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Lindsay Lohan:

I Just Borrowed That

Damn Necklace!

2/2/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan claims she did not steal the necklace at the center of a criminal investigation ... rather, she claims it was loaned to her and a stylist simply forgot to return it on time ... TMZ has learned.


Sources closely connected with Lindsay tell TMZ ... Lindsay was in the jewelry store in Venice, CA  on January 22 and claims the necklace was loaned to her.

Lindsay claims she gave it back to a stylist at some point thereafter but the stylist neglected to return it on time.

Lindsay says her stylist is the one who returned it to the LAPD last night.

Lindsay says, according to sources, "I didn't have any part in the non-returning on time."


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Typical ADDICT - thinks she is ABOVE the law and nothing can touch her and nothing is EVER her fault. I'm sure any minute Dina will release a "poor Lindsay statement that points the blames in someone elses direction.

1358 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay.....we can't do a damn thing with her. What a pathetic loser! I hope she has to serve at least 5 years, that's what she needs!

1358 days ago


Like #9 just said, it doesn't make any sense. Jewelry owners KNOW when someone has their stuff on loan for events and such. Yeah, usually it happens/is arranged on via stylists, but at the end of the day the celeb knows where it comes from and the store/designer knows the celeb is the one with it. If they loaned it, they would have simple contacted her saying it was late for return, maybe sent out some sort of legal do***ent, sued her, something. Instead, they're contacting police and saying it's been stolen and reviewing tapes. Since Lohan was just in the store 9 days ago, it adds up that the store probably noticed it was missing within 24-72 hours, contacted police who then came by the store that day, filed an official report by the third day, reviewed tapes and talked to witnesses over the course of the next couple days, and now the news is hitting a little over a week later. The time table and evidence paints LIndsay as just yet again stealing something that isn't hers and blaming someone else. Sheesh!

1358 days ago

How now brown cow    


1358 days ago


I hope all you nasty posters aren't the same ones who are busy defending Charlie Sheen on another thread.....

1358 days ago


Will this girl ever take responsibility for anything in her life?? Nothing is ever her fault.

1358 days ago


Yeah, what #9 said, exactly!

OTOH, it must be nice to have jewelry loaned to you. For us schmucks, every kiss begins with Kay AND a credit card...

1358 days ago


She borrowed it she should have returned it. PERIOD!!

1358 days ago


Addicts are generally liars, so this is no surprise.

Yes, constantly changing the story to fit what they find is a telling story.

Time for her to either grow up or face the consequences.

No wonder this girl is so screwed up. Look at her parents.

1358 days ago


I knew there was a simple explanation, of course Lindsay didn't steal the damn necklace! Only brain-dead morons would actually believe that, people just automatically believe ANYTHING negative they about Lindsay regardless of whether there's any actual proof or not.

1358 days ago


This story is bull****. Grand Theft? Gimmi a break? Sheen gets away with suitcases full of coke and prostitutes and people are still giving this girl crap for anything and everything. I'm not a fan of either but this is all just bull****.

1358 days ago


Honestly, is there something up with CA. No one goes to jail, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Lindsey. How much evidence do you need to put people in jail. If you live somewhere else, in another industry, you GO TO JAIL!!!!!

1358 days ago


after the necklace was returned she went to jack in the box and borrowed a burger.

1358 days ago


she didnt have it at all, then her assistant had it. now she "borrowed" it? why cant she just o.d. and go away for good? and take her train wreck of a family with her....

1358 days ago


Tired of hearing about this loser skank - please - someone enforce some jail time on this **** until she gets it - if ever.

1358 days ago
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