its just easier to blame the angry black person, there's no racism at all **rolling my eyes***

yeah right..... i wish things could change, but i know they never will....

1360 days ago


I am a black woman AND i KNOW this isn't true. This is spin control so that poor man can be shut down about telling the world (what the black men didn't or got gagged ordered) that SHE is the ****ING NUT! Just a few months ago he was with her in Africa spending time with the baby. Gimme a break.

1360 days ago


Halle is being Halle, a child throwing temper tantrums because Gabriel had a date. Halle thinks he should still be grieving losing her. I'll bet living with her was a nightmare, controlling, needy, demanding. I'll bet he couldn't take it anymore for the exact crap we're seeing from Halle now. She's going to make sure he doesn't win at anything. Great way to treat her child's father. She's an idiot.

1360 days ago


468, et al says that she dumped him, now you say that practically a year later, she's just jealous because he had a date!! I could swear that I saw pics of her on someone's arms recently. LOL!

This isn't about Halle and her relationship problems. This is about GA and his fitness to take primary custody of an interracial child.

According to what I've been reading, he did say that, so he's just not fit.

1360 days ago


No !!! I Believe it !! She really dosen't pick good man. Her man tract record is not good at all !! besides she said by 40 yrs. old married or not she wanted a baby.

1360 days ago


Halle needs to stop with the children and get a dog. She will be 50 in five years and needs to act her age. Get with being a normal human as she has about 20 years left on this planet and might want to consider that....

1360 days ago


She was DECEIVED by the trash..Most new love relationships are Bull Sh**.SHE DID NOT REALLY KNOW HIM..I BELIEVE HER and IM not a fan of hers..Look at his photos..He looks like a statue with no emotion or an idiot..He is very strange and she fell right into it..I feel sad 4 her

1360 days ago


Hey 482, et. al. testy aren't we for some anonymous objective "black" person who Halle had until the "race card" was played. LOL!!!

You're about as black as frosty the snowman. Pathetic. Halle doesn't need to "have" you or anyone else. The only thing she needs to do is show proof in court.

And if GA called her that, then he is the one who played the race card. And that is entirely relevant to the custody proceedings. In fact, it is Halle's DUTY to bring that to the court's attention in the interests of protecting her daughter's emotional health. If she failed to do that, she could be considered guilty of NEGLECT.

Her job is to protect her daughter. Not GA and not herself. The court will decide...

1360 days ago


He can call her the N word. She is one. What a lying bitch she turned out to be.

1360 days ago

fuk u    

black genes r stronger dan whitey genes dats first grade science u idiots cmon stop sukin ur own asscrax n realize da kids black! lol such cavemen

1360 days ago


For some odd reason I don't find this hard to find. Because I"m sure Wesley who was that last husband she sent sailing out to his old ex harlet, I"m sure they called her an " effn ***** byatch" too. Soooo...and how was your day. Halle can't keep 'em bc she has never had a stable relationship w/her papa. Been I feel her pain. Stop picking low life glossed up losers!! I have that addtiction too. That is why we get beat down to their level. I'm done w/nonesense. Take ur babygirl and get the eff out of dodge!!

1360 days ago


Too much BS. The truth will reveal itself. Agree with Greg. Three sides to every story. Crap.

1360 days ago


Gabriel Aubry is French. Even if he wanted to say something ab-so-lut-tely demeaning to another Black person, '******' would not have been that word.
ALSO, this sounds totally fabricated. I wish Halle Berry would treat herself better and allow herself to be better-respected. She is not the first woman in the world to be beautiful and she is not the first to be biracial. There is no need for her -- or any other woman -- to be so needy and lacking in confidence. Come on, lady!

1360 days ago
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