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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez - Up Close & Personal

2/7/2011 7:55 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Teen love birds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez shared a tender embrace in Santa Monica yesterday.


The Biebs is all wrapped up in Selena.


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Don't give a RATS ass wha this little twit is doing with his squeeze...then him breath....or you'll end up with another Macauley Caulkin

1164 days ago


I really hope he isn't doing this to cover-up that he's gay you know because he looks like girls who try to look like guys, some lesbians, maybe even a gay dude as a lot of teenage boys who don't know him well refer to him as. We do know he had a girlfriend when he was 15 Caitlin Beadles was it? To me this is the only girlfriend that he had that mattered to him that's why he can't fully let her go and he's still friends with her brother Christian and her he loves her family and all that. And if she(Caitlin)who like has to still be in love with Justin Bieber isn't reacting to this publicity you know it ain't real all of these people have twitter accounts and they usually say everything. This is probably to lessen the gay rumors and to make all of his fans jealous because they will be envious of Selena whether they like/dislike her. I think it's just dumb though. If he really wants us to go attaboy why doesn't he pretend to date a sexy hot curvaceous girl? I mean if it's gotta be an act might as well right? You're Justin Bieber can't you get just about any teenage girl or young woman? Don't settle for a crappy shapeless fugly all over lack of talent Disney girl Demi I would consider but she's a little crazy and we know Miley just wouldn't she like hates you because she blames you for taking her fans because she lacks the skills of being a good role model. They are all whores and you know it Justin Bieber. Tell me...which one hasn't shown their bare breasts or flaunt them to the camera? The internet proves that they all have. Disney itself is a whore and they want all kids who watch to be whores. You have so much to offer. That's just stupid what you're allowing them to do to you. You should demand more you're the product you can do that. They don't want to get rid of you just don't get yourself into legal trouble. And know you can refuse or make suggestions even for this dumb ass publicity. Don't let them control you, you control them. Control the media.

1164 days ago

Sad sad    

Danyka Tagg Oh, I wish I still had your innocence. Wait till everyone grows up and you meet them for real in person. You'll be like wtf was I thinking?

1164 days ago


if thats what you call talent...might i remind you to get you to take your head outta your azz and get a life......

Posted at 3:20 PM on Feb 7, 2011 by ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Might remind you to stop hating. Both of them are entertaining & they sell music, make tonnes of money for record companies & that's all that matters. When you make as much money as he makes, then you can talk about talent. Until then keep your mouth shut

1164 days ago


This is child pornography!
Isn't there a law against posting pictures of desperate older women with younger pre-puberty children, hmm?

1164 days ago


YUK eeeeewww YUK

1164 days ago

Nebojsa Parovic    

I can not believe that the selenium in love with Justin such a girl as it is selenium so beautiful and nice singing (my favorite singer) that can fall in love with Justin ................. .................................................. ...... S.E.L.E.N.A. This picture of disappointed ........... I LOVE YOU <3 <3 I LOVE YOU THE MOST IN THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1164 days ago

david b conway    

dear tmz web site hi my name is david conway, and my comments to both of them together as a couble i just what to say that i do have a news just for justin bieber please this is a bad a news just for justin bieber making it fast to him please i am on the internet just under the tmz web site just about justin bieber his family is going to get harassed just by justin biebers fans , love david b conway

1164 days ago


It is kinda surprising to see that right before his movie comes out that they start dating… hmmm… I smell something fishy!!! To me they just don't fit!! I mean they can date who ever they want but I just don't see it!! This is all their reps doing… I mean I believe that they are friends but it wouldn't surprise me if when his movie comes out they mysteriously broke up!!! I have a feeling that is going to happen!!! I would be surprise is it didn't!!

1164 days ago


An American and Canadian united as one.

1164 days ago


Wow u are lucky to have a girl like that Justin!!! <3

1164 days ago


Justineek !
Sweetaśny ty mój .
a bądź z Seleną
Przynajmniej jest ładna.
I dobrze gra.

1164 days ago


she sick she old than him she ll be 19 this year & he ll still 17 !really ?! im 17 & i ll feel shame to date 16 years old boy ! **** u gomaz ..

1164 days ago


I love Justin Bieber..I love Selena Gomaz im a big fan of both..Im glad there together but im still disapointed...

1164 days ago


Child Molestation.... it doesn't matter if they are close in age, He's stil a minor and she can still be charged under California law.

1164 days ago
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