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Lindsay Slams 'Glee'

Leave My Mother Alone!

2/7/2011 8:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan and "Glee" kissed and made up after the cast apologized for the LiLo joke they made last year -- but after the show badmouthed her mother last night, they're back to being enemies.

In the big Super Bowl episode last night, Dina Lohan was included on a fictional list of "losers of the year" -- this after the show called Lindsay "crazy" in an episode last November. 

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she feels the show should "mind its own business" and "stop picking on their family."

No sense kicking someone when they're down.


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Davey Boy    

Love how that finger makes the Loser sign and then shows Lindsay's face. Coincidence? Probably not.

1350 days ago


Once TMZ starts posting actual empirical evidence of anything I'll believe it. The word "sources" means nothing to me. I could call them up and say any celebrity told me the moon was made of green cheese and they'd print it as "sources say" I come to this site for a hoot not for the unequivical truth. This goes for any of the crap they print here, even news about celebrities I'm not partial to, like Lohan.

1350 days ago

Over It    

Let's stop the hate!! Glee is a popular show, but they need to cut the snark....people DO kill themselves over public humiliation. Why can Glee publicly tear people apart but the jock next door shouldn't when it comes to a gay kid? I don't care if people put themselves in the spotlight or not. Hate is hate. STOP IT!!

1350 days ago


wow! i cant believe all of these people who have NEVER done anything wrong? They must have been social outcasts when they were younger. Probably still are! lol!!!! To pick on that family after everything they have been through is disqusting and dispicable. Why dont you all get a life!!!!!!!!! Pick on someone in reality television... I find them way more capable of hard hitting jokes than someone like Lindsay who is constantly ridiculed! She is trying to get her life back! and as far as Glee? I would not waste my time on that rediculuos piece of garbage! well i guess i will go do some drugs now... so get a life people!!!!!!

1350 days ago


Glee needs to complete it's epic shark jump and disappear already. Who's watching this show....8 year old girls and aging Midwestern gay men. Uh huh.

1350 days ago


For the people who are asking....I watch Glee! It's a great show. That's not really the point here though, is it? The point is Lindsay has bigger things to worry about and Glee should not be on that list. Her mother is a loser and an enabler. Lindsay is eitherr seeking attention or she is just a retard.

1350 days ago


glee sucks

1350 days ago


OMG it was a joke....but really, your mom does suck.

1350 days ago


She's lucky anybody talks about her at all anymore.

1344 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"No sense kicking someone when they're down." yea there is when they and only THEY put themselves there as this skank and people like Skeezer Sheen self destruct with the world in their grasp.

Deadbeats like none other do that.

1201 days ago
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