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Fergie -- Don't Pick on Christina Aguilera!

2/7/2011 3:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fergie is coming to Christina Aguilera's defense after she flubbed the national anthem yesterday before the Super Bowl -- claiming Xtina's "human" ... and everyone makes mistakes.

Fergie Black Eyed Peas

Fergie was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning -- where she admitted her own performance with the Black Eyed Peas also failed to meet her expectations ... calling some of her notes "pitchy."

Boom boom pffft.

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I also agree with Caligirl. May you all be scrutinized and criticized for every mistake you've ever made. A lot of hateful people on here.....geez.

1354 days ago


Keep complaining about the halftime show guys and next year will be Kenny G! Be grateful it was not another snore of a show like the last 6 years. But Xtina... DAYUM! Not prepared, dont sing it! Shes human, yes. But most human americans are smart enough to make sure to have the words right before singing it at the most watched sports event!

1354 days ago


# 30, Kanye has more talent in his finger than the BEP

1354 days ago


Not to mention the fact that Fergie's mic didn't work for part of the show and all the lights didn't work. And she's right...we all make mistakes and think of how awful CA feels this morning.

1354 days ago


Someone needs to tell Fergie to not stand straddle legged all the time. Almost as disgusting as the entire performance. They were horrible at the SB. I wanted to give her a bucket so she could carry a tune. What she did was not singing, it was screeching. Painful to hear, horrible to look at.

1354 days ago


You sing the national anthem as it was taught to you. I can't stand all these idiots who want to put their "personal stamp" on it.

And the Blonde Snooki has been getting a break unlike others who cheat. She's a homewrecker and she has no talent (Burlesque is a bomb and her last 3 albums have been stinkers).

1354 days ago


Xtina's performance was horrible. She sounded like a man...a constipated one at that. All the extra crap - "runs" ruined the beauty of the song. We didn't even notice the flubbed words (embarrassing!) but her "singing" was atrocious. She murdered the National Anthem.

1354 days ago


and to be honest, all i remember was Fergies mic messing up for the first 2 seconds of the first song. Wanna give another excuse for not being able to hold a note?

1354 days ago


The Peas were a 1000x better than The Who.

1354 days ago


For whomever says christina has no talent cmon get real. she is one of the best vocalist of our time. that being said she did blow it IMO for 2 reasons #1 trying to put her spin on it wich is taboo, it should be sung only one way. it is not up for interpitation or artist renditions. #2 The event is so huge that one can imagine how you could get lost and have a brain freeze with all the sound traveling aruond that 100,000 seat arena. I am a fan of hers and was very dissapointed mainely because is it was an embarresment to our country in front of a world wide audience. but I am not going to be a hater for her mistake. funny how some ppl. can forgive dog tourturer vick but hate on christina.

1354 days ago


People do make mistakes. However, xtinas version was down right horrible cant she just sing. How much did they get paid? being pitchy does not cut it.

1354 days ago


Yeah well the Who has been around for a long long time, so even if they suck, they have a reason for decline, Fergie doesen't, shes in the now and sucking at it.

1354 days ago


#40....who cares abut the lights and the mic? That's minor. The Boom, Boom, Barf...the auto tunes, the attempt at Sweet Child.....all were horrible. Lighting didn't screw that up. And #38....Kenny G would be a VAST improvement!

1354 days ago


LIVE `````````````` sometimes ````` goes bad!! MOVE ON NOW!!

1354 days ago


She is coming to Christina's aide because her group sucked up the Superbowl with the worst half-time show ever!! Worse than Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake!! A very over-rated group!

1354 days ago
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