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Mel Gibson Extortion Investigation Headed to D.A.

2/4/2011 7:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Mel Gibson extortion case will go to the L.A. County District Attorney next week, and we're told the D.A. could decide days later whether to charge Mel with domestic violence and Oksana Grigorieva with extortion.

Mel Gibson Case

L.A. County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore tells TMZ the extortion case will be presented to the D.A. next week.

As TMZ first reported, the D.A. has been waiting for the file and wants to make a joint decision on both the domestic violence case and the extortion case.

Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... the D.A. is expected to make a quick decision.  If the Sheriff presents the file early next week, Mel and Oksana could learn their fate by week's end.

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I can comment on some of the posts made by those who have said that it is Mel's fault because he left his wife and children for this grifter and the hell that OG is putting him through is more penance than any priest would demand of a sinner whose sins have come to light. What would I say to Mel if he was standing before me and I had the chance to say something? 1) You are getting older. So was your wife. And your children grew up into adults. But I understand from having watched a lot of men, not who are famous, but who had money, suddenly go absolutely nuts. Divorce the wife. Find some arm candy with an ulterior motive for hooking up with your beginning to wrinkle old butt, all the while you should have been asking yourself why am I not getting the full court press from AARP members instead of fourteen year younger arm candy. And, when she started behaving as has been asserted as being dazzled by the footlights and all the glitter and running off from you to pitch her own self interests...where was your big head at? 2) I think we would agree that you have a problem with alcohol and there are some mental health issues, which even you lampooned in the movie Paparazzi with a cameo sitting waiting in shrinks office.
In summation, you let the little head take over the reasoning and you ended up screwing yourself, not her. As a man, I don't know if my brethren will every learn that what so they sow so shall they reap. And apparently what he has reaped for himself is all her legal bills, a Damocles legal sword of a potential DV indictment, and his child ending up in the hands of a lunatic, that just may end up earning a living in the salt mines of Russia.

1291 days ago


Old fart. He's the one who's ugly Now he'll die alone in his own feces and vomit instead of a wife by his side. Good for him.

1291 days ago


ihh...your description of mel sounds like your own life.

1290 days ago


"Sources familiar with the case tell TMZ ... the D.A. is expected to make a quick decision." The D.A. has been saying "quick" like it was some form of throw away word that had no meaning, which is probably true in L.A. After watching the movie "Get Shorty" Gene Hackman tells John Travolta that some phrase that Gene has used about getting back to Delroy Lindo soon had no meaning out in Hollywood. I am beginning to believe that everyone out in Hollywood has their own language that is a derivation of English but has different meanings for the words.

1290 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


'Die alone'?/ pfft. Mel has so much family that all love him. He has tons of fans that love him and friends that LOVE him. Face it the guys is WELL LOVED.

That sound like someone who's going to 'die alone'? Nope. Sounds like he will find a GOOD woman when this is over and have a wonderuful life with her and Lucy.

Jealous much?

1289 days ago


1288 days ago
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