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Lindsay Lohan's Best Defense -- SILENCE!

2/3/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's defense to grand theft is that she was told by the owner of Kamofie & Company that she could take the necklace on loan ... and the surveillance video doesn't prove otherwise because there's no audio.


Sources connected with the case tell us ... the fact that there's no audio is Lindsay's best hope to avoid prosecution.

And Lindsay has two other things going for her ... the jeweler knew where she lived and knew how to get in touch yet never contacted her about getting the necklace back.

And Lindsay may have made some bonehead moves in the past, but wearing a stolen item knowing she'd be photographed is almost beyond belief.



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Here we go with the back peddling...nice going...sounds like a nice little alibi AGAIN for this klepto, addict...

1360 days ago


So incredibly sick of this attention whore.

1360 days ago


she shall get out of this just like she gets out of everything else.

1360 days ago


Get thee glass eyes
And like a scurvy politician
Seem to see the things thou does not

1360 days ago


"And Lindsay may have made some bonehead moves in the past, but wearing a stolen item knowing she'd be photographed is almost beyond belief."

Um, you're forgetting that she did this before with some girl's coat that she stole in NY years ago...she wore it a few times after she had stolen it and had her picture taken in it.

Perhaps the store owner didn't realize his necklace was missing right away. This hardly proves anything.

1360 days ago


As long is there is paperwork signed...this makes perfect sense. But a jeweler is NOT going to loan out a $2500 necklace without getting a signature from someone. So, Lindsay, show us the paperwork and you're cleared.

1360 days ago


Hardly "beyond belief" for LiLo to be BONE-HEADED enough to be photographed wearing something stolen... she's done it BEFORE. Remember the stolen fur jacket from an NYC nightclub a couple of years ago? She stole a woman's fur right off a chair and was photographed as she stepped outside and got into a car! That's about as blatant as it gets...

1360 days ago


stealing a jacket from some random in a club is different than stealing from a jewler who you frequent and has all your contact info etc

1360 days ago


That store is very small and they keep the Jewels in boxes. There is no way she took it and no one saw her. Me thinks the owner gave it to her for some promotion and then couldnt get in contact with her. I doubt she stole it.

1360 days ago

Sad sad    

I was going to point that out unless they had audio. They do not. Exactly. If she visited the store often why didn't they just ask her "Oh, honey do you have the necklace?" Plus they didn't call police right away? I mean how long does it take for a store to know a $2500 piece was missing? Then she wears it in public not too long after. Funny stuff. Maybe there's a misunderstanding in this somewhere. I'm thinking maybe business has been bad and opportunity knocked. When was the exact day they contacted police after it was stolen? Was it just few days ago? How can one go in a store like that put on a $2500 necklace wearing it and walk out. I mean that store if she did steal it deserves it for stupidity.

1360 days ago


Does anyone ven get the bigger picture? If she stole that necklace that was worth 2500 dollars, couldn't buy it, how much money does she have left?

1360 days ago


Looks like a promotion to sell their jewelery....And what's the big deal? she gave it back. Leave LILO alone..she already have too much **** to deal with.

1360 days ago


That store now allows photogs inside the store and its clear the pieces are protected behind glass and inside boxes. There is no way she took it byherself and walked.

1360 days ago


Very strange indeed. They have a video of Lindsay leaving with the necklace, they had her contact details and knew where she lived plus she was a regular customer and they didn't try to contact her? and now what happens? the store is featured in every gossip website and media outlet. The owner is allowing the press into his store to take photographs. Not only that, there isn't one piece of jewelry on open display, all in locked glass cases.

Sorry store owner, there is something not right here.

1360 days ago


The subject surveilance video never depicts a conversation taking between the owner and Lindsay nevermind hearing one. Lindsay simply put the necklace on and walked out as many thieves do.

I am really weary of the TMZ journalist/lawyers working hard to aid defense lawyers like Shawn Chapman Holley. They state their opinions as fact. This is not a legal commentary website. Celebrity Justice failed and this isn't it.

Fact is, this isn't a plausible defense. It's silly and contrived but more to the point, it's probably Lindsay's lawyer using her friend, Harvey Levin to float a turd.


1360 days ago
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